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  • Popular Gift Ideas for Women's Day

    Women’ Day is special day to let the women of your life know that you truly love and care for her. Celebrated on March 8th every year as International Women’s Day, it’s a day to celebrate the spirit of womanhood and to appreciate all the contributions and efforts she does to make one’s life better. And what better way to make her feel special on this day other than beautiful and exclusive gifts! Here’s enlisted some of the popular women’s day gift ideas.[...]

  • Top 5 gifts of Holi

    Holi is one of the important and ancient festival of India. The original name of Holi was “Holika”. It is also known as “Festival of colors”, “Phagwah” and “Basanta - Utsav”. According to Hindu calendar, Holi is celebrated on “Phalgun Purnima” day , the last full moon day of lunar calendar. Every Indian celebrates this day with great pleasure and enthusiasm. People enjoy the day by applying colorful abeer and gulal on each others face, throwing them in the air as well as having thandai or bhang. Now if you are wondering as to when is Holi in 2012, note that it is on 8th March, 2012.[...]

  • When is Ugadi in 2020?

    Ugadi is the day when the people of the Telugu and Kannada speaking community around the world welcome their new year. It is celebrated on the 1st full moon day after the Spring Equinox. Traditionally, people wake up early on this day and dress in new clothes. The home and its surroundings are purified by applying cow dung on the walls. There is also an annual ritual of the villagers hurling cow dung at each other. This is believed to bring good health and prosperity to them. [...]

  • Mother’s day in UK vs. Mother's Day in US

    Mother’s Day is an internationally recognised day which is celebrated all over the world to make beloved mom happy and convey the deepest love and regard for her. Though it is celebrated everywhere but the occasion is celebrated on different dates and different ways in United States and United Kingdom. With this article let us share with you the different ways of celebrating Mother’s Day in different ways.[...]

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  • Top 10 Gift Ideas for International Women's Day

    International Women’s Day is observed every year on March 8th to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women across the globe. The day not just commemorates past achievements but also focuses on the remaining challenges and unavailable opportunities with the aim of inspiring and respecting women.[...]

  • Top 5 Gift Ideas on Holi

    The festival of colours is quite near and everyone is busy in their preparations for this grand event. All the essentials that are required for Holi are being arranged by everyone along with the delicacies that are associated with this festival. This festival was originally a Hindu religious event but with time it has changed its perspective and has now become a secular one.[...]

  • Best Gift Ideas to Celebrate Ugadi

    Ugadi is an important festival among the Telugu and Kannad speaking people of India. They welcome their new year on this day by worshipping Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. This day is marked by various rituals, traditions and festivities. Sending gifts is also an integral part of this celebration. Here are 7 thoughtful gift ideas that will make your loved one’s Ugadi a memorable one.[...]

  • When is Gudi Padwa in 2020?

    The auspicious festival of Gudi Padwa is also known as Sanvsar Padvo in Konkani. This festival is celebrated in the spring to welcome the Marathi-Konkani Hindu new year. On this day people erect flags on tall bamboos which are decorated with red flowers and mango leaves. An inverted pot made of silver or copper is placed on top of the bamboo.[...]

  • When Is Mother's Day in 2020?

    Mother’s Day is celebrated on an international scale to honour mothers and everything that they represent. The origin of this day traces back to the 1900s. An American woman named Anna Jarvis started a campaign for an official holiday to honour mothers in 1905. In 1914, this was finally recognised as an official holiday.[...]

  • Top 5 Ways Of Celebrating Women's Day

    The remarkable occasions like the 8th day of March deserve an out of the box surprise as it is celebrated to cherish the spirit of womanhood. Distance is never a barrier of love so the Indians who are abroad on this day can also send gifts to India from USA or any country via online shopping; there should be no excuse to make a woman special.[...]

  • Top Ten Gift Ideas For Her On Holi

    The gracious Spring season is initiated with the melodious call of the Cuckoo bird. Holi is the most colourful festival of India. It marks the end of winter taking place on the day after the full moon in February or March. This ancient festival of India was originally named as “Holika” which evolved several centuries before Christ.[...]

  • Popular Sweets on Ugadi

    Ugadi is a popular festival that is observed by the People of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This festival celebrates the arrival of Spring. It also welcomes the new year as per the indigenous calendar of this region on this day. Among the different traditions that are followed on this auspicious day[...]

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  • Unique celebration of Women's Day

    The special women in our lives need love appreciation, care, support and above all a recognition for all their efforts which they put on to make our lives better and worth it. To celebrate the spirit and essence of Womanhood, International Women's Day was formed so that we spend a day dedicated completely for women. But say you are away from the special women in your life how do still celebrate Women’s day in a unique way? By sending special India gifts of course. [...]

  • Holi Celebration in Different Forms & Places

    The festival of colours, or Holi, is a very popular festival that is celebrated all over India with a lot of pomp and show. Various India gifts are exchanged on this occasion, especially among the little ones who enjoy this day a lot. The celebration is slowly losing its traditional religious aspect and becoming an extremely secular one. However, there are still many rituals and customs associated with this festival which change from region to region.[...]

  • Significance of Ugadi

    Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have their own way of welcoming the new year. The celebration of the advent of a new year starts with much grandeur and preparation. The people mark this occasion in the form of the much-revered festival - Ugadi. The name Ugadi traces its origin from the Sanskrit words yuga (age) and adi (beginning) or, "the beginning of a new age". The people of Karnataka celebrate this festival as Yugadi.[...]

  • Send Variety of Gifts on the Festival Gudi Padwa

    India is the land of vibrant festivals and rituals. The festival of Gudi Padwa” fall in the spring season when the nature basks in its youthful glory. These auspicious celebrations come immediately after Holi, the festival of colours and togetherness. According to “Saka”, the GiftsIndian national calendar, the Hindu new year commences from the month of Chaitra.[...]

  • Mother’s day in UK vs. Mother's Day in US

    Mother’s Day is an internationally recognised day which is celebrated all over the world to make beloved mom happy and convey the deepest love and regard for her. Though it is celebrated everywhere but the occasion is celebrated on different dates and different ways in United States and United Kingdom.[...]

  • Make her feel Special on Women's Day with Delectable Cakes

    The role of women in society has been greatly overseen in the last few decades but now are coming to a more perspective to people. In the early days women were seen as wives who were intended to cook, clean, and take care of the kids. They were not allowed to vote while men took care of having jobs and paying any bills that had to be paid.[...]

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  • Best Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

    The celebration of Mother’s Day is something that is carried out all over the world annually. Many kinds of Mother’s Day celebrations take place and the most popular of them is the sending of gifts. Thus, you must also be wanting to send gifts for your dear mother on this joyous occasion.[...]

  • Holi Celebrations and its Recent Trends

    India is the land where different cultures and traditions flourished since the inception of time. The rich variety of customs and rituals have enriched our diversity. One of the prominent festivals which is celebrated across the country is the colourful Holi.[...]

  • Special celebration for Mother's day

    Mother’s day is mostly celebrated on May, March or April in many parts of the world. This day is completely dedicated to mothers all over the world. On this day, usually sons or daughters plan great celebration and feasting either at restaurant or home.[...]

  • Holi-Celebrated in India

    Holi celebration in India, takes place with lot of joy and enthusiasm throughout the whole nation. It is one of the important festivals of India. People enjoy the day with great zest. Holi celebration follows after the Holi puja which is known as “ Holika Dahan”.[...]

  • Gift Vouchers: The Best Gift for Mothers Day

    No matter how much heart and effort you put into buying the perfect gift, there is always scope of you buying something that your recipients might have just bought recently. [...]

  • Cherish Your Dear Ones on Holi with Pichkaris

    Celebrating Holi is a colorful and happy time for people in India. This celebration is very important for people that live in India and if you have friends, relatives or loved ones there, this day is one on which you can show them how much you appreciate them.[...]

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