Top wedding gifts within Rs. 2000

Strawberry Macaroons Basket

As the wedding seasons is quiet on all the year and at times you get a lot of invitations to attend the wedding. Though being away from India you cannot attend all the weddings you are invited to but you do want to be a part of it by sending the couples an amazing gift and congratulating them. But giving high amount gifts to every wedding is not feasible at times and so we bring to an article that will help you in sending wedding gifts to India within the budget of Rs. 2000.

  • Cakes and Flowers -

    Red Rose White Fondant Bow Cake

    A best gift idea within the budget of Rs 2000 is Cake and Flower combo gift. This gift has a combo of fresh and blooming flowers as well as fresh and mouth watering cake. Choose the flavour of the cake wisely and something that will be loved by the person for whom you are sending it. And the flowers should the type and colour which will be liked by them.

  • Watches -

    In the budget of Rs. 2000 you can send watches as well to your loved ones in India as a wedding gifts. Many brands like Sonata, Titan etc., have watches worth Rs. 2000 and it will be a perfect gift on the occasion of wedding. Watches are in fact a popular wedding gift in India, you can go for single watch or couple watches as well within the budget.

  • Gift Vouchers -

    To send wedding gifts to India for your loved one with the budget of Rs 2000 you can send Gift Vouchers to them. With this gift vouchers they will be able to select their gift on their own. You can send them dining voucher, shopping and lifestyle voucher for the newly weds, which they will truly enjoy and will make the wedding celebration memorable.

  • Home Decor -

    Within the budget of Rs 2000 another great wedding gift you can send to India is home decor products, you can choose showpieces and mini lamps for your dear one. As it is their wedding with these gift of home decor you will let them decorate their house with beautiful products and congratulate them on their new start of their married life.

  • Perfumes -

    Within this budget you will also get wonderful perfumes to gift to the newlyweds on their wedding in India from a gifting website as you are in abroad. Many perfume brands like Adidas, Elizabeth Arden, Nautica, Reebok come under this budget of Rs. 2000. These perfume gift will obviously impress them and also receive your good wishes for them.

  • Crockery -

    To wish the new couple well on their new journey you can send them crockery gift within the budget of Rs 2000. You must be thinking which crockery will come under this budget but do not be surprised by the answer, you will get a beautiful tea set, glasses set, bowl set in this budget. The new crockery products will also give them a good feeling of starting a new life together.

  • Electronic Appliances -

    For the newly wed you can also send electronic appliances like Coffee Maker, Sandwich Grill Maker, Toaster, Induction and many such with the budget of Rs 2000. These appliances as a wedding gift will make their daily hussle in the kitchen very easy and it will be a thoughtful gift for them.

  • Jewellery -

    If you are planning to send gifts for a bride on her wedding with a budget of Rs 2000, then sending her jewellery will be a perfect wedding gift idea. You will get amazing fashion jewellery in this budget which she can wear on different occasions and which will look good on everything. She will surely love this gift of jewellery from you and cherish it.

  • Lamps -

    Hand Painted Frill Lampshade

    Within this budget of Rs 2000 another great gift which you can send to your loved one on their wedding in India is a Lamp for their home. They can keep the lamp in their bedroom or in their study table, also choose different creative lamps which will decorate their home in an amazing look.

  • Digital Photo Frame -

    Another great wedding gift within the budget of Rs 2000 is the a digital photo frame. This is a great home decor gift and also they can upload their pictures in the photo frame for everyone to see. They can avoid using a lot of spaces by using this photo frame where they can see their pictures as much as they want and change it often.

Arpita Published: Jan 29, 2019 | Last Updated: Aug 26, 2020
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