Birthdays are special and the gifts also become special when it is based on the special someone for their special day. Hence, it means selecting a gift for them that matches their interests, inclinations, needs, and above all age. We know the art of gifting is not an easy task but with a little, you can send wonderful gifts to your loved ones of all ages. We have curated a list of birthday gifts for your loved ones and the list starts from infants to adults this way you will get an idea of gifts that you can send to your loved ones on their birthday be they of any age. To know more about the list of ideas keep reading to know more. 

Birthdays are one of those special days that are looked forward to in one’s life. Everyone, whether young or old, waits for this special day throughout the year. Even when we say it’s okay and there’s no need to spoil us with gifts and wishes, deep down we expect our loved ones to do something. Don’t we? It happens with everybody but we try not to disclose it yet want to be treated special. So, if you want to treat your loved ones special on their birthdays then give them gifts that will actually excite them and make them feel special. There are amazing and plenty of things you can do to make your loved ones make them feel special. The key to making them feel special not only lies in gifting them things but in experience as well. You can gift them something and still they cannot connect with it. It can be because the art of gifting needs you to be more observant and keen towards the person you are gifting. We understand that it can be difficult to decide what to gift to your loved ones. Well, even before we take you down the road to different options you need to clear the basics first. When it’s about gifting you must know what your loved ones like, what they need, and above all what is their age. It is best to give them a gift that they will appreciate because it is then that they feel loved and special. We have curated this list of age-wise birthday gifts that you can send to your loved ones and make their special day extra special. So, without further ado let's get started. 

00 - 01 Years 

The most sensitive age group is where we have no idea what to give and what not to send as gifts. The infants are easily sensitive and too young as well making it more difficult. But if you see it with a broader perspective you can gift the little angel many things that they will be able to use. There are plenty of options to choose from you can opt for a crib, soft toys, clothes, a baby nest, a baby bed with a mosquito net, a sleeping bag, a set of baby care products like moisturizer, shampoo, and so on. There are just too many options to choose from when you want to get a gift for the baby. All these things are necessary among which some of the gifts like soft toys are the ones that create a bond with them and stay with them for a while. So, you can send birthday gifts to your loved little ones and make their birthday special. 

02 - 05 Years 

Age Wise Birthday Gifts

This phase is mostly considered the initial years of a baby’s growth and development as the baby at this age is like soft clay that can be shaped and molded. So it is important to keep their surroundings free from any disturbance and hand them things that will entertain them and through which they will learn. This is the age period when their initial learning takes place so everything that they have counts. If you are searching for birthday gifts for this age group then you might feel the stress of gifting them something meaningful that catches their eye. The best combination of these two can be found in games. There are plenty of educational toys available for kids. Because we all agree the best way to learn is through games and fun. You can look for constructive games like building blocks, leggos, puzzles, abacus, and much more. 

06 - 12 Years 

Age Wise Birthday Gifts

Gifts are plenty for these years as along with educational toys you can gift them toys from their favorite cartoon shows. The kids from this age start to watch cartoon shows and from their unique personalities little by little. So, they have distinct choices and needs so what you can do is gift them something that connects with them. It is not that complex because if you observe a little you’ll come to know it is mostly cartoon shows and their school work. Thus, you will get the choice of sending them stationery, toys, coloring books, story books, clothes, costumes, and much more. See easy like a piece of cake. All you have to do is observe them a little.

12 - 18 Years 

Age Wise Birthday Gifts

It might seem difficult to choose gifts for teenagers but there are plenty of options and some safer options to choose from. All that we have to keep in mind is that times have evolved and today's generation's need is different from ours. For the early years of age, you can choose games like video games, and board games, along with apparel, books, and stationery. For the early teens with the addition of the previous options, you can also opt for instruments, speakers, and anything related to sports if they are into sports and creative arts. Even a gift of experience like taking them to movies or an amusement park can also be a good gift. Kids of this age group yearn for attention, adventure, and connection so this gift can give them just what they need. 

18 - 25 Years 

Age Wise Birthday Gifts

The age group between 18 and 25 is one of the most important phases as the individual steps into adulthood. For some their 18th birthday is special and for some their 20th is important. Whichever the year be the day should celebrate them in every way possible. For this age group, you can easily opt for gifts like accessories, stationeries, apparel, and books. For a change subscriptions to different media like Spotify if they like to listen to music, and Chrynchroll if they like to watch animated shows and movies, or maybe Netflix. If you can get your hands on a concert ticket then there will be no gift beating yours. A workshop on something that they love can make great gifts too. 

25 - 40 Years 

Age Wise Birthday Gifts

This is the age group of people who have led onto the paths of upskilling, self-discovery, and self-preservation. They want to do something big and give it all they have as most of the time they are exhausted. They need to keep up with their passion, but at the same time, there’s a need to take some time for themselves. We become the ones to take their care and remind them that taking a break is okay. You can send them some travel or adventure sets to encourage them to explore more into the world. A self-care hamper, skin-care hamper, and much more can be amazing gifts for them. This age group has the widest range of gift options to choose from like coffee hampers, snacks, makeup, self-care, perfume hampers, etc. There’s a sea of options in which you will come across unique ideas every time you wish to gift them something. 

With this elucidated list of gifts set according to every age, we don’t think you are going to have any problems in selecting a gift for your loved ones. Every age has a distinct need and the need keeps changing and evolving with time. Hence, the gift has to be distinct to make their birthday special. So, send age-appropriate Birthday gifts and surprise them with your gift selection. 

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