With the advent of technology, the concept of Rakhi celebrations has changed. Even if we are unable to spend Raksha Bandhan with our brothers in India, you can send Rakhi threads in a click and usher in festivities. The Rakhi designs have also changed with the passage of time. Trends are set according to the changing tastes and preferences of people. This article focuses on the emerging rakhi designs of 2023. Contemporary trends include resin rakhis, bracelet rakhis, pure silver rakhis, and more. Read to know more. 

Throughout the year, brothers and sisters wait for Raksha Bandhan to celebrate their unique bond. With changing times, the way of Raksha Bandhan celebrations has changed. People who cannot stay with their siblings on this auspicious day send Rakhi to India threads as a token of love and have embraced the whole new concept of virtual celebrations. Rakhi thread or the sacred thread plays an important role in the celebrations. Just like the celebration has gone through a paradigm shift, the rakhi designs have also evolved with time. Modern-day rakhi craftsmen have come up with innovative and unique designs which have brought in a whole new trend. As Raksha Bandhan is approaching, it is time to check out the emerging rakhi trends of 2023.

1. Spiritual Rakhis 


Though new-age rakhis have brought in unique trends, spiritual rakhis have the same value and popularity even today. Spiritual rakhis feature traditional rakhi designs like om, swastik, rudraksh and ganesh. These threads have a religious significance and are believed to bring in luck and happiness to your brothers. Om, the divine symbol of Hinduism is believed to connect and align people with their  chakras. Om rakhis are believed to protect your brothers from all the perils. Having its origin in the teardrops, Rudraksh is known to calm the mind, body and soul and is a popular traditional Rakhi design. Ganesha, which is the symbol of new beginnings and prosperity is another remarkable design which also falls in the category of spiritual rakhis. Tying a Ganesha Rakhi is believed to keep negative energy away. We have a wide collection of spiritual rakhis embellished with gorgeous and exquisite designs. You can explore the collection and send Rakhi to India from Australia


2. Resin Rakhis 

Emerging Rakhi Trends of 2024

Designed to perfection, resin rakhis are one of the most popular new-age rakhis. The splendid confluence of artistry and innovation makes these resin rakhis look magnificent. Resins are generally used to make exquisite accessories. Inspired by the latest jewelry designs, these resin rakhis are crafted beautifully with floral motifs. Some are also made with real flowers with matching beads, zari, and cotton threads. Most importantly, these feature high-quality and colorful resins that look quirky and fashionable at the same time. While some have beautiful Ganesha or Krishna designs, some also have special spiritual mantras. To add a special notch, some resin rakhis also feature heartwarming quotes for brothers. If your sibling has an eye for aesthetics, this is the perfect rakhi thread for him.


3. Pure Silver Rakhi


Emerging Rakhi Trends of 2024

Silver is not only a precious metal but also has a unique sheen. Silver is considered auspicious as it is known to be a harbinger of good luck and happiness. Our website offers gorgeous silver rakhis which look gorgeous and spectacular at the same time. Silver Rakhis fall under the category of luxury rakhis and look exquisite. The quality of silver is supreme and boasts awe-inspiring designs. While some have a matte finish, some have a mesmerizing sheen that is truly eye-catching. Some also feature floral, om, and Ganesh designs. The stunning collection of pure silver rakhis on our website has a lot of variety to offer. 

4. Raksha Sutra 


Emerging Rakhi Trends of 2024

While Raksha signifies protection, sutra means thread. Tying Raksha Sutra on the wrists of our brothers is an age-old tradition that has a dual purpose. Raksha Sutra is tied to calm the mind and protect us from evils. Going by Bhavishya Purana, the Raksha Sutra serves as a sacred protection formula that blesses the wearer with well-being, happiness, and wealth. However, it is also believed that only noble deeds come from the one tying the divine Raksha Sutra. While the men wear it on the right wrist, the women wear it primarily on the left wrist. These wrap-around rakhis work like a magical thread that can twist, and get tangled but never break. It is symbolic of the unbreakable bond of brothers and sisters. Raksha Sutras come in various vibrant colors and magnificent designs. 

5. Bracelet Rakhis 

Emerging Rakhi Trends of 2024

If you are looking for a unique rakhi thread for your brother, you could opt for bracelet rakhis. These are not just rakhis but they can be used as everyday accessories. Adorning the wrists of your brothers like a valuable piece of jewelry, these rakhis can help them make a unique style statement. The creative designs and the bright colors make these rakhis look a class apart. While some feature traditional designs like rudraksha, some also boast contemporary designs. Owing to the high style quotient, these bracelet rakhis can be worn by your brother on any occasion. Whenever he wears this bracelet rakhi as an accessory, it will act as a warm token of remembrance sent by you, especially on Raksha Bandhan.

Our gifting portal offers an astounding assortment of rakhis that also adhere to contemporary rakhi trends. Even if you cannot spend this Rakhi with your brother, you can check our article on how to send rakhi to India from USA and celebrate this Rakhi in the most memorable way!


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