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If your parents are spiritually aligned and love traditional gifts then you can opt for something traditional this Parents' Day. This Parents' Day makes their day special with some silverware and spiritual gifts. But if you have no idea how to start or where to start then this article is filled with information and gift ideas. To know more about sending gifts on Parents' Day keep reading the article. 

Our parents know everything about us. What we like to eat, do, how we like to dress everything. We on the other hand are on our way to know what they like some of us know quite as much and some of us are still wondering in the unknown territory. As gifting is a very delicate topic one might feel overwhelmed while selecting a gift for their parents. Parents’ Day is one of those many days to which we look forward. It gives us the opportunity to express our love and gratitude to our parents. Hence, selecting a gift for parents becomes strenuous as we want a gift that will serve the purpose perfectly. We know how complex it becomes to choose a gift for your parents so we have come up with a list of ideas for you. We know how difficult it can be to make your parents happy so we have come up with some unique yet useful suggestions that your Parents’ will love. 

Silver Cutlery

Silver & Spiritual Gifts for Your Parents

Every household is obsessed with cutlery. Bring the finest cutlery to the table this Parents’ Day. Send a set of vintage cutlery with intricate designs on it and look for a set that has a stand on it as well. It will get easier to set it on the table. You might need to pay attention to the handles and the edges of the cutlery to ensure that it is easy and light to use. These are some premises that one should always look at before buying cutlery.  Your parents can fancy the cutlery set and can flaunt it on the table for special occasions. As the cutlery set includes all the necessary spoons, forks, and knives they will have a complete set to adorn the tables. A gift so fancy as this will surely make them feel special. 

Silver Bowls

Silver & Spiritual Gifts for Your Parents

Silver bowls in our culture are the center of our most important cultural celebrations, practices, and rituals. As they can be used in puja rites and for the guests as well. It completely depends on the receiver how would they like to use the gift. But the occasion and rituals do not faze the fact that silver bowls serve as good gifts. It signifies love and warmth in abundance that you want to convey to your parents. They can use it in their daily lives and enjoy delicious dishes in the bowls. So, look for a stylish set of bowls and it would be best if it has matching spoons with it. It will become a complete set, ready to use. 

Silver Coins

Silver & Spiritual Gifts for Your Parents

As silver signifies wealth, good luck, and abundance sending silver coins will also signify the same. A lot of people believe sending silver coins is a form of ‘Shagun’ which means an omen and as you send a silver coin it makes it a good omen. These coins are used in puja ceremonies as well. You can send these good luck tokens to your parents on Parents’ Day to wish them luck and prosperity. You can look for coins that have intricate designs to make them beautiful. The design of the goddess Laxmi and lord Ganesh is very prevalent and means wealth and luck together. So, silver coins can be a good spiritual gift for your parents.

Silver Bell

Silver & Spiritual Gifts for Your Parents

The most essential part of a puja ceremony is the ringing of the bells. If you want to send something spiritual and of silver then it can be a bell. It is something that will always be used and will become a good addition to the puja space. It will definitely surprise your parents so if you want to surprise them then this would be the best gift that you can gift to your parents. It is believed the sound of the conch shell and bells drive away any negative energy. So, gifting bells will not only become a part of the puja ceremonies but also signify that you wish them positive vibes. The ring of the bell will resonate with your love and care for your parents. This a lovely gift to send to your parents on the occasion of Parents’ Day. 

Puja Thali

Silver & Spiritual Gifts for Your Parents

If your parents are hardcore devotees then just a bell or a conch shell will not do. You would need a complete puja thali for them. When you have decided on a puja thali then select the one which has almost everything. Things like incense sticks, incense holders, diyas, bell, and thali of course is very essential. This completes the Puja Thali and makes it puja ready. So, send a puja-ready thali for your parents to get into their devotional journey. 

Cone Incense Holder 

Silver & Spiritual Gifts for Your Parents

Most spiritual things are aesthetically pleasing if you want to send something spiritual as well as pleasing then an incense holder is the right thing. Cone incense holders are not like ordinary incense holders; they come in different designs. The smoke coming out of the incense makes it look ethereal and aesthetic. You can send these to your parents so that they can feel relaxed. This gift will be a pleasant surprise for them and they will definitely love it. 

These spiritual and silverware gifts will convey your emotions perfectly. It is a traditional take on gifts that you will be sending to your parents but it might be just the right thing for them. So, don’t hesitate to send gifts to your parents and make them feel special. 

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