Many have distinct ways to celebrate Father's Day. Just gifts without appreciation or efforts to express love don't make Father's Day momentous if you are thinking of making Father's Day memorable for your father then you need to create an experience. You can do many things to make the day momentous you can cook and maybe take your father somewhere but if you are looking for something that can be done indoors then watching a movie can be a good option. There are many movies that you can watch with your father this article embodies a list of movies that are dedicated to fathers. To know more about the movies keep reading the article. 

With Father's Day knocking on the door have you decided how are you going to make your father feel special? Just deciding on a gift will not do as the gift should come with an experience that expresses love and care. A Father’s Day gifts is the main event but there should be accompanying shows to make the day complete. There are many things that you can do to make your father feel special you can go out or maybe you can stay indoors. What you can try if your father prefers to stay indoors is that you can bring theatre to your abode! There are many movies dedicated to fathers and you can enjoy them with him. We have curated a list of movies that would be the best to screen at your on-home movie theater. 

The Pursuit of Happyness 

Raising a child is not easy and when one has to do it alone it becomes complex. Life is filled with struggles and being a single dad is not at all helping Chris Gardner. Being tired of Chris’ professional failures and struggles his wife decides to separate ways leaving him with the custody of his son. Chris is left financially broke with an unpaid internship in the brokerage firm. Soon Chris and his young son are evicted from their apartment and must live in shelters and endure hardships. The unrelenting nature that Chris possesses of not giving up to create a better life for his son and himself is remarkable. The movie is the unraveling of how the father-son duo overcomes all the adversaries that life throws at them. This is a movie that shows the bond of a father and a child which will warm your hearts on Father's Day. 


Life sure is uncertain and adversaries become your constant friend but Matt never saw this coming. A heart-wrenching pain with a new responsibility caught him completely off guard. In just a span of some time, Matt’s life takes a turn and he's left a widower with a baby girl in his arms. This movie is an emotional roller coaster with moments of fun and happiness and what makes it unique is that it is true. You can watch this movie with your father and strengthen the bond, this movie will definitely pay tribute to Fatherhood. 

Finding Nemo

Must Watch Movies On Father's Day

Animation movies by Pixar are always great and if your father is a Pixar fan then Finding Nemo will be a good movie to watch. The movie takes place underwater and it revolves around Merlin and Nemo. Merlin loses his dear wife and eggs at the beginning of the movie and hence is possessive over Nemo the only egg who could survive. To make things more intense one of  Nemo’s fin is shorter than the other creating difficulty for him to swim. Thus, the father’s possessiveness gets the best of him. Not letting Nemo take any chances he starts to rebel and gets abducted from the great barrier reef. Marlin with the help of a forgetful fish Dory resolves to bring his son back home and embarks on his journey. This movie is deeper than one can imagine it not only shows a father's dedication and love but also the anxiety they go through. This movie will actually let you and your father explore your bond afresh, thus a good movie to watch. 

Angrezi Medium

In an attempt to strike a balance between making us laugh and cry the movie depicts a story of a father and a daughter. This movie is all about a father trying to meet the ends and fulfilling his daughter’s dream of studying abroad. Even though Champak initially disapproves he does his best to fulfill his daughter’s dream of studying in abroad. The moving keeps swaying from one emotion to another resulting in sudden tonal shifts. But one thing is sure the emotion of a father is captured and displayed in the movie with precision. The new journey is crammed with misadventures which renews the bond of the relationship between father and daughter. A lovely movie to renew your relationship with your father indeed. 

Chachi 420

The children are the ones who suffer the most when the parents get separated. Such is the case with Bharti, her parents have separated their ways but her father refuses to accept their fate. Even though Jai Prakash Paswan’s wife gets custody of their child he demands more time with his daughter and when denied he takes a different approach. He disguises himself as an old lady and becomes the caretaker of his daughter. Even though it is a perilous thing to do he does it to stay close to her daughter. He soon realizes his mistake in his married life and understands that his daughter needs both of her parents with her. This movie shows the desperation of a father to be with his child and the measures he can take for the sake of his child. This is a fun and entertaining movie that you can enjoy with your father in the event of Father’s Day it will be a good Father’s Day gift. 

Watching a movie will be an experience for your father who will feel cherished and loved. The above-listed movies are some unique movies that will warm the heart of your father. This can be a unique experience not only for your father but for you and your whole family as well. So, conjure up a screening and grab some popcorn and enjoy a movie with your father this Father’s Day. 

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