Must Watch Movies On Father's Day

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When the whole world will be celebrating Father’s Day on the 3rd Sunday of June, have you given a thought of what you will be doing for the most special person of your life? To be true, you can do an unending list of things for your dad to make him feel really special. The most common of all things is to send gifts to India with the help of, if you are staying outside the country. is one of the leading e-gifting that helps the global Indians to send gifts to India.

Other than sending gift to India, you can do something really touching, like singing a song for him or playing him a record. And in case, you are staying with your dad, you can spend the whole day with him, which can be the most special gift. While spending the day with your dad on Father’s Day, you can engage in doing a lot of things, that include taking him for lunch or dinner to his favorite restaurant, preparing his favorite dish. You can also watch movies that are worth watching on Father’s Day. If you think that watching movies is the best idea then have a look at the following movies which you can watch with your father on Father’s Day.

Father and Son

With its vivid but disquieting display of emotions and images, this movie is a must watch for all fathers and sons. Directed by Aleksandr Sokurov, the film revolves around the changing relationship of love and tribulation that a father (Andrey Schetinin) and his son (Aleksey Neymyshev) share. Living in an unknown seaside city apartment, the father and son duo share a bond of love, brotherhood and even sometimes as lovers. The thing that one should look for is the conflict that both the characters go through as the movie progresses. The disruptions and intrusions that the father and son faces are shown through the desire of the son for an individual identity and companionship of his friends, his girlfriend to be precise and the grief of the father. You can watch this movie with your father not only to have a nice time together but also for sharing different perspectives of fathers and children.


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Released in the year 1989, this is a comedy-drama about a couple played by Steve Martins and Mary Steenburgen, about their hilarious way of balancing stressful jobs and raising kids and at the same time dealing with distant relatives. Watch out for Steve Martin, the father, who balances effortlessly his humor and desperation.

Three Men & A Baby

The story of this 1987 comedy film revolves around three bachelors who are forced to take care of a baby girl, who is apparently the child of one of the men. It is a visual treat to watch how the bachelors deal with baby, as the slowly and gradually fit in the role of surrogate fathers. From changing diapers to saving the baby from drug dealers, these men do it all. You father will surely love to watch this humorous film on Father’s Day.

Lion King

This animated blockbuster coming from the house of Disney, is the best movie to watch on Father’s Day. The amazing portrayal of the bond between a father, Mufasa, and his son, Simba, and how the father inspires his son, even after his death will surely move both you and your father. Set against the backdrop of Africa, Lion King is the tale of how Simba regains his identity and courage to fight back against his evil uncle to gain his position as the king of Pride Lands.

Let these movies convey for you, your love, respect and admiration for your father, who has always been there for you no matter what.

Sreejata Published: Jun 15, 2011 | Last Updated: Sep 15, 2022