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Gifts are the best way by which you can express your love and warm wishes to your loved ones. If you are searching for fabulous gifts for the newlyweds then you have come to the right place we have the top 8 exclusive wedding gifts for your loved ones. These exclusive wedding gifts are not like the boring ones that most of the time people get so if you want to send some unique gifts for your loved ones then this article is just the thing that your loved ones need. Keep reading the article to know more. 

Marriage is an essential event in the life of every human being. It is a ceremony that manifests & confirms the greatest love and bonding between two individuals. This bond brings two souls and two families together. On this particular occasion, every family member, relative, friend, etc. showers blessing and affection on the newlyweds. It signifies a new chapter in their lives and that they have taken their relationship to the next level. So, if you are invited to the wedding of your loved ones and you cannot attend the ceremony for some reason, you can delight the couple by sending gifts to India online. Gifts are the best way by which you can express your love and warm wishes to your loved ones. So even if it becomes troublesome and you can’t make it you still will be able to send your wishes to your loved ones. Now, the next challenge that you have is what to send as wedding gifts for couples in India. Well, grand celebrations need grand gestures and some unique gifts. With this in mind, we have curated a list of exclusive gifts that you can send to your newly wedded couple. 

1. Flowers 

When we say flowers can be an exclusive gift you can send to your loved ones then you might think- Flowers? Aren’t they too ordinary? We ask you, are they? Flowers are evergreen gifts that mold themselves according to the occasion. If you want to make your loved ones feel special and appreciated then you can definitely send flowers to them. It does not have to be the usual bouquet, basket, or vase. It can be the basic preparation but you can send exotic flowers with various flower arrangements. Distinct arrangements present the flowers with a completely different visual appeal. So it would be great if you use a different arrangement and exotic flowers to make your gift more appealing. If you would like to know more about these flower arrangements and what will suit those arrangements the best. Then our article on flowers and distinct arrangements can help you with this. You can add chocolates or cakes to accompany your gift and make it savorsome.

2. Couple Coffee Mugs

Top 8 Wedding Gifts for Newly Weds

Having a mug set that would remind them of your union can be a heartwarming gift. A mug set that says Mr. and Mrs. is something that they will love to have. It will be quite a useful gift as well. No matter what they like to have coffee or tea or any else warm drink these mug sets will be useful for them. These will be heartwarming wedding gifts in India for them that will brighten their day. Thus, this will be a unique yet exclusive wedding gifting idea different from the usual gifts. 

3. Album of Firsts 

Top 8 Wedding Gifts for Newly Weds

It is a new journey that they have embarked on and in this journey, they will witness many ups and downs. There are going to be a lot of firsts in this journey, and they can preserve the memory of it. It’s just you have to remind them of capturing their firsts and preserving all the memories with your gift. A gift photo album of all the firsts they will have would be a great choice. It will certainly surprise the newly married couple and they will love to have a gift like such. So, send this exclusive gift with which they can cherish their firsts and create an album filled with memories. 

 4. Embroidered Hoops

Top 8 Wedding Gifts for Newly Weds

Sometimes less is more and simple is elegant. You can catch your loved ones off guard by sending them a unique gift like an embroidered hoop. You may think what is so exquisite about an embroidered hoop? Well, the embroidered hoop comes as a gift with a caricature of the couple embroidered on it with the date of the wedding and is adorned with beautiful embroidered flowers. It is going to be an aesthetic gift that your loved ones will love to receive. They can use it as a decor item and decorate their new home with this beautiful gift. 

5. Travel Bags

Top 8 Wedding Gifts for Newly Weds

There are just some things that you never get enough of and one of them is a travel bag. No matter how many pairs of travel bags you have it is never going to be enough. When they have so many adventures to go on to what can be better than equipping them with the right tools? A set of spacious and stylish travel bags can help them to travel along with all the essentials they need. So, to aid their new travels to a momentous journey you can send them a couple travel bag sets.

6. Gift Hamper

Top 8 Wedding Gifts for Newly Weds

Another versatile gift is a gift hamper which is orchestrated following a theme. As it is a complete set of various gifts in a box you get a wide range of varieties to choose from. You can send a beverage hamper, personal care hamper, skincare hamper, and much more. So all you have to do is to select a theme that you think will excite the newly married couple. This will be a good gift if you want to send a variety of gifts in one box then a gift hamper is what you are searching for. So, choose a gift hamper and send it as a wedding gift to your loved ones. 

7. House Plants

Top 8 Wedding Gifts for Newly Weds

If the newly married couple loves plants and are already plant parents then you have a chance to send a gift that they will cherish more than anything. A House Plant! This house plant will be the symbol of their union that they will be able to nourish with their love, care, and some sunshine. There are plenty of choices to choose from when it comes to plants like succulents, flower plants, money plants, and so on. These houseplants will be a decor as well as accompany them with fresh air. A unique and exclusive wedding gift to choose from. 

8. Home Decor

Top 8 Wedding Gifts for Newly Weds

Their new life is like a blank canvas that they plan to paint with memories. You can send them decors to fill in the canvas of their house. The boring walls can be filled with memories encased in photo frames. Or, maybe the table will be decorated with vases, carpet, wall hanging, suncatchers everything that will contribute to adding beauty in their new abode. You can be a part of their lovely memories by sending a wonderful home decor item that they will cherish and decorate their new life with. 

These gifts will definitely overwhelm the newlyweds with joy and happiness. If you want to gift something unique to the newly wedded couple then you can select any of the gifts from the list. All the gifts are well thought out and make the recipient feel special. So send gifts and make the grand occasion of the newlyweds joyful and memorable.

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