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Do you remember the time when we used to make gifts for our parents? We would give it our best shot to make the gift unique. Why not send a unique gift this Parents' Day with gifts made for them? Personalized gifts can be unique gifts as they are given a personal touch to them by engraving a name on it or some charms, if you are looking for a unique gift then this can be the gift for you. So, to know more about sending personalized gifts keep reading this article. 


Parents’ Day is a special day of celebration that honors parents as well as their parental roles in raising kids. In recent years, this day has become popular and significant as it gives the children an opportunity to thank and respect their parents for the hardships they have been through bringing up the children. Though there are a lot of ways that you can go to celebrate Parents' Day, the most common and preferred way is by sending gifts from USA to India for parents. This allows you to celebrate Parents’ Day even if you are far away from your home. You can send unique and beautiful gifts to your parents to make them feel special. However, if you are looking for a gift that is both interesting and will impress your parents, then you can consider sending personalized gifts to your parents on Parents' Day. There is a wide range of gifts available in the personalized genre as well you can choose a gift that is closer to the heart of your parents and make it special by adding a little personal touch to it. Having a gift that has your name or initials creates an impact on the receiver and makes it more attached to the gift. 

Personalized Mug

Send Personalized Gifts for Parents’ Day

You can send a pair of personalized mugs to your parents. Whether they prefer tea or coffee they would need a mug to sip the hot beverage. Even some researchers have stated that people feel attached to their mugs. Hence gifting a mug with a lovely message and a picture on it on Parents’ Day would create a memory. Your parents will be touched by this heartfelt gift and this will make the day momentous. So, send coffee mugs as gifts for indian parents and make their mornings special.

Personalized Calendar

Send Personalized Gifts for Parents’ Day

Calendars are the most used among household things. They are the ones which are glanced among the most as well. So, sending a personalized calendar can be something really unique as your parents would not be able to guess what to expect. You can select the most cherished memories of you and your parents and add those to the calendar. Your parents would be able to see and relive those memories again and create some more memories. Hence, this will be a memorable gift for your parents.

Personalized Lamp

Send Personalized Gifts for Parents’ Day

To light up the dark space of the bedside table you can send your parents a personalized lamp. A moon lamp that resembles a moon can be personalized by adding an image of your parents. It will lighten up the dark space as well as be a useful and unique gift. Look for a lamp with many features like the adjustments of brightness, and different color controls. These will make the lamp more unique and lovely. So, you can even opt for a night lamp that illuminates and makes your parents feel great on the special event of Parents’ Day.

Personalized Photo Frame

Send Personalized Gifts for Parents’ Day

Preserve the memory frozen in time with a lovely personalized photo frame. You can choose the best memories and add them to the photo frame. A personalized photo frame is different from an ordinary frame as it doesn’t come with a distinct image style and message. This will be a good gift and a good decor item for the walls. Your parents would be able to decorate the empty walls with the memories of you all together. Thus, sending a personalized photo frame is not a bad idea at all as gifts for parents in India.

Greetings Card

Send Personalized Gifts for Parents’ Day

Sometimes a heartfelt message is all that they need. You can send a greeting card inked with your emotions to your parents on Parents’ Day. It can be adorned with flowers and cakes or maybe chocolates. It is up to your choice but a personalized greetings card should be the primary gift. It will be like a wave of nostalgia for them to receive a greeting card from you. Go back to the times when you used to make a greeting card for your parents and write a heartfelt messages and make your parents feel the happiest. 

These personalized gifts are heart-touching that will surely make your parents feel special. It is certain that with warm wishes and lovely gifts, you will be able to make this Parents’ Day momentous for your parents. 

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