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This article can guide you with the top 5 wedding gifts that you can send to your loved ones in India. It is all about making them feel special so it is important to choose a gift that will be of good use to them. Their new life remains completely blank so most of the time the gifts and love we send are what they fill their new journey. Gifting ideas like home decor, flowers, cakes, and others can be considered great gifting choices. Read this article to know more.

Weddings are special days when two individuals decide to spend the rest of their lives together. It is the union of two people who promise to love and cherish each other through thick and thin. By now you must know that it is a special day for both the couple and their families. It is a new journey, a new chapter in the lives of the couple. Hence, this day holds much significance to the couple and the people connected to them. Everyone is ecstatic about this wonderful day and wants to be a part of it by attending the wedding and sending wedding gifts in India if they can’t make it. It is possible that you are not in India for their wedding or, will not be able to make it. In situations like these gifting websites come as an aid through which you can send wedding gifts online. Even though your presence matters, if you can’t make it on time your gifts can make them feel special. So, if you are looking for some gift ideas you can send as wedding gifts online then this article can certainly give you some amazing gift ideas.

Flowers and Cakes

It is a time to cherish and celebrate! Think about anything that will make you feel it's a celebration and you are appreciated. Can’t think of anything? Well, it’s Flowers and Cakes! We are pretty sure you will not be able to deny that flowers and cakes make one feel appreciated and celebrated. Just the sight of cake makes you feel it’s celebration time and flowers are something that brings butterflies of feelings. So, sending flowers and cakes when you want to send them something minimalistic yet celebrating is worth it. Who says you can’t make it grand? Just as flowers and cakes can be minimalistic and subtle, gifts can be grand as well. A humongous cake and a wildly big flower basket or bouquet or maybe both can also be one of the gift options. The choice is at your discretion, it can be whatever you want it to be.

Gift Voucher

Top 5 Indian Wedding Gifts to send Online

When it comes to wedding gifts one can get really confused as to what to gift. The first thing that comes into one's mind when thinking about gifts is “ I want to gift something useful”. Something that they will love to use in their new life. But how are you supposed to know what they would like isn’t it? They have their plans and dreams of decorating their new abode. To do something unique in gifting that will actually make your loved ones happy you can send them a gift voucher. There’s a wide range of gift vouchers to choose from, from entertainment, dining, shopping, lifestyle, jewelry, and grocery. So, if you wish to send them a gift that will give them the liberty to choose a gift that they want then this will be a good idea. This way your gift will be the best wedding gift that they will receive among the ocean of gifts. 

Tickets to a Trip 

Top 5 Indian Wedding Gifts to send Online

It is their time to be together, after the hectic rituals of pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies. If you wish to send wedding gifts for couples in India something unique then you can send them a trip to a beautiful place where they can enjoy post the wedding. It will be a surprising gift and a wonderful one if you are close to the bride and groom.  It will be an overwhelming gift for them as they will be able to spend good quality time with each other and thank you for that. You can select a destination that might excite both of them. It can be a beach trip, a hill station, or maybe a little unusual trip a retreat. A pottery, painting, or poetry retreat can be a good trip where they will be able to make some memories after their wedding. 

Home Decor

Top 5 Indian Wedding Gifts to send Online

Another great wedding gift for a newlywed couple will be Home Decor products. You can send the couple showpieces, photo frames, vases, and much more to decorate their house as wedding gifts. This will make the interiors of their new abode look better with the gifts of home decor. Selecting the showpieces that showcase love and couple showpieces as well are great wedding gifts. As they will be decorating their new home they will need resources to decorate. So, sending home decor gifts can be quite a good idea to send as wedding gifts. 

Kitchen Essentials

Top 5 Indian Wedding Gifts to send Online

How can we forget the heart of the house the kitchen? It is the most essential part of the house and when they are starting their new journey then they will be in need of all the essentials. Hence, sending kitchen essentials as wedding gifts can be handy for them. You will have a lot of options to choose from like a microwave, induction, refrigerator, television, spoons, apron, and such gifts. It will be a very thoughtful gift for them as you care for them and also want them to have an easy start to their new life. 

These wedding gifts are the most useful gifts that they would love to receive as gifts. It is a new life that they are going to start together. Some wishes, love, and thoughtful gifts will make them feel celebrated and appreciated. So, don’t hesitate to send some wedding gifts online to your loved ones and celebrate their wedding. 

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