Top 7 Personalized Gifts for Dad in India

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Dad’s have pulled off the best surprise stunts for us ever since we were kids. Be it the Christmas gift in the socks, or the hidden Eidi surprise or the lovely Diwali presents, he has outdone himself every time. So take the opportunity of Father’s Day, his birthday, retirement, anniversary or just a regular day to make him feel equally special. Here is a list of top 7 personalized gifts that you can send to him in India and make him break into a happy giggle.

  1. Chair

    porch chair

    This is sure to be your daddy’s favourite perch while he spends his lazy afternoons indulging in a hobby. The personalisation of a chair can be done with a wonderful ornamental engraving. A comfortable chair will help him maintain a good posture and prevent ailments that are caused just by sitting incorrectly. It will also make a great gift for your dad if he spends long hours sitting especially due to occupational reasons. You could also choose a recliner or a rocking chair to add style to your dad’s study.

  2. Mug

    picture mug

    Gift your father his very own coffee mug to let him start his day in a happy and energetic way. You could include a precious picture or just a simple text to make this mug special. Another lovely option to consider while getting a personalized coffee mug for your dad is a magic mug. These special mugs have a heat-sensitive paint applied to it. Once something hoit is poured in it, the paint vanishes to reveal the layer. You could put a picture or a nice message on it that will surprise him.

  3. Wallet

    wallet in pocket

    Wallet is an extremely intimate possession for one and all. It is something private and people like to keep it close to them. Make this piece of accessory additionally important to your dad by getting it personalized for him. You can get his name engraved on it or maybe just his initials.

  4. Kitchen apron

    cooking in kitchen

    There are some dads who ace at cooking. These fathers break stereotypes and give a valuable lesson of life to their children. Cooking is a life skill and something that every person irrespective of their gender must know. So the best gift to give a person like this is a nice personalized kitchen apron. It can save him from all the oil spritz and stains while he adds magic to every dish he cooks.

  5. T-shirt

    t-shirt rack

    There is nothing that your dad will adore more than a personalized t-shirt. Gift him this unique t-shirt that will have a special picture on it. The picture could be his or one that he holds precious. You could also include a nice quote on it that will touch his heart.

  6. Watch

    watch on wrist

    Watch is sometimes one of the most valued possession of some people. These are often passed down generations as a family heirloom. What adds a more personal touch to this gift item is getting one’s name engraved on them. Gift your dad one of these personalized watches that will be a lovely addition to his closet and also make for one such precious handloom to pass down.

  7. Cushion

    comfortable cushion

    Make lounging a comfortable experience for your dad by gifting him his very own cushion. You can also add a personal touch to it by including a short message or even a picture close to him.

Pragya Published: Feb 04, 2020 | Last Updated: Feb 04, 2020
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