Attractive Wedding Gifts to delight them in India

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Wedding happens to be the most awaited occasion in a person’s life. It is the union between two people for a lifetime. This is because two people marry and take pledge to spend their entire life together. In India it is considered that wedding not only takes place between a man and a woman but also between their families. All around the world different communities follow different rituals during marriage. In India itself, due to the existence of various communities like Punjabi, Gujarati, South Indians or Bengalis the rituals of marriage are many and varied. As mentioned earlier marriage is a grand occasion which ushers in a mood of joy and happiness. All the members in the family assemble together and make fun by participating in the function wholeheartedly.

Here marriage is a social occasion, where all the relatives and friends are invited to attend the marriage party. It is a grand event and celebrated lavishly by the family of the couples. Everyone witnesses the wedding going on and shower their blessings on the couple. On the day of marriage a couple registers in the papers of court as a legal husband and wife which is followed by a social marriage. There are some rituals which are common in more or less all communities like Haldi rasam or sindur daan or the Saat phere. It is believed that the primary witness of the event of marriage is the Fire God “Agni”. Therefore “Yagnas” are performed in front of the Fire and the both the bride and groom chant some mantras throughout the ritual of marriage.

Gifts are indispensable part of any occasion. Similarly during marriage Gifts occupy an important position. All the invitees shower different type of gifts on the bride and groom which convey their blessing to them. Keeping this in mind has opened a section which solely deals with Wedding Gifts for the bride and groom. This service can be specially availed by those who stay abroad and are not able to attend a marriage party being held in their homeland. So there are wide collection of gifts that can be send on occasions like wedding. Some of these are :

Wedding Gifts -

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On a joyous occasion such as marriage, gifts would make the event more exuberant. So bringing to you the collection of Wedding Gifts for your dear bride and groom. As the couple would be entering into a new life altogether gifts would truly help them to decorate their interior freshly. Here you will find gifting options like Electronic items, Home decor, gift vouchers or Luxury bed linen. Electronic items like Rice cooker, toaster, kettle or cordless phone would definitely make their life more easy and fast. It would help them to perform their work within no time and find time for each other. Luxury Bed Linens would make their bedroom look elegant and decent. Moreover, it is always intelligent to gift a voucher through which the newly married will be able to buy whatever they require. Home decor items would make their interior decorated and attractive and the guests would be impressed. Beside all these wall pictures and Flower vases as gifts would delight them. All these would make lovely collection of gifts to India to the new couple.

Gifts for Couple -

Why give gifts only to a bride or a groom, when you can avail gifts for both of them at reasonable prices? You can always send gifts to India to the newly wed couple as a token of your love. It is sensible to send Gifts for Couple and send them your blessings with it. You will find attractive gifts in the section. Combo gifts are available like perfumes for both or flower bouquets that comes with cakes chocolates or gift vouchers. But the most attractive ones are pair of watches for both bride and groom from the leading brands. Wedding cakes may also be send to the couple to enjoy their special day with all.

Wedding Gifts for Bride -

You may prefer to give a gift only to the bride as she is familiar to you. Then browse through the section Wedding Gifts for Bride. It is a custom that very close relatives of the bride gift her jewelries or items made of gold. But sometimes it may not be affordable so here you will come across gifts like Cosmetics Hampers, Watches, Jewelry or sarees. Cosmetic Hampers include a number of cosmetics from best brands like Lakme, Garnier, Chambor, Lotus or Pond’s. If you send a hamper like this the bride will be glad. Branded watches for women can also be gifted, there are exclusive collections from leading brands like Titan, Timex, Fastrack or Angora. These watches are sleek in design and trendy too. Jewelries made of pearl, gold or silver can be gifted to the bride as jewelries are always loved by women. Costume jewelries are popular in demand so they can also be selected. Make the bride feel special with your gifts.

Wedding Gifts for Groom -

Convey your best wishes to the man for his new life and prosperity with Wedding Gifts for Groom. Gifts for the men are really handful but here you will find a good number of options. From them you can choose Men’s apparels, Gent’s Watch, Accessories, Men’s Personal Care etc. All these items can be used by men. From the apparels section formal shirts or trousers may be given, gent’s watch are also stylish and within affordable price to be bought as gift. If you know the preference of the groom it would be far more helpful to select gifts for him.

Wedding is a special occasion through which a couple enter into a new life. Just like the bride and groom, the entire family is excited about the day of marriage too. So be a part of this exclusive joyous occasion with the offering of right kind of gifts for both the couple.

Priyam Published: Feb 21, 2013 | Last Updated: Sep 22, 2022