Friendship Day

Friendship is the name of a beautiful bonding that stands tall among all perils. Irrespective of gender, caste and creed, a true friend is what all we need to guide us through every thick and thin. It is to a friend where we go to in case of any adversaries. They guide us through the course of our respective lives and play a pivotal role in building our character. To acknowledge this, every year the first Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship Day --- a special day which honors friends and the concept of friendship as a whole. So why not convey your gratitude to this special occasion of Friendship Day by gifting your friend the best?, herein is proud to present some unique gifting ideas that you can send for your dear friends in India and let them feel that you care. Herewith you will be provided with some brilliant ideas that you can send as your Friendship Day gifts to India.


Choco Bundle Delicious

Unique Gifting Ideas for Friendship Day

Man, by birth, is a social animal. It is this characteristic of a man that leads him to acquaint with the fellow human beings. And with passing times this bonding grew stronger and stronger. Now, we cannot think of a life without friends. It is to a friend where we go to in case of any adversaries. A true friend is known for supporting us through every thick and thin. They guide us through the course of our respective lives and play a pivotal role in building our character. To commemorate the beauty of this metaphysical relationship, in the year 1935, the US Congress prescribed an idea to celebrate every first Sunday of August

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Walking Friends Together

Send Friendship Day Gifts to India

“A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself.” There are perhaps no better words known that sums up the essence of friendship in such a nice manner. It is our friends who stand tall and guide us through every perils of life. Like a lighthouse on a stormy sea, they lead us to the coast of peace and tranquility. It was the United States Congress, in the year 1935, who announced the first Sunday of every August as the National Friendship Day. The noble idea of honoring the beautiful relationship of friendship soon beget a lot of enthusiasts and soon Friendship Day became a hugely pop

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Send Friendship Day Gifts to India Online

Friendship day will be celebrated on Sunday, 7th August, 2011. The days have gone long back now when Friendship Day used to be celebrated by the westerners only. Nowadays when the world has become a global village, people across the world celebrate the day with full enthusiasm and show their love and care to their friends by exchanging gifts, flowers to India, sweets to India, chocolates to India, gifts hampers to India just like any other grand occasion that they celebrate. Partying all night long, getting together, and re-unions are some of those latest trends that people follow in India on Friendship day. In today’s in

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Collection of Best Friendship Day Quotes and Messages:

People have been saying and writing on friendship for ages now, over the decades and centuries their words have becomes the messages and quotes that we use to express our feelings from. Some of the quotations we have listed below, only for you to convey your feelings this year to your friends. Shop from the wide array of gifts collection that provides and deliver gifts to India, directly to your friends. You can always use any of these quotes, as the last minute gift message and send these messages with your gifts to your friend in India.   "To be depressed is to be lonely; to ha

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