This article will discus some of the films that you and your friends will love watching. In case you are staying outside the country, you can ask your friends to watch the movies apart from sending gifts to India on this special day with our help to send gifts to India from the US and also from other countries.

The different art forms over the years have honored the relationship that human beings are incomplete without and the relationship is that of friendship. Different literary forms like novels, poems, dramas, and stories to paintings, songs, films, and more are dedicated to this priceless relationship. Films being the most popular, colorful, and also a very friendly medium, these have been the tool for many directors around the world, who have portrayed the various aspects of friendship. With a huge list of films dedicated to this special relationship, it will be difficult for you to choose the one you want to see with your friends on this Friendship Day.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Though not entirely dedicated to friendship, this romantic comedy, which was released back in 1997, is worth watching with your friends. A huge hit when it was released, the film revolves around Julia Roberts and her futile but hilarious attempts to call off the wedding of her best friend whom she loves deeply with his fiance. ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ is a perfect movie to watch with relaxed minds with friends.

Now And Then

Released in the year 1995, ‘Now And Then’ deals with four friends who have been reunited and are recollecting how they have spent their childhood and have grown up together. The story is filmed both in flashback and present time. A heart-warming movie, that perfectly depicts the friendship between the four friends and also what they go through while growing up in the same neighborhood.

E.T - Extra Terrestrial

This 1982 Stephen Spielberg sci-fi film will be thoroughly enjoyed by your friends. The movie deals with a small lonely boy who befriends an alien or extraterrestrial, stranded on Earth. Both you and your friends will love to watch how the small boy with the help of his friends helps the E.T. to return back home and at the same time try hard to hide the friendly alien from his mother and the government. Often dubbed as a ‘timeless story of friendship’, this wonderful and inventive movie is enjoyed by one and all. Along with suggesting your friends watch this movie, you can send gifts to India to your friends with the help of the popular e-gifting site.


Your friends will have a hilarious time watching the movies of this series. While the first flick of the series, released in 2005 tracks four different animals living in New York Central Zoo and are unknown to what wildlife can be. They escape the zoo and end up in Madagascar. The rest of the story is about how they try to go back home which is woven with rib-tickling comedy and also focuses on the friendship the animals share. The friendship between the four animals, two of them being a lion and a zebra has been shown very touchingly with a hint of humor. The second part of the series, ‘Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa’, shows the four friends ending up in Africa, where the lion or Alex, meets his family. The sequel also has its own share of troubles as the animals fail to communicate as they have never lived in the wild. It will be a treat to watch both of these films on this Friendship Day.

Other than these English movies, you can catch up on some Hindi flicks as well that celebrate friendship, like Dil Chata Hai and Rockford. The latest one that you can watch is ‘ZiZindagiilega Na Dobara’, which with a star-studded cast is sure to take you and your friends on a ride this Friendship Day. And who knows after watching the movie, you might also set sail with your friends to have a time of your life.

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