Friendship is a special bond. Two people, unknown to each other, come together, get to know each other, and discover that they like each other so much! Friendship is a journey that makes it worthy of celebration at every turn! If you are apart from your friend on this special day, then it is best to stop missing them and keep them in your thoughts by sending them gifts!

Friends are those glittering stars of our life whose deficiency often bring darkness and despair into our life. Friends act as an elixir in our life inducing profuse love, fun, and joy into our lives. But earning a true friend is not at all an easy job. People blessed with this special charm can feel the preciousness of having a true friend. Real friendship fabricates an eternal bond devoid of exaggeration, flattery, or pretensions. Friendship is a vow to deliver enormous happiness and joy into our life.

When was Friendship Day in 2023?


Friendship Day in 2023 was on the 6th of August, Sunday.

When was Friendship Day?

Friendship Day is celebrated on the 1st first Sunday in August. It celebrates the bond between the friends and the relationship that friends share. It is all about having each other's back through thick and thin. Every day is a friendship day because a friend never leaves our side, but Friendship Day is celebrated every year to observe the day as a special one dedicated to the friends we have in our life and how they form one of the most important parts of our existence.

When was Friendship Day in 2021?


Friendship Day in 2021 was on the 1st of August, Sunday.

When was Friendship Day?

Friendship Day is celebrated by one and all. In India, it is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. Friendship bands are the most popular gift that is exchanged between friends. Chocolates and cards are also famous. In 2021, Friendship Day will be celebrated on the 1st of August. Get your affairs in order and spend the day memorably by sending lovely gifts to your friends!

When was Friendship Day in 2020?


Friendship Day in 2020 was on the 2nd of August, Sunday.

When was Friendship Day?

In India, although not a public holiday, Friendship Day is a huge occasion. Kids and teenagers studying in schools make it a point to tie friendship bands on the wrist of their friends. The bands are worn proudly which reflects the importance of the day. The first Sunday in August is designated as friendship day in India.

When was Friendship Day in 2019?


Friendship Day in 2019 was on the 4th of August, Sunday.

When was Friendship Day?

Friends are those precious souls that we lean on to cross bridges and take leaps of faith. Right from holding hands while walking down school corridors to bunking lectures for a nice chat in the college canteen, this relationship makes memories in many unusual places. With our lives getting busier every day, we tend to drift apart and long to spend a little more time with our friends. This is why Friendship Day holds so much importance in our lives. In 2019, it is going to be celebrated on the 4th of August - the first Sunday of the month as is customary. On this day, we could slow down in our busy lives and go over old memories and moments shared with them. It is also a perfect occasion to reach out to our dear friends and send them a token of appreciation even if we are living away from them.

When was Friendship Day in 2016?


Friendship Day in 2016 was on the 7th of August, Sunday.

When was Friendship Day?

Friendship Day celebrates the strong bond that is shared between friends who become like a second family to everyone. Thus, this day is a very special one for all and thus people want to make this day a special one for their friends. They do everything that is in their power to make this day a joyous and happy one for their friends. India celebrates Friendship Day on a different day from the rest of the world and thus this celebration becomes even more noteworthy. Friendship Day is celebrated here on the first Sunday in the month of August every year.

When was Friendship Day in 2015?


Friendship Day in 2015 was on the 2nd of August, Sunday.


When was Friendship Day?

Friendship is a blessing. Friendship Day is a day meant to celebrate the role of friends in each one’s life. Man is gregarious by nature. That is why having friends in life makes life worth living. Every friend plays an integral part in our lives and leaves an impression. Some way or the other friends help in shaping one’s personality and self-esteem. All kinds of emotions are experienced by friends around us. Be it happiness, anger, love, sorrow, confusion, depression, or indifference- all under the same roof are encountered with friends. There are all kinds of friends- sober, crazy, quiet, naughty, mischievous, intellectual- all sorts. And all of the types are essential and dearly loved. It is not important how many are there as your friends quantitatively, but qualitatively.

When was Friendship Day in 2014?


Friendship Day in 2014 was on the 3rd of August, Sunday.

When was Friendship Day?

Friendship Day celebrates the eternal lively bond of friendship, occurring on different dates in different countries. This beautiful day was first promoted by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark cards in the year 1919 to celebrate the honor and charm of friendship. They first began the trend of celebrating friendship by exchanging cards with each other. But unfortunately, by 1940, this market got dwindled to a trickle and finally died out completely. Thereafter in 1958, the United Nations officially declared 30th July as International Friendship Day; although most countries celebrate “Friendship Day” on the first Sunday of August. 

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