Friendship is a form of interpersonal relationship that is generally considered to be closer than any other association. World Friendship Day is commemorated every year on the first Sunday of August. This day is celebrated all across the World with a lot of enthusiasm and vigor. If you also want to celebrate friendship day with gift hampers and your friends then this article can be of help. To know more about the gift hamper ideas keep reading the article. 

“I forgot my homework can I copy yours?” “ Oh, God! What will you copy? Even I forgot to do the homework!”- This is when a friendship starts, it is when one relates to the other the most it is when you fall into trouble together or save each other from trouble together. It is about the emotions you share and the mischief you do, it is about growing emotionally together unconditionally. We all have set on our own journeys now and things might not be the same as they used to be. We have to know we are also not the ones who we used to be, we might not use the word ‘best friend’ anymore. It’s because each friend holds a different door to a different emotion. But the essence of friendship is always there with everyone. We still can make time for our friends if they are in need. To celebrate such strong emotions we celebrate Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August. It is to celebrate our friends and the memories we have together. To make your friend feel special this friendship day you might want the best gift possible. We are here with a list of gift ideas so you can decide what will be the best gifts for friendship day

Beverage Hamper

Gift Hampers as Friendship Day Gifts

To boost the mood, so that one can start the day afresh your friend might appreciate a beverage hamper. A beverage hamper be it a coffee hamper for the caffeine cravers or a tea hamper for the tea lovers will be a lovely gift. They will be able to start their day with much energy and they will be reminded of your care. You will be able to take care of them even from a distance. You will find a large variety of coffee and tea and you can also opt for a snack with it. Cookies and tiramisu taste really well with a hot brewed drink. So, a beverage hamper will really wake them up for the day, and can even relax them after a long day. It is an interesting gift that you can gift to your friend this Friendship Day and make them happy.

Sweet and Scent Hamper

Gift Hampers as Friendship Day Gifts

Perfumes are the most basic yet luxurious thing that we can gift to our friends. As perfumes were the most expensive commodities in the market because of the high concentration of perfume it is one of the commodities that symbolizes class and sophistication. Hence perfumes have a royal air to them and can make one feel heavenly. Along with that finding the right perfume can be difficult but if you know the basics of perfume well then you can definitely get a good perfume. So, gifting perfume along with some chocolates to your friend which again resembles luxury will be great. The gift will be appealing to all of the senses and they will be able to savor the moment too. 

Personal Care Hamper 

Gift Hampers as Friendship Day Gifts

For your messy and careless friend, a personal care hamper will be the best. They might not be able to take good care of themselves and maybe not know how to. You sending a personal care hamper can help them identify the problems they should address. Personal care is the most important thing that one must follow. So to create a regime and follow it is a very good practice, and if your friend is already into it then it will be another added advantage to the personal care stash. It’s a win-win gift for your friend which will express your concern and care for them. It will signify that the distance and busy schedules have not come in the way of your friendships and concerns. 

Accessories Hamper 

Gift Hampers as Friendship Day Gifts

Accessories are one of the many gifts that one cannot deny. Be it a girl or a boy accessories are always welcomed. Sunglasses and watches are the most basic accessory that one needs with almost every outfit. So you can opt for a good combo of watches and sunglasses to gift to your friends. It will be a gift of utility too, sunglasses will protect the eyes from the glare of the sun and the watch will keep them on time. It will be a gift that they will be able to use and look stylish. You don’t have to worry about the options and frames as there is a wide range of sunglasses available as well as watches. All you have to do is to just look for a sunglass and watch that you think will suit your friends the most and gift it to them. 

Hobby Hamper 

Gift Hampers as Friendship Day Gifts

Do you have a friend who is good at art and craft? And has artistic inclinations? If yes then you can consider gifting them a hobby hamper. Something they love to do, it can be anything painting or doodling. All you have to do is find a dedicated hamper that has all the essentials. A Mandala art hamper for example has all the essentials like a felt tip pen, a design book acrylic color, brushes etc. It will be something that will help them relax and unwind. The best part about this hamper is that it has all the basic essentials in the hamper that a beginner can also try it. So, your friend doesn’t have to be a seasoned painter to do this if you want your friend to indulge in a new hobby this will be a good gift to start with.

Dry Fruits Hamper

Gift Hampers as Friendship Day Gifts

For the one who likes to munch on this will be a good gift for them. You can gift them dry fruits hamper so that munching can be healthy. As dry fruits are rich in protein and fiber they will have it’s benefit to the recipient. You can try various combinations of dry fruit hampers as well. Dry fruits combined with nuts and chocolates taste heavenly and when paired with traditional sweets smell luxury. So, once again you will have many options to choose from and your gift will be a ravishing one. 

These gift hampers will certainly make your friend feel at the top of the world. We hope you will be able to decide on a gift and astonish your friend and relive the memories of your friendship together. 

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