Friendship Day gifts connote our feelings for a friend the most. It is a process to say the silent word of thanks to them for all that they have done for us.  We can send gifts to our friends and make them feel special for this particular day and event. If you are also in search of gifts and gift ideas then this article is for you. To know more you can keep reading this article to know more. 

Friends sometimes come into our lives on the darkest of days when we need a shoulder to lean on. They make our life worth living and fighting for. Being social animals we humans have many relationships that we cherish and friendship is one of the many relationships. We have made friends ever since playschool but not everyone has stayed with us. The ones who still choose to stay with you today are the ones who are actually our friends. Do you remember when you would reach the dorm those friends would become more like family? When you would forget your lunch they would offer theirs. When aunty would make something special she would send your share separately, and thanks to your friend that you would receive it as well. Those days are definitely gone but the bond and the relationship that you once had with your friends are still there and will be there for life. Why not celebrate this beautiful bond with exclusive gifts for Friendship Day? We have a list of ideas for you that you can use and make your friend feel special as it is their time to shine!


The most luxurious gift that you can gift is chocolates. You can send chocolates to your friend as gifts for Friendship Day. They will be happy anyway and if they have a sweet tooth then they will be in the seventh heaven. As chocolates come in variety you can send them a chocolate hamper as many times as you want and on any occasion you want. It is something that leaves you craving for more. So a chocolate hamper for your lovely friend is something that they will appreciate a lot. Chocolates are one of the things that will be an evergreen gift that you can send to your friends and loved ones. So without any hesitation send a lovely chocolate hamper of maybe nuts, dry fruits, or dark chocolates to them. 

Color Changing Lamp

Exclusive Friendship Day Gifting Ideas

This is a unique gift but a very fun one. These color-changing lamps are the lamps that come in pairs and lights when one lights up and also changes color. These lamps work and change color even when the distance is too long. So, what you can do is you can send one to your friend and you can keep the other. You both can have the lamp and light it up whenever you feel like. This will be a fun way to communicate and tell each other that you miss the other. These lamps can also light up their desk and help them do their work so this gift will be a gift of utility as well as a gift that will convey your emotions and admiration.


Exclusive Friendship Day Gifting Ideas

Friendship Day is all about friendship bands and bracelets. There are many friendship bracelets available that are dedicated to Friendship Day. These bracelets generally come in a pair so that each gets one bracelet and the bracelet is complete when they are joined together by a charm or any other feature. But if you don’t want to send her something like this then even sending a bracelet with charms or crystals will do too. After all the gift has to be to their liking and if that’s what they like then you can go for this as well. A bracelet as a Friendship Day gift will certainly be a good gifting idea.

Dream Catcher 

Exclusive Friendship Day Gifting Ideas

Dream catchers are believed to catch bad dreams and allow only good dreams. So sending a dream catcher for your friend as a gift for friendship day will be a very unique gift. This will also be like decor and as well as a charm. You can look for beautiful dream catchers that have one ring or there are dream catchers that have two to three rings as well. Some are adorned with feathers and some are adorned with beads. All you have to do is select a dream catcher of your choice that you think your friend will like and send it to your friend to make them feel better. 

Memory Fairy Lights 

Exclusive Friendship Day Gifting Ideas

You both must have made many memories together and would like to cherish them all. You can use this to your advantage and a chain of photos to fairy lights. These pictures can be of you and their adventure together they can adorn this gift in their workspace or maybe in their study. This will give a nostalgic effect and make the memories count. You will be making more moments with this gift. Hence sending this gift to your friend on Friendship Day will definitely make your friend feel nostalgic and special.

Post Card

Exclusive Friendship Day Gifting Ideas

Back in the day, we used to make cards from our own hands, buy friendship bands, and celebrate. But now we have grown and lack time, still a heartfelt message is what will always win the hearts of your friend. Tell them how they made you feel special and helped you in the most nostalgic way. A postcard will be a good way to convey your emotions. It will showcase your emotions as well as make a heartwarming gift for them.

You can tell them what you felt when you saw them at first, and how things elevated with them. The highs and the lows that you have faced with them will all be reminded with all these gifts. So, make your friends nostalgic and remind them of your love and care with these gifts this Friendship Day.

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