Anniversary Gifts to India

Wedding Anniversaries are always special. It is always a marvelous day in the life of married couples because it a remembrance of all the exceptional times spent together. It is also the day to take a pledge to carry on with this fascinating journey for the rest of life. This chapter discusses the various gifts which can be sent during the 1st Anniversary, 5th Anniversary, 10th Anniversary, 20th Anniversary, 25th Anniversary, 30th Anniversary and 50th Anniversary. This chapter also talks about the Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her. The gifts which are best suited for wife, mother as well as any other special lady and gifts which make a husband, father or any other exceptional man happy. Gifts which are straight from the heart and gifts which are all about love!


Red Heart Chocolate Box Roses

Top 10 Anniversary Gifts for Couples in India

Wedding Anniversary is special for every couple as it is a wonderful reminder of the day they became one. Congratulating them on their special day with anniversary gifts will surely make the day a memorable event for the couple. Even when you are not in India to celebrate their anniversary you can send them gifts and wish them well. Any if you have any confusion in choosing gifts for the couple, we have some great anniversary gift ideas to share with you. Top 10 anniversary gifts for couples Flowers & Cake - When it comes to a classic gift you can always go for Flowers and Cake combo gift for the couple w

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25 Anniversary Floral Blue Greetings

Top 10 25th Anniversary Gifts for Parents in India

Silver anniversary is the time which shows how a couple has laid entwined within each other’s heart for so long being engrossed in true love. Our parents are our guiding stars and these events steer our hearts making us understand the real meaning of love and faith. Mesmerise your parents by gifting them some fascinating items fabricating a flavour of new love within the two. The best possible option of gifts are provided below to make things easier for you. An Intricate Bouquet of Iris Flowers bloom to beautify our nature spreading a fragrance of freshness in the air. Gift an intricate arrangement

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Sunglass Case Black Watch

What to Gift Him on Anniversary?

If your man is far away in India, there can be no better time than to tell him how much you miss him than on your anniversary. While a phone-call will definitely convey your words and emotions, but what about all the things you cannot even say, a deep seated love. You can reminisce the wonderful times spent together and want him where you are, emotionally and sentimentally. While handcrafted and personalized gifts steal the deal when it comes to pleasing your man, there may be times when you do not have the luxury of time and the right resources; especially if you are many miles away from India. Sending gifts to India to your

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Wedding Couple Dance

How to Make Her Super-Happy on Anniversary

Marriage is a beautiful journey with the tide of time sometime running high and another time low. Though there are no specific days, when you should celebrate this companionship; anniversaries are a great time to make her feel special and remind her how important she is to you. This might me a tad difficult if you are away from home in a different country and can’t really show your love in a lot of ways that you would want. This online gift store comes to your rescue and provides you an array of wonderful items to select. You can send these online gifts to India. While you can pick and choose from a large selection avail

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60 Cursive Anniversary Greetings

Top 10 60th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents in India

Staying together for 60 years sharing love and affection is quite a feat and fabricates a reason to celebrate. Arrange something unique and great for your parents on this special occasion. The traditional colour of the diamond anniversary is white. So, if you are planning a party, use white and then another colour for decoration. Though diamond is the sole symbol of this graceful occasion, choosing the right gift among the other varieties is very important. Select something sophisticated and rewarding to bring smile and happiness on their face. Customised Photo Plates These are magnificent gift items. This wil

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50 Wedding Round Greetings

Top 10 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Indian Parents

Golden Jubilee Wedding Anniversaries are very special to be acknowledged. Celebrating 50 years of togetherness absorbed in love and faith is a wonderful statement about the gift of married life. Golden Anniversaries are always linked with gold which shows its value and preciousness. Spending half a century together is a event to be honoured. This is a memorializing time not only for the couple but for their children and acquaintances. Such couple requires acclamation and gifts are a wonderful way of expressing our heart. So, we have came up with some amusing gift ideas for your parents 50th wedding anniversary. Taj

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Aged Couple Surprise Gift

Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Marriage assembles all the components of love binding two souls into a deep relation of love , trust and faith. A child learns to know about this divine relationship primarily by observing his parents. Parents are the most lovable caretakers of a child’s life who satisfy his / her every need and desire loving them unconditionally. Enchant your parents by lending immense happiness through some magnificent gifts. Celebrate together and make their heart fill with pleasure and merriment. Let them remember their valuable moments and dance in the euphoria of joy. How to choose the right Gift for your Parents’ Anniversary

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Blue Stone Heart Hanging Pendant

1st Anniversary Gift Ideas for Wife

One year has flown away since you tied the nuptial knot. Life has been wonderful in each other’s solace gliding through the gamut of laughters and tears. Celebrate one year of togetherness by recreating the magic of the moment when you fell for each other. By the time you are acquainted with her preferences and want to get her everything she adores. Procure something exquisite for her to celebrate one year of marital bliss. Why is 1st Anniversary Special ? 1st wedding anniversary or “Paper Anniversary” is special because it inspires you to spend the lifetime together while cherishing the wonderful journey of

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Red Love Heart Cushion Watch Hamper

Cakes, Hampers & Gift Vouchers as Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary is the occasion to celebrate the years of togetherness and romance. Every couple waits for this special occasion with lots of enthusiasm. Anniversary deserves a grand celebration. Feasting and merry making are the core essences of this special occasion. However, if you are unable to attend your dear one’s anniversary party, you can surprise them by sending anniversary gifts online. The tradition of sending gifts on anniversary can be traced back from the middle ages. Usually gifts such as a bouquet of flowers, jewellery especially rings and chocolates are given to the couple on their marriage anniversary. How

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Golden 50 White Flower Cake

25th and 50th Anniversary Gifts With Cakes

Gone are those days, when you had a hard time deciding about what gifts you want to send to your dear ones. With online gifting portals taking the stage, choosing gifts as well as sending gifts to India have become as easy as it can be. So, if you are staying outside India, will come as a rescue for you to send gifts to India on any occasion and festival you want to. Anniversary gifts is one of our most preferred section of gifts, which is divided into different unique categories. It has become customary to cut cakes on wedding anniversary. So, if you want to send cakes for any upcoming anniversary celebra

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