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Lohri is the most popular festival among the people of Punjab to celebrate the bountiful harvest. Also, known as the ‘Bonfire Festival’, it is celebrated with great joy and merriment to give thanks to the Lord for the harvest. Everyone gathers around the bonfire and offer their prayers to God Agn for abundant crops and prosperity. The festival is usually celebrated on the last day of ‘Paush’ month and the beginning of ‘Magha month’. On this auspicious occasion, people also happily welcomes the birth of a new born baby’s or a new bride in the family. Besides these, the festival is also celebrated in the honour of Dulla Bhatti, a Muslim highway robber who rescued many Hindu women from being sold in the slave market of Middle East.  Apart from these traditional customs, wearing new clothes, eating delicious food and exchanging gifts are all integral part of this joyous festival. Thus, on this festive season, delight your loved ones by sending gifts through this online site.

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  • When is Lohri

    When is Lohri

    Lohri, the Bonfire festival of Punjab is celebrated with lots of joy and enthusiasm. The festival also marks the end of winter season. According to Hindu calendar, Lohri is usually celebrated on the last day of ‘Paush'; month and beginning of ‘Magha';. On this special festival, people thank God for His provision and creation. In Punjab, wheat is the main staple crop. The crop is sown in October and harvested in the months of March and Aprils. During January, the whole field  filled with golden harvest. During this time, the farmers celebrate Lohri. The articles in this chapter discusses about when is Lohri.

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  • Lohri Gift Ideas

    Lohri Gift Ideas

    Lohri is one of the most famous festivals of Punjab. The festival is also known as harvest festival. The festival signifies the end of winter season. On this special festival, people offer prayers to God for giving them food, prosperity and happiness. Every one enjoy this grand festival by having delicious dishes, dancing Bhangra and Giddha around bonfire, singing traditional songs and so on. Apart from these, every Punjabies dress themselves in colorful and vibrant apparels and convey their warm wishes by sharing gifts. The articles assigned in this chapter will give an idea about the diverse gifts that can be sent to dear ones on the bonfire festival of Lohri  and also about  different gift ideas for the celebration of the same.

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  • Lohri Celebrations

    Lohri Celebrations

    This chapter inform the readers about the most amazing ways to celebrate Lohri.

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