Top 10 Lohri Gifts for Wife

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On 13th January Punjabi community celebrates the festival of Lohri, which marks the end of Winter solstice and beginning of a new season and longer days. Though the ceremonies of Lohri is kept traditional but the gift giving is getting modernized now, as giving only cash to loved ones is cliched. Specially when you are giving gift to your loving wife on Lohri, you would want to give her the best gift. If you are getting stuck in selecting the perfect gifts for your wife we are here to help you sort out the best for her with our gifts idea.

  1. Flower -

    White Pink Red Rose Bunch

    Express your love and good wishes on the occasion of Lohri to your wife with a Flower bouquet. Choose different colors of flower Red, Pink, White, Orange and many such flowers. Also select the best bouquet arrangement to impress your wife and make her Lohri celebration exciting.
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  2. Cosmetics -

    To enhance your wife’s beauty even more send her Cosmetics Gifts and surprise her. For conducting Lohri ceremonies in the evening your wife can use the cosmetics and get properly ready for the celebrations. In cosmetics section you can send her Eyeliner, Mascara, Makeup Palette, Lipsticks, Kajal & Foundation.
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  3. Traditional Punjabi Dress -

    Lohri is a traditional festival and on such occasion giving your wife a punjabi dress gift will be more than perfect. Salwar kameez and Patiala dress will be a good selection also keep in mind the colour that is most loved by your wife when selecting the dress.

  4. Personalized Product -

    To express your more in a more personal way, this Lohri another great idea to gift your wife can be personalized gifts. You can have your emotions expressed in the personalized item and also put up a beautiful picture of you and your wife which she will surely love to receive.
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  5. Smartwatch -

    Smartwatches are computer in form wristwatches, with touchscreen interface, it is very useful in day to day to life. Your wife can keep track of her phone’s notifications, calls & sms, and also keep her fitness on watch. A great technologically advanced gift for your wife.
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  6. Jewellery -

    Another gift idea for your dearest wife on the occasion of Lohri is giving her Jewellery. As women love to wear them specially on occasions such Lohri, it will be a perfect gift. You can choose diamond, gold or fashion jewellery for her also keep her taste on jewellery in mind when selecting the perfect piece for her.
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  7. Puja Thali -

    To conduct the Lohri puja around the bonfire, you wife can use your gift of Puja Thali to her. You can choose colourful designed thali or go for traditional silver thali along with puja samagri. It is an ideal gift for the occasion of Lohri.
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  8. Dry Fruits -

    Kaju Almond Choco Wood Tray

    To wish your lovely wife a healthy start to the new season, you can send her nutritious dry fruits on the occasion of Lohri. Dry fruits like Walnuts, Pista, Kaju, Almond, Rewari and many more can be selected and send to her in India. She will enjoy the occasion more with the gift of dry fruits.
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  9. Greeting Cards -

    Also a unique way to convey your good wishes to your wife on the festival of Lohri is sending her a Greeting Card. You can write your own personal wishes on the greeting card and wish her the best on Lohri. Greeting Cards are still the best way to express your love for someone special.

  10. Sweets -

    Indian festivals have a special place for sweets and sending delicious Sweets to your wife on Lohri won’t hurt anybody. Select the sweets which is most loved by your wife and send the delicious box of sweets to her and wish her the best for this Lohri.
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This suggestions will surely make up your mind on what to gift your wife and celebrate Lohri with full enthusiasm.

Arpita Published: Nov 17, 2018 | Last Updated: Dec 11, 2019
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