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If you want to give a treat to your loved ones on Lohri then you can send a sweet hamper or a sweet thali. Both this hamper and thali come with diverse types of Indian sweets and various types of food items such as dry fruits, chocolates, and many more. Your loved ones will surely enjoy having these palatable food items. You can also delight your dear ones by sending tasty Indian sweets such as Kaju Gujia, Kaju Barfi, Motichoor Laddoo, Peda, and others.

Lohri is a widely celebrated festival especially for the people of Punjab . This includes singing, dancing, visiting families and friends, gifting each other and much more. If you are looking to send cheap gifts to India this Lohri then you need not worry much. Delectable sweets can be a nice way to show your loved ones that you still love and care about them even if you are not present for the festivities. You can go for cashew sweets like kaju barfi or you can go for kesar pista barfi, bhaskar barfi, milk cakes etc that will make great Lohri gifts to India.

Kaju Sweets

The mere mention of kaju sweets makes everyone’s mouths water. It is made of cashews, which literally rules the world of sweets. Cashews are considered as a rich dry fruit and they are packed with energy and nutrients. There will hardly be anyone who is not a fan of cashews. These sweets made from cashews and sugar is sure to leave everyone yearning for more.


Celebrate Lohri with Delectable Sweets

Barfi or burfi as it is sometimes called is a sweet made from milk. They come in many varieties. They are simple to make and yet the ingredients that are used make them richer in taste. You can get barfis made from as simple as gram flour to something as rich as kesar, pista or cashew. They are simply mouthwatering and come in shapes of diamond, as is suggested by their name. You can also get flavoured barfi, where a mango or a coconut flavor is added. This is a confectionary that is served all over India for all occasions.

Milk Cake

Again a sweet made from milk and dry fruits, this cake is a sure hit with your family and friends. Richness and creamy quality of the milk makes this cake utterly delicious. These cakes have the unnatural quality to entice anyone with their texture and taste. Send this different but popular version of sweet this Lohri for your loved ones in India.

Mawa Sweets

Mawa or khoya is a basic ingredient used in preparation of many different sweets including gulab jamun. Sweets made of fresh mawa are also equally delectable and sweet. They have a rich taste and an enticing texture which makes them as a popular sweet for gifting your loved ones. You can easily send such tasty gifts for your friends and family through us on this Lohri.

Assorted Sweets

Of course, this is for all those members of your friends and family who can never get away with one sweet. Now you can order a hamper full of sweets that will please everyone in the family. Include the sweets of your choice and leave the rest to us. Celebrate this Lohri in style with these assorted gift baskets full of your favorite sweets.

It goes without saying that when it comes to gifts, we find that there are many options that can help you show your love and greetings. However, a better way to express one’s feeling clearly is to use the help of delectable sweets. If you not in India near your family and you are worried about how to let them know your wishes then there is no need to fret anymore. There are a lot of websites to send gifts to India and that too with same day delivery. Like sending birthday gifts to India for the birthdays of your dear ones, you can also send gifts for festivals like Lohri.

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