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Anniversary Gifts To India

Anniversary Gifts to India

Wedding Anniversaries are always special. It is always a marvelous day in the life of married couples because it a remembrance of all the exceptional times spent together. It is also the day to take a pledge to carry on with this fascinating journey for the rest of life. This chapter discusses the various gifts which can be sent during the 1st Anniversary, 5th Anniversary, 10th Anniversary, 20th Anniversary, 25th Anniversary, 30th Anniversary and 50th Anniversary. This chapter also talks about the Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her. The gifts which are best suited for wife, mother as well as any other special lady and gifts which make a husband, father or any other exceptional man happy. Gifts which are straight from the heart and gifts which are all about love!

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  • Gifts For Him

    Gifts For Him

    A very important day in the lives of the wedded couples, anniversary celebration is incomplete without sending gifts. Though gifts on an occasion like this are generally sent jointly to the couple, gifts can also be sent individually. The gifts for him ranges from electronics to apparels, watches, personal care products, mobile phones and more. The articles assigned in this chapter will provide an insight about the different gifts that can be sent to him on anniversary.

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  • Gifts For Her

    Gifts For Her

    Gifts are showered as blessing on couples on their wedding anniversaries. With online gifting portals taking the stage, sending gifts on these occasions have become easier and simpler. Anniversary gifts like cosmetics, flowers, jewellery and bags will surely impress her. This chapter has articles that focus on the different gifts that can be sent to her on anniversary.

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  • Gifts For Couples

    Gifts For Couples

    Gifts are sent to couples on wedding anniversaries for saluting them for being together always through thick and thin. Anniversary gifts for couples include a whole lot of gift items like pair of watch, flowers, cakes, electronics and more. Sending gifts jointly on wedding anniversary is a custom practised for ages. In the articles assigned in this chapter, details about the various gifts that are send on anniversary are mentioned.

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  • Gifts for Him

    What to Gift Him on Anniversary?

    If your man is far away in India, there can be no better time than to tell him how much you miss him than on your anniversary. While a phone-call will definitely convey your words and emotions, but what about all the things you cannot even say, a deep seated love. You can reminisce the wonderful times spent together and want him where you are, emotionally and sentimentally. While handcrafted and personalized gifts steal the deal when it comes to pleasing your man, there may be times when you do not have the luxury of time and the right resources; especially if you are many miles away from India. Sending gifts to India to your loved one is a great way to show you care for and miss them. Let’s explore some awesome anniversary gift ideas just for your special man. Your gift should appeal to your man’s mind and soul. This online gift shop offers choices that will let you do just that.   Boys are boys forever; only with age their toys change. From action figures and feature cards, it comes down to electronics and tech gadgets. You can bring a smile on his face by sending a great new mobile phone, or some cool accessories. You can pick a PlayStation or choose from the range of games available at this online gift store. Keep in mind what your man likes and dislikes.   Another way to go is to consider a gift that may add to his physical appeal. New stylish clothes, watches and wallets are all great addition to his style menu and you can let him know that you care about how he looks, that you admire him physically and want him to look attractive for you. Even men want to be loved by their women. Some men also like and can carry some bling. If that’s right for your guy, you may send some funky jewelry his way as well. Cufflink sets are a very classy and elegant gift option as well. They add to the power aura of men. Also, another power feature is a classy pen. A nice expensive penset adds zing to a man’s attire. He would really admire that you are taking interest in adding stylish pieces to his wardrobe and dresser.   If you want to go keep it mushy, you can think about some flowers and sweets as well. Even men like being cherished and pampered. On the other hand, if you want to add a personal touch to your gift, you can consider a personalized gift as well, such as a rock photo or coffee mug with a picture capturing your lovely times together.   You can send gifts to India, which could be gift hampers, if your man is little choosy and you are not sure what style he may admire. You can leave the decision to him and still surprise him by ordering an extravagant hamper. You can always suggest what you would like on him and hint that he may surprise you dressed in it when you go back home.  

  • Anniversary Gifts

    How to Make Her Super-Happy on Anniversary

    Marriage is a beautiful journey with the tide of time sometime running high and another time low. Though there are no specific days, when you should celebrate this companionship; anniversaries are a great time to make her feel special and remind her how important she is to you. This might me a tad difficult if you are away from home in a different country and can’t really show your love in a lot of ways that you would want. This online gift store comes to your rescue and provides you an array of wonderful items to select. You can send these online gifts to India. While you can pick and choose from a large selection available for gifts, the best approach is to relate the gift to something from your time together. Here’s a cheat sheet of five great romantic ideas for sending gifts to India online to bring the cherished smile on her face: Flowers : You can never go wrong with flowers. Think of the days that you spent together. Sure, you would have brought home flowers sometimes and sure, those times would have been great. Make her remember the great together times with a bunch of her favorite flowers.     Photo Frames : We all have reminisced over old pictures. When you are many  miles away, use a good old picture from your time together and do it in a classy or stylish photo frame. Pick a gift that suits her taste and remind her that you remember what she likes.   Jewellery : No woman can say NO to jewelry. It is the safest bet. Just bling her back in love with you, with a statement necklace or a cute little pearl-drops. If you don’t know what these are Google them. You want to buy something that matches her wardrobe and shows that you appreciate her personal style.   Bags and Purses : A great fashion piece will not only add to her style statement but make her feel special and unique too. Check out the range available at this online gift store. You can choose a piece that goes with her dressing style and color preferences. You can     also be a little adventurous and surprise her with something from among the latest designs. She will appreciate that you took time to find something unique for her.   Perfume : When you are so far away from your loved ones, you tend to miss their touch and their smell. While perfumes make a wonderful gift, sending her own fragrance to her is a little run-of-the-mill. Try sending your usual scent to her instead. She can wear your smell and relive your love and nearness.   No matter what you choose from the list, this store can ensure that your online gifts to India reach her in the manner intended and convey the love you mean. With these India gifts, it will be like you are in India with your special someone.  

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    Anniversary Gifts for Parents

    Marriage assembles all the components of love binding two souls into a deep relation of love , trust and faith. A child learns to know about this divine relationship primarily by observing his parents. Parents are the most lovable caretakers of a child’s life who satisfy his / her every need and desire loving them unconditionally. Enchant your parents by lending immense happiness through some magnificent gifts. Celebrate together and make their heart fill with pleasure and merriment. Let them remember their valuable moments and dance in the euphoria of joy. How to choose the right Gift for your Parents’ Anniversary? Gifts are ideal to intensify a relation making one cherish the memories of their past. Gifts occupy a vital role in socialising as well. They bring happiness making someone feel special and loved. Parents are the reflection of God for every child. One should never lose these opportunities to fill their heart with joy and honour by arranging the proper kind of gift for them. The most beautiful experience of this world is to see our parents smiling and the reason being us. Don’t waste time and start selecting the ideal gift for your parents and experience this divine feeling. 25th Anniversary / Silver Anniversary 25th Anniversary traditionally symbolised with Silver is the most hugely celebrated anniversary for a married couple. Silver Anniversary celebrators solemnize their eternal relation of love and belief. Moreover a 25th Wedding Anniversary is really a landmark to be celebrated wonderfully. These are suitable situations to please your parents with heart throbbing gifts making them remember their special moments.Spending 25 long years with one person being deeply in love with is surely an occasion to be celebrated. Make your parents realize how special they are for you bringing joy and amusement within their memorable moments. Go to Top Ten 25th Anniversary Gifts For Parents     50th Anniversary / Gold Anniversary "There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage". - Martin Luther Marriage is the social union of two hearts whereas anniversaries are examples of how wonderful a marriage can be. The 50th Anniversary is a great milestone symbolizing achievement in love and togetherness. Completing half a century of a marriage calls for real celebration creating golden moments together again. Golden wedding anniversaries carry with them loads of experience, truthfulness and constant love. It can be a short get together or a big bash party ; golden anniversaries must be celebrated to cherish the flavour of the moments the couple has started enjoying long ago. Go to Top Ten 50th Anniversary Gifts For Parents     60th Anniversary / Diamond Anniversary Traditionally known as the Diamond Anniversary, the 60th wedding anniversary was first introduced during Queen Victoria’s reign after she herself celebrated her Diamond Jubilee. The word Diamond comes from the Greek word ‘adamas’ which means ‘unconquerable’ and ‘enduring’ which symbolically shows the unconquerable love and endurance of the couple celebrating 60 years of togetherness. Completing 60 years of marriage with a person certainly becomes a reason to celebrate. But this is the best time to sit back and memorise those wonderful days. Make your parents feel so sending them down the memory lane of their lovely days. Go to Top Ten 60th Anniversary Gifts For Parents  

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    Top 10 50th wedding anniversary gifts for Indian parents

    Golden Jubilee Wedding Anniversaries are very special to be acknowledged. Celebrating 50 years of togetherness absorbed in love and faith is a wonderful statement about the gift of married life. Golden Anniversaries are always linked with gold which shows its value and preciousness. Spending half a century together is a event to be honoured. This is a memorializing time not only for the couple but for their children and acquaintances. Such couple requires acclamation and gifts are a wonderful way of expressing our heart. So, we have came up with some amusing gift ideas for your parents 50th wedding anniversary. 1) Taj Cakes Cutting a cake is one of the most important and awaited part of such a special wedding anniversary. People prefer white wedding cakes as white symbolises purity and truthfulness. Cakes are wonderful desserts which are easily available as well. But since its your adorable parents’ day make them feel on the top of the world. Let their special cake baked by the grand 5 Star Hotel Bakery. Taj Cakes are one of the best choices among all. Their cakes are so finely baked and delivered that you can't resist yourself from appreciating them. Order one for your parents golden anniversary making it more precious and memorable. 2)Golden Jewellery Gold being the primary symbol of the 50th anniversary, golden jewelleries as gifts will work wonderfully to please your parents. Old age often deviates people from social enjoyment and fun. Fabricate the situation for them and let them celebrate their special day energetically filled with love and joy. Golden jewelleries are traditional items which are loved and adored by every lady of this world. Men prefer wearing gold jewelleries occasionally. Gift a pretty pair of finger ring or wrist chain showing bondage and togetherness to make this occasion momentous for your lovely parents. Gold coins even work wonderfully as a token of love and remembrance. 3) Taj Hotels & Resorts Gift Voucher Spending 50 years together making a marriage successful to its end not only means sharing love and faith. It constitutes the every problem and suffering one has to face to live a livelihood. Our parents have always struggled for lending us a beautiful future. This is the high time to give them back those prosperity and serenity. Gift them a voucher from Taj Hotels and Resorts giving them some time to spend with each other enjoying the every comfort of life. This will be a wonderfully unique and fabulous gifting idea on this golden occasion. 4)Remarkable Showpieces Showpieces reflect our emotions and feelings. Send a heartwarming showpiece symbolising their long journey of love and patience. Showpieces will adore your parent’s room as well. You will find enormous showpieces in the market that will touch their heart with glee. Make this remarkable occasion memorable through one such purposeful showpiece. 5) Customised Rock Frame This wonderful gift item depicts a cut piece of real rock with the customised picture of your choice. These are the most unique piece of personalised art. Rock Frames will give a defined look to your room as well. So, these can be a wonderful gift item to amuse your parents on this significant occasion. This Golden Anniversary gift your parents something unique fixing up an old pic of their youth on the frame making them remember their golden days. 6) Basket of gold flowers Yellow flowers represent trust, compassion, and respect. Moreover yellow being the symbolic colour of this grand occasion, an intricate bouquet of tulips and sunflowers can work wonderfully. Sunflower signifies adoration whereas tulip symbolises perfect love. These gentle flowers will show the warmth of their relation spreading an flavour of love all around the atmosphere. Select a perfect bunch of these pretty flowers tickling their heart with a touch of joy. 7) Golden Rose The couple who have spent 50 years together need approbation. They are that special pair who can transform hatred into love. No such materialistic things are enough to praise their patience and love. has thus brought for them a special item which will surely amaze them with its exquisite look. This is a 5 inch metal rose finely plated with gold. Roses are the eternal symbol of love; and this golden rose is ideal for this golden event. Surprise your parents through this wonderful and classy gift item which can be treasured for ever as a token of their endless love. 8) Handmade Chocolates Chocolates are always symbolised as the perfect token of love and affection. The milky and chocolaty flavour of the chocolate tickles up our taste buds bringing immense joy in our heart. But handmade chocolates are something which carries with it a personal touch of love. This lovely occasion send your parents a box assorted with such handmade chocolates making them feel loved and adored. 9) Book Vouchers If your parents are passionate about books this can be a wonderful gift. Book Vouchers from renowned stores like Starmark, Oxford, Crossword, Landmark etc will give them the option of selecting their choice of books accordingly. Apart from lending knowledge, books entertains us, keeps us free from stress and even sets our mind free delivering a happy mood. The couple must enjoy reading wonderful books together sharing their own views and thoughts. But selecting the perfect appreciable book to gift is really hard to find. So, help yourself by gifting a book voucher which will give your parents the scope to buy books of their own choices. Make their Golden Anniversary more special by sending lovable gifts for them. 10) Home Decor Clocks Time stops for none and flows as a river. Likewise, couples celebrating their golden wedding anniversary has flowed several years together. Give them a wonderful home decor item symbolising their unchangeable and unstoppable love for each other. has brought for you a wide range of designer home decor clocks which will not only show you time but also give a new look to your beautiful room. Enchant your parents by gifting one such wonderful home decor clock making them happy and charmed.

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    Top 10 60th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents in India

    Staying together for 60 years sharing love and affection is quite a feat and fabricates a reason to celebrate. Arrange something unique and great for your parents on this special occasion. The traditional colour of the diamond anniversary is white. So, if you are planning a party, use white and then another colour for decoration. Though diamond is the sole symbol of this graceful occasion, choosing the right gift among the other varieties is very important. Select something sophisticated and rewarding to bring smile and happiness on their face. 1) Customised Photo Plates These are magnificent gift items. This will charm your parents making them remember their special moments. These plates are generally assembled of porcelain or melamine which gives them a sophisticated look. And the images customised on them will surely surprise them with joy and wonder. This can be a heartwarming gift item for your elderly parents on this special love filled occasion of their life. 2) Jewellery Jewelleries are always preferred as a gift. For 60th wedding anniversary the jewelleries as gift call for diamond as it symbolises the occasion. Gift a dazzling set of a diamond necklace or bracelet, earrings, cufflinks, and tie clips impressing your parents on their special day. 3) Spiritual Gifts Commemorating a couple’s 60th wedding anniversary is a divine occasion. In this phase of life, such couples being weakened by health and age generally gets close to spirituality. So, delight your charming parents by such appreciable items making them feel how much you care about their likings. Idols of God, Shagun Coins etc are wonderful gifting items. Other than these devotional CDs and DVDs are also there. And since the event is special you can go for an entire spiritual hamper comprising of a combo of various such items. 4) Calvin Klein Perfumes Fragrances play a vital role in our life. Perfumes are the most perfect way of covering all the unpleasant smells of this world. Enchant your lovable parents by gifting a sensuous fragrance from Calvin Klein. An american brand introduced in the 60s will surely charm your parents’ heart jubilantly on their 60th wedding anniversary making them recollect their valuable time. 5) Couple Coffee Mug Coffee mugs are the most frequent and purposeful gift item used highly nowadays. Indulge your parents into a lovely feeling by gifting them a couple of wonderful coffee mugs on this special occasion. You can personalise them putting your parent’s pictures on them giving them a new dimension. Pictures exfoliates memories. So, let them get delighted and engrossed into their sweet memorable past gifting a good set of gift. 6) Flowers and Cakes White can be the best flower to gift on this divine occasion of silver wedding anniversary. Delight your lovely parents through a mind blowing bouquet of white roses, carnations, lilies etc. Alike flowers, cakes also plays a vital role in such a momentous event. Gift your parents a combo of both flowers and cakes enhancing their joy and happiness on their memorable day. 7) Gift Hamper Choosing the perfect gift for your parents on this significant occasion often become a difficult task. Gift hampers are the best way of solving such problems. Send your parents the exclusive gift hamper which can be assembled with apparels, wallets, flowers, chocolates, jewelleries etc. Make yourself free from all such troubles of getting the perfect gift and bring smile on your parents face through these wonderful gift hampers. 8) Dining Voucher Let them celebrate this endearing moment all alone with each other. Food and restaurants are the new trends of celebrating events spending quality time together. Dining vouchers are now hugely used as gifts which are quite loved and appreciated. This remarkable occasion send your parents to a romantic dinner at Sigree lending them proficient time to devote for each other. Your parents will surely relish the tasty food there being delighted. 9) Home Decor Showpieces As time passes people gets homely and loves to stay in. After spending so many years together enduring all the troubles of life, the elderly couple might not wish to move out on this stage of their life. Specially those couples who have struggled hard to construct their dream home will love to get something to decorate their dreamland. This memorable day gift them some pretty showpieces which will enchant them with joy and happiness. 10) Photo Album Wedding anniversaries are common but a 60th wedding anniversary is special filled with various memories. Gift them something that will remind them of those time they have spent together. Create a collage or a photo album having different photographs of their life from the beginning till the present day. This can be the best gift your parents will ever receive on this special occasion. Wedding Anniversaries are noteworthy occasions which reminds a couple of their journey of love, faith and patience. Parents rarely think about themselves and spend their entire time, effort and fortune over their kids. Thus it is the duty of the children to make their parents enjoy the every precious moment of their life. Celebrate and spent time with them along with endearing gift items forging happiness and joy into their life.