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This articles discusses about various Rakhi celebrations. It also brings forward amazing gift ideas which you can send from miles away to delight your adorable sibling on this special day. This article also focuses on amazing ways to celebrate Rakhi in India and also in different parts of the world.

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  • Kajari Purnima

    Rakhi Celebration As Kajari Purnima

    The extra special bond of protection in the form of Rakhi is not just a plain thread but a sacred bonding filled with sentiments. It is the emotions of love, care, protection and duty that overall depict the hearty festival of Raksha Bandhan. This day of full moon has always been of great importance in the hearts of every Indian. We all know that around us, this Rakhi  was celebrated with gusto and devotion by almost every state of India but not to forget in a unique manner. At one place the day is celebrated for fisher folks and at the other it is the day of farmers. If it is called coconut festival in Maharashtra then it is also referred to as Kajari Purnima in Madhya Pradesh. So let us illuminate on the traditions of Central India where Rakhi is celebrated as Kajari Purnima.  The full moon day of Shravan month is named as Kajari Purnima in the areas of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and parts of Uttar Pradesh. Kajari Purnima is the day of farmers. As per the Indian traditional culture, this day is marked as a welcoming of the sowing season for our farmers generally residing in the areas of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and neighbouring places. It is the end of the monsoon season and thus it holds a great importance for farmers.  According to one ritual, seven days before Kajari Purnima, on the Shravan Shukla Navami, women bring wheat from the fields in a leaf-cup and then put it in a room devoid of sunlight and air. The area where the leaf cup is placed is washed with mud and cow dung. The floor is then decorated with rice rangolis of traditional patterns and designs after which the cup is dutifully worshipped. This procedure is repeated everyday till the final ritual is performed on Kajari Purnima. On this day, women take that leaf cup on their heads and immerse it into a water body or lake nearby. They also fast and pray for their son’s well being. The intricate patterns of rice solutions that are decorated near the place of leaf cup is called rangoli. It involves the patterns of household articles and day to day activities in a common life; there can be either a child in a cradle or figures of houses. The Indian Goddess of prosperity, Goddess Bhagwati, is worshipped on the day of Kajari Purnima and prayers of a good cropping season are recited. Barley and wheat are the two main crops which are sown at the starting of the season by the farmers of Central India on this day.  Whatever we say, believe or follow, one thing is common and that is the spirit of harmony and love behind the beautiful dor of Raksha Bandhan and that surely makes us united. So, for this Rakhi , no barrier can possibly come between a brother and sister. Even if you are not in India, the boon of online Rakhi will always make your brother feel special.

  • Pavitropana

    Rakhi Celebration As Pavitropana

    A memorable cassette of sweet and sour memories plays in your head whenever you are busy with your work abroad but wish to send Rakhis to India. It is the absolute truth that you can send Rakhi to India from USA to your brother as well as surprise him with touchy gifts through this online Rakhi store. You surely crave for the lovely festivities immersed in the recipe of love and care, spiced up with exciting presents and wrapped up with some finger licking sweets. This exclusive full moon day when a sister ties a bond of protection or Rakhi to her brother and she in return gets the gift of her choice, it ultimately brings to you the warmth of your home sweet home. You will be surprised to know how this festival of Raksha Bandhan is much more than a serene bond of pure love in a brother sister relation. Gujaratis view this festival as a means of devotion towards Lord Shiva and call it Pavitropana. The basic features of this Pavitropana in the states of Gujarat will intrigue you for sure. In the Indian state of Gujarat, the festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated as Pavitropana. As the people of Gujarat are, no doubt, the biggest devotees of Lord Shiva as per the Hindu mythology, they worship God Shiva on this day. On the Purnima, they dutifully pray to Lord Shiva and seek their blessings. Shiv Lings in almost every temple of Gujarat are offered water and worshipped through customary rituals. During the ceremony of Pavitropana, the Panchagavya is offered to the Shiv Lings. These include a mixture of cow’s ghee, curd, milk, urine and excreta, as cow is regarded as a sacred animal among Hindus. The Panchagavya is offered by soaking it in the twisted filaments of cotton and then fastened around the Shiv Lings. The sacred thread used during the worship is known as Pavitras. In this age of development not only is the online Rakhi to India innovative and advanced but also the ancient Pavitras have a makeover. You can easily find the silver, pearl, gold or rich silk made Pavitras to complete this ceremonial day of Pavitropana.  

  • Kapil Sharma Show

    Raksha Bandhan Celebration At The Kapil Sharma Show

    Akira aka Sonakshi Sinha made a grand appearance on The Kapil Sharma show and had  a gala time with Kapil Sharma and the rest of the team. Sonakshi became part of the madness that is part and parcel of The Kapil Sharma to promote her action thriller Akira. But soon the hilarious episode of The Kapil Sharma show became a Rakhi special episode as Sona was keen to brotherzone Kapil Sharma.  Kapil who usually gets his way through flirting with all the Bollywood leading ladies who appear on The Kapil Sharma, could not pull off the same trick on Sona! Sonakshi who came to promote Akira, was in mood to have some fun and she made sure to carry a huge Rakhi for Kapil to celebrate Rakhi a bit in advance. He obviously didn’t like being brotherzoned at all. She ran to tie him a rakhi, he ran for his life. He made all the faces he could. But Nothing could have saved him from Sonakshi’s rakhi. They are siblings for life now.   The actress shared a picture of the same on her official Twitter account “U can run u can hide but u cant escape my… RAKHI. stay tuned for a super fun episode of the @KapilSharmaK9 show!” The picture shows Sonakshi grinning at the camera, while Kapil Sharma sits there on the couch, Rakhi on his wrist and a disgusted look on his face. We guess not even in his dreams Kapil was expecting to get brotherzoned by the lady Dabangg this Rakshabandhan.   Sonakshi was also seen having a ball with the adorable Zanjeer, the cute labrador of Kapil. She shared a picture with the doggie playing tug of war on her Instagram account with a caption that read “Tug of war with Zanju on #TheKapilSharmaShow! #akira #akirapromotions #shootshenanigans #dogsofinstagram #doggylove.” She skipped roped on his sets! She shook a leg with her fans too. Met with Kapil’s on-stage wife Manju. And when she got tired from having all these fun she took a nap.   Send rakhis to India with this proficient rakhi online gifting portal. When the time comes you can also send many rakhi gifts India. This rakhi gifting portal provides you with the some of the big rakhis which are traditional with some new and unique designs and thus make this occasion a more joyous one.

  • Gamha Purnima

    Rakhi Celebration as Gamha Purnima

    Each and every holy festival of India has a unique story to narrate and a legend behind it, and so is the case of Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan. The sacred bond of Rakhi tied on a brother’s wrist by his sister, applying of tilak and a delightful exchange of gifts and sweets; this is all that we know about Raksha Bandhan festival. Even if you are far away from your country, the spirit of this festival never dies as you can also send Rakhis to India to your beloved family. What we are oblivious to is the fascinating story of Rakhi celebration as Gamha Purnima in the picturesque state of Orissa. The traditional beliefs behind this festival are so many that you would be truly captivated by the interesting details. Let us see how it is celebrated in Orissa.  In Orissa, the day of Raksha Bandhan or Gamha Purnima is vividly remembered for agrarian culture. In the areas of Paralakhemundi, Nayagarh and other parts of Orissa, this sacred day of brother sister bond is also celebrated as the birthday of the legend who is behind this customary agrarian heritage. It is the birthday of Lord Balarama, the elder brother of Lord Sri Krishna and is celebrated by playing a traditional game of Gamha Diyan or the Gamha Jump by the people of Orissa.    In this Gamha Purnima, people never fail to forget the importance of animals and they show their respect through a customary ritual. On this day, the domestic bullocks and cows are not only beautifully adorned and worshipped but Rakhis are also tied to the horns of the bovine folk. Many Telugu families also adopted a similar tradition after this. In the rainy days of Shravan, Lord Krishna and Radha are believed to enjoy the season, starting from the Shukla Paksha Ekadashi and ending on Gamha Purnima. This beautiful festival of Rakhi is hence termed as Jhulan Jatra when the idols of both are adorned on a swing or Jhulan.   This festival is not only about a dutiful bond of protection and love between a brother and a sister but much more than that. The festival of Gamha Purnima is for sending Rakhi gifts to India and its farmers, the spirit and power of the rich heritage of Indian agriculture. It is through the customs of this day that we come together to show respect to the wooden ploughs and bullocks that play a significant role in the lives of our farmers. It is the full moon day with the denouement of the Shravan month of Hindu Calendar that is celebrated as Raksha Bandhan, Rakhi Poornima or Gamha Purnima.   The festivities of Raksha Bandhan in Orissa are accompanied by an action-packed game. The Gamha Diyan or the Gamha jump involves a platform, two poles, a bamboo stick and several fruits. The platform which is termed as Gamha, made of bricks, grass and mud, is filled with stones in the middle to assure its strength and is made high upwards and low downwards. Its top is similar to a tower. Two poles are dug opposite to each other, connected by a bamboo stick and are not too far from the top. The luscious fruits are tied to the bamboo stick and the people are asked to run from downwards to the top, to catch the fruits while jumping. The Gamha Purnima festival in the state of Orissa is very rich culturally and also in its diversity. Hence, sending gifts during this time is a must and this online Rakhi store can help you a great deal in this regard. The way in which Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in Orissa is quite spectacular and eye catching.  

  • Narali Purnima

    Rakhi Celebration As Narali Purnima

    The Hindu lunisolar calendar brings to you the full moon day on the month of Shravan and with it a traditional festival of joy, duty and care. While sending Rakhi gifts India from abroad to surprise your family, you surely do give a thought to the epic day of Raksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandhan traditions are incomparable and unique; a sister tying a sacred thread called Rakhi to her brother, a brother vowing to protect his sister, the swapping of presents and sweets, arti platter, prayers and not to forget the applying of vermillion hued tilak on a brother’s forehead. Indian people sitting away from their loved ones can also cherish its festivities as they can send Rakhi to India from USA, UK or wherever they are, as Rakhi comes with a high technology as a boon. Everything is so divine that we often forget about the diversity of its celebration. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated yet again on a whole new level in Maharashtra. In the coastal region of Maharashtra and Daman and Diu, this festival is celebrated as Narali Purnima or coconut festival in a customary manner. The typical features of this festival are mentioned below. Coconut is offered to the sea on a full moon as the name suggests; Naral in Narali Poornima means coconut. It is believed that on this day of high tides, the coconut thrown into the sea pacifies the intense waves. Well, there are two prominent reasons for offering coconuts to the sea. Firstly, coconut has always been a symbol of Hindu religion in almost every festival. It is believed that each and every part of the coconut is beneficial to humankind. Secondly, devotees give credence to the concept of coconut having three eyes like that of Lord Shiva. Thus, to please the sea god Varun in favour of the fishing season ahead, the auspicious coconut is offered.  The entire celebration of the Narali Purnima is centred around the fishing communities. Before this day the consumption of fish and any other fishing activity is abandoned, and on Raksha Bandhan they celebrate the onset of their fishing season in a jubilant manner. The fisher folks throw a coconut to the sea and worship the sea god for a better water-trade. Not only do they have the above rituals but the fishermen also renew their boats and ships on this festival. The holes are repaired, the old boats are painted and the nets are either repaired or purchased by them. The tempting traditional dishes like the Narali Bhaat and the Naralachi Karanjis are prepared. Prayers are offered to the sea god Varun on Raksha Bandhan. As the sea is the means of survival for these communities, they pray for a sea voyage full of prosperity and safety in the season ahead. Small diyas or lamps are lit along the waves and on the boat and the prasad of coconut is distributed. So now we know how Narali Purnima is celebrated every year and even during Rakhi. The festival is not just about a bond of protection but a way of livelihood for the fishermen communities. You can use this fantastic online Rakhi store to send exclusive Rakhi gifts during this occasion.