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Rakhi Celebrations: Page 1

This articles discusses about various Rakhi celebrations. It also brings forward amazing gift ideas which you can send from miles away to delight your adorable sibling on this special day. This article also focuses on amazing ways to celebrate Rakhi in India and also in different parts of the world.


Rakhi Celebration As Pavitropana

Rakhi Celebration As Pavitropana

A memorable cassette of sweet and sour memories plays in your head whenever you are busy with your work abroad but wish to send Rakhis to India. It is the absolute truth that you can send Rakhi to India from USA to your brother as well as surprise him with touchy gifts through this online Rakhi store. You surely crave for the lovely festivities immersed in the recipe of love and care, spiced up with exciting presents and wrapped up with some finger licking sweets. This exclusive full moon day when a sister ties a bond of protection or Rakhi to her brother and she in return gets the gift of her choice, it ultimately brings to yo

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Rakhi Celebration As Narali Purnima

Rakhi Celebration As Narali Purnima

The Hindu lunisolar calendar brings to you the full moon day on the month of Shravan and with it a traditional festival of joy, duty and care. While sending Rakhi gifts India from abroad to surprise your family, you surely do give a thought to the epic day of Raksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandhan traditions are incomparable and unique; a sister tying a sacred thread called Rakhi to her brother, a brother vowing to protect his sister, the swapping of presents and sweets, arti platter, prayers and not to forget the applying of vermillion hued tilak on a brother’s forehead. Indian people sitting away from their loved ones can also

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Rakhi Celebration as Shravani or Jandhyam Poornima

Rakhi Celebration as Shravani or Jandhyam Poornima

Rakhi celebration has surely become high-tech in today’s era. We now send Rakhi to India from USA or other countries and even deliver charismatic gifts to our loved ones. A simple thread like Rakhi holds hundreds of mythical stories and also thousands of ways to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. If India is so heterogeneous in its culture then we cannot possibly imagine the diversity in these cultures and the celebrations of a single festival across it. In a country like India, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated as Shravani Purnima, Gamha Purnima, Narali Purnima, Kajari Purnima and Pavitropana. The festival of Raksha Bandhan tells the

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Tying Rakhi on Raksha Bandhan

Cultural Significance of Rakhi Purnima

    Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the purnima or full moon day in the Hindu lunisolar month of Shravana. Rakhi is over and now we should move forward and start preparing for the coming year’s Rakhi. While celebrating this festival, there are many questions that pop up in our mind and make us wonder about this festival. An old and rigorously celebrated festival like Rakhi is bound to have many different cultural aspects. It is only after knowing the true significance of this festival that we be able to send Rakhi to India in the true spirit. Hence, we are now going to delve deep into the festival of Raksha Band

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Rakhi: A Significant Festival with Different Traditional Values

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is a very pious one that is popular all over India and also abroad. This auspicious tradition celebrates the bond of love that is an important part in the lives of all siblings. Rakhi can be made even more awesome for both the occasions by sending wonderful gifts. There are many rituals for this occasion that make it an event worth remembering for everyone. It must be noted that each of these important customs have great traditional values behind them. We are now going to look into the various reasons for the many rituals of this day that are followed by all. We can start by explaining why this fe

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Swayambhu Temple Nepal

Rakhi Celebration in Nepal

The country of Nepal is so close to India that many similar festivals and celebrations are observed in both the places. Thus, a festival like Raksha Bandhan is very important and popular in this neighbouring country. Rakhi celebrates the bond that exists between brothers and sisters and for this reason people can relate to this celebration with all their hearts. Rakhi is quite near and therefore Nepal has started preparations for this grand festival already. A very important aspect of this occasion is the exchange of gifts and sweets that takes place between siblings. However, Nepal also has several traditions that encompass th

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PM Modi on the day of Rakhi

Gujarat BJP's Women Wing Celebrate Rakhi With Narendra Modi

Ahead of the Rakhi festival of this year, the women of the Gujarat’s BJP women wing made a unique gesture to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. They collected over one lakh rakhis from across the state and sent them to PM Modi on the auspicious occasion of Rakhi. Some even went on to deliver the rakhis personally and tied them on the wrist of the PM as a sign of love, goodwill and respect. Jyoti Pandya, the party’s women wing President and Hemali Boghawala, the Vice President said that they had collected all these Rakhis from all over the state and they were sent to the official add

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Happy Raksha Bandhan

How to celebrate Rakhi in 5 simple steps

Raksha Bandhan is a very auspicious festival that is filled with several customs and rituals for everyone. It is important to follow all these traditions in order to celebrate this festival and a Rakhi thali plays an important role in this regard. There are a variety of Rakhi thalis, Rakhi threads and other Rakhi gifting options on this online Rakhi store. These can also be incorporated in the celebration of the festival of Raksha Bandhan with family. Hence, Rakhi can become a festival worth remembering with these exclusive gifts as well as the customs. We can make these rituals even more easier for you through a series of step

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Rakhi Celebration with Police

How UK Celebrates Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi celebrations commence many days in advance of the festival so that everyone is well prepared by the time the day arrives. There are various traditions and rituals encompassing this hearty event and such customs change from region to region of this vast country. However, what remains constant is the basic theme of the festival, that is, a celebration of the bitter sweet sibling love. Nowadays, people staying away from their siblings are opting to celebrate online Rakhi with gifts and sacred threads. They also celebrate the day by following the rituals and having a get to together with friends, family and other members of t

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Burj Khalifa Horizon

Rakhi Celebration in Gulf Countries

The Gulf Countries are those which have a coastline with the Persian Gulf, hence the name. These countries include Iran, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Iraq. Over the years, many people of Indian origin have settled there and they have brought with them their own festivals and traditions. One such popular celebration is the festival of Raksha Bandhan that is celebrated in the whole of the Indian community. A growing trend of online Rakhi portal can also be seen as siblings are moving apart from each other. Rakhi is celebrated here in a grand manner and the way in which

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