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Teacher is the person with whom we have seen the light of knowledge. They have put in their utmost effort to shape our lives and make a confident soul out of us. On 5th September, we celebrate teachers day as a day dedicated to honoring all our teachers for everything they have done. It is a special day to shower respect, gratitude and love towards that revered person. The articles inthis section deals with the different facets of Teachers day celebration in India. They throw light on different gift ideas and gift that can be sent to our teachers on the occassion of Teachers day.


Convey respect by sending gifts to your teacher in India

"A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others." Our lives are often shaped and inspired by some individuals to whom we owe many things in Life. It is through their blessings, teachings and virtues that we see the light of the world. Teachers are one amongst them. A Teacher is our guide, our friend and a philosopher who holds our hands and shows us the path on which to lead our lives on. They are next to God, their teachings and guidance show us the righteous ways and help us discover the potentialities within us. Every year, Teacher's day in India is celebrated on 5th of September

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Teachers play a pivotal role in shaping a society's future as a whole. They guide us through the murky chasms of ignorance and disbelief towards the illuminated path of knowledge and wisdom. With their invaluable contribution in the society, teachers truly appear as a foundation stone of all developments. To acknowledge this highly lofted vocation, the whole world comes together hand in hand to celebrate a day exclusively dedicated to teachers. Though, since 1994, the World Teachers' Day is held annually on October the 5th, every country has a separate day to commemorate this august occasion. Teacher's Day in India is celebrate

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It is a teacher who illuminates the path of cognizance with a bright light of knowledge and education. To acknowledge the role of mentors in our respective lives, every year on September the 5th, Teacher's Day in India is observed followed with jubilant celebrations. In institutions as schools, on this special day, both teachers and students report to the schools as usual, but the normal academic activities are substituted with all round fun and role-plays. Paying gratitude to teachers with gifts on this very day is also a very widely practised phenomenon. This practice of gifting is believed to represent a significant token o

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Send Gifts to Your Teacher in India as a Token of Gratitude

"The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book." Teacher's Day is a day dedicated to the recognition of all the hard work, sincerity and the generous contribution of the teachers all year round. Our teachers show us the right path in life. They educate and inspire us with their noble teachings. Teacher's day in India is celebrated on 5th of September in remembrance of the birthday of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was a well known scholar and a strong believer of education. He had a great contribution to Indian eduction system and thus his birthday is celebrated everywhere in I

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