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Teachers are those valued beings of our life who are praised and honoured after our parents only. Teacher’s Day is celebrated widely honouring the endless contribution of the teachers for creating a bright future for us. Gifts have always been used as a wonderful medium of expressing our heart before our loved ones.

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Articles on Teacher’s Day

  • When is Teacher’s Day in 2021?

    Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the first Vice-President of Independent India, was one of the greatest scholars and teachers of the country. His students and loved ones started celebrating his birthday as Teacher’s Day on his 78th birthday in 1962. Since then, this day has been an extremely special one in schools and colleges across the country.

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  • Top Five Gift Ideas For Teacher’s Day

    “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” - Albert Einstein. Teachers are those role models of our life who inspire and encourage us in the every step of our life. They are honoured and respected hugely for their boundless contributions in building their student’s career. Teacher’s Day is solely dedicated to all the teachers of the world which is observed in different dates in the several counties of the world.

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  • Top 10 Teachers Day Gifts for Ma’am

    Teachers are the guiding light towards knowledge for every student and on the occasion of Teacher’s Day you can make your beloved teacher/ma’am feeling happy and honoured with your gifts. Even though you might not be in India to personally wish her but with online gifting website like ours you can send your regards along with gifts. If you are confused as what gifts you can send to your ma’am in India on Teacher’s Day let us help you in selecting from the top 10 gifts with this article.

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Why we celebrate Teachers Day in India?

Teaching is a profession, which is the most influential of all. Our teachers are known to shape our minds, perceptions and they impart a good value.

Almost every country celebrates Teachers Day in their own individual ways but here in India, we celebrate this day in the memory of former president Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Dr. Radhakrishnan was a man of quality and principles who was a renowned scholar and a teacher and was considered as the favorite among his students. This day came into existence when he requested that his birthday should be celebrated in the honor of every teacher if his birthday is ever celebrated. So till this day, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday is observed as Teacher’s Day in the existing timeline, in India. In short, we celebrate this day in honor of all the teachers who are the principal architects of this society and without whom, the progress of this society would remain stagnant. In India, Teacher’s Day is observed on the 5th of September, every year.

Best Gift Online for Teachers Day

Teacher's Day is the most significant day to pay homage and respect to all the teachers who are instrumental in the shaping of our perceptions and beliefs.

Without them, it is practically impossible to identify our very own strengths and capabilities to face the difficult challenges of life. To pay our gratitude to all the teachers for their priceless teachings and advice, we can do the least is to show them how important they have been in our lives, by giving them some thoughtful gifts, on this Teacher's Day. Some of the gifts that can be given on this special day are Idols of worship, Puja Thalis, Flowers Bouquets, Chocolate Hampers, Personalized Accessories, Sweets and Dryfruits and much more.

Teachers Day Gifts online

Teachers are the most respected and influential people who are instrumental in the shaping of our budding minds with logical and rational thoughts and perceptions. Teaching isn’t just a profession but it is a passion to educate and cultivate the society with better ideologies. So this Teacher’s Day send your beloved teacher gifts to express your respect and gratitude towards him/her. We have listed some gifts that you can send online through our website on this delightful occasion.

  • Watch - There is no better time to gift a watch to your favorite teacher to express him/her your gratitude and explain how priceless and timeless their teachings have been for you.
  • Idols for Worship - Teachers stand next to God, so this Teachers Day gifts them with some devotional items, that they are going to cherish. This would not just help in creating a better impression upon them but also keep them reminded of your as their devoted admirer.
  • Floral Bouquets - Flowers speaks a thousand words. Send your dear Teacher a bouquet of flowers, whose aroma and radiance are sure to captivate and entice them.
  • Personalized Gifts - Gift your best teacher and guide personalized items, like coffee mugs, photo frames, greeting cards and much more to complement their significance as an influential persona in your life.
  • Sweets and Dry-fruits - Sweeten the mood and complete this Teacherâ??s day with tokens and tributes of delectable savories like sweets, chocolates and cakes along with fresh dry fruits.

Perfect gift for Teachers Day

Teachers hold the utmost importance in our lives. It is their teachings and virtues that help us to flourish in the long run. A student grows and evolves only under the guidance of a teacher who owes our respect and homage. Just like their precious dedication you can consider sending your guiding light, the perfect gift on this Teacher's Day.

  • Handmade Greetings Card
    A greeting card is not just a piece of paper with beautiful prints but it is an emotion. When the time calls for celebrating Teacher's Day, a handmade greeting card can be an excellent idea as a gift. With one of these, you can definitely touch your teacher's heart.
  • Perfume
    When it comes to choosing a gift for your favorite teacher, perfumes are the best choices as gifts that you can go for. They are definitely useful and nothing can go wrong with that. No matter if you are buying a fragrance set for your male teacher or your female teacher, perfume sets can surely make way for a smile.
  • Office Supplies and Stationery Kits
    It is because of your school that has made you what you are today. No matter how hard you try, you cannot repay the knowledge and learnings that you have received from your institution and teacher. To do something thoughtful, this Teacherâ??s Day, you can sponsor stationery items like pencils, pens or any educational items for the entire class. As for your teacher, they would surely appreciate this generous gesture.
  • Personalized Pen Sets
    Pens are the most significant and crucial part of a teacher's profession and life. If you are seeking for the perfect gift to present your beloved teachers, you can surely go for a nice pen set. To heighten the joy you can have the present personalized with your teacher's name.
  • A Good Book
    To celebrate this Teacher's Day, you can gift your teacher his/her favorite book. You can figure out your teacher's favorite author and select the gift accordingly. You can add a small thoughtful note to express your gratitude.
  • Chocolates and Flowers
    Chocolates and flowers have always been considered as the perfect Teacher's Day present and they are no less pleasing when given together. This cute gesture to thank your teachers is sure to make his/her day.

Teachers Day Special Gift

Teachers make a huge difference in the lives of students. They help to form the young minds, their hearts and character. Teachers make sure that every student is looked after with the utmost care. This is why it is necessary to show them your heartfelt gratitude for all that they did. To make Teacher’s Day memorable we have listed some unique gifts to make your teacher feel special.

  • Customized Jewelry
  • Teacher’s Supplies
  • Teacup Candles
  • Chocolates and Cookies
  • Marker Sets in a Handmade Box
  • Notebooks or Diaries
  • Teacher Essentials Kit
  • Colorful Wall Art

Apart from these, in case you wish to present some other exciting gifts to your teacher, you can browse for some latest and delightful items and products that you can gift your mentor, this Teacher’s Day.

Teacher’s Day lends every student that golden chance to make their teachers feel their preciousness in our lives. Celebrate this joyous day with your lovable teachers sending them some favorable gifts from these categories making this day memorable for them for ever and ever.

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