When it comes to gifting watches are the most classy gifts that you can gift to men. It is said that fine watches bring out the best in Man so if you want to send the best brands of watches in India then it is a good choice. But if you are not aware of the brands that are good when it comes to watches then this article can be of help. We have curated a list of brands that are the best in making this flawless timepiece. If you want to know more about the brands and the watches then keep reading the article. 

With the limited options of gifts for boys, we often are tangled up in confusion. But watches are our savior when it comes to gifting men. Watches are one of the most sought-after gifts by men because of their sheer class! Watches from famous brands seal the deal! If you are also one of those who want to send watches as gifts to their loved ones. But are not very well aware of the brands that make elegant timepieces for him then look no further. We have come up with a list of top brands that make timeless pieces that captures the heart of men. Without further ado let’s get started with gift watches.


Best Brands of Watches in India for Him

The sub-brand of Titan, Fastrack is one of the known brands that makes watches that are mostly for casual use. It has a variety to choose from and most of them are for daily wear. This means their watches are made through a thorough process that guarantees quality and longevity. So, for quality and classic-styled watches, Fastrack is the one that you can rely on. Their designs are durable and sports-inspired also. A relatively new kid on the block, Fastrack has made a name for itself pretty quickly. Their watches infuse a unique freshness into the design which is such a delight to behold. Fastrack also tries their hand at making gentlemen’s watches and these are beauties to behold! 


Best Brands of Watches in India for Him

Called the king of luxury watches, Rolex is a Swiss brand. Swiss watches already have an image of being strong and sturdy and Rolex has proved, time and again, that they are one of the best in the business. With some of the most popular designs at their disposal, Rolex boasts a fabulous collection. It is certain that everyone will come across something that will catch their fancy. The products themselves are reliable which uplifts the image of the brand. The streamlined designs are a trademark of Rolex that captures the attention. It proves that it is a luxury watch brand by its designs and quality. So, receiving a Rolex watch as a gift watch will surprise your loved ones.


Best Brands of Watches in India for Him

The homegrown watch manufacturing giant is one of the best and most highly preferred brands that people want. Titan started its journey back in the year 1984 on a joint venture with Tata. With the dream of making their imagination into reality it has been creating fine timeless pieces ever since and time for them has not stopped ticking. A watch from Titan is seen as a landmark of class, success, and privilege. The watches are quite exclusive as Titan does not shy away from exploring revolutionary design choices. Some of their designs and collections have sparked many fireworks across the market thanks to their boundary-challenging quality and unique designs. It is said that a watch makes a man fine. Then Titan can successfully boast to bring the finest in men who wear their watches.


Best Brands of Watches in India for Him

To complete the look Sonata watches are the best. Classy, stylish, and elegant that uplifts your mood as well as completes your look. Sonata brings unique and fantastic collections to your plate. Versatility is the tagline of Sonata and they do present a watch for every wrist. They provide pinpoint accuracy in style, design, and class with flawless timekeeping. The durability of the watch makes it a good choice for everyday wear as well.  Hence, it is explainable why it is one of the most sought brands in India among men.


Best Brands of Watches in India for Him

Casio, a luxury Japanese brand has been one of the brands that have been in the watch industry ever since history. It has evolved with the generations and has been able to cater to the tastes of all the people. This Japanese watch brand has some amazing designs that are very distinct from others. The range of Casio G-shock is one of the designs that are unique and very popular as well. The G-shock watches are designed to be durable, tough, and reliable. The quality of the Casio watches is not compromised as they are made from the finest metal, sapphires, and highest quality of resin, and much more. Hence, a brand to rely on for the finest and most stylish watches. 


Best Brands of Watches in India for Him

If a style is a statement for your loved ones then a watch from the brand Fossil is what they need in their collection. Fossil being a renowned brand has many fashionable pieces up to its sleeves. It has a wide collection of fashionable watches that cater to the fashionista who likes to bring fashion into watches as well. They specialize in making timepieces that radiate fashion and style. Hence, this brand becomes the best brand of watches in India that makes charismatic watches for fashion lovers. 


Best Brands of Watches in India for Him

With the tagline "Always one step ahead" the watch brand Seiko has always been one of the trendiest watch brands. This Japanese brand caters to its customers with accurate time dates and stylish timepieces. This brand has a history of making timepieces ever since the beginning of the creation of watches. If your loved ones like to collect watches and still haven't been able to put their hands on them then this watch definitely will be a nice addition to their collection. 

Here, are the best brands of watches in India that are famous for their excellent quality and durable timepieces. If you wish to send a watch to your loved ones who have a fetish for watches. Then go ahead and send a stylish watch from any of these brands and add charm to their collection. 

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