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Wedding Gifts to India

Wedding Gifts to India

Wedding is a very important event in anyone’s life. This is the day when a couple vows to spend rest of the life together and also be there for each other in happiness and sorrow. Sending gifts to newly weds is probably the most common and widely practised way of showering best wishes for their new lives. Since cutting the cake is the first thing the newly weds do together, varied flavors of cakes are often sent as wedding gifts. In addition, flowers, apparels and more are also gifted to the newly weds. The articles assigned in this chapter will detail about the gifts that can be sent to the bride and groom individually and also jointly.


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  • Gifts for Bride

    Gifts for Bride

    The bride can more or less be considered the main attraction of a wedding, apart from the grand feasting. On the day of wedding, the bride is showered with various gifts from family, relatives and friends. The gifts for the bride is known for the huge variety and some of the most common gifts are, cosmetics, watches, jewellery, sarees and perfumes. The articles assigned in this chapter will provide information about the numerous gifts that can be sent to bride on her wedding.

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  • Gifts For Groom

    Gifts For Groom

    Just like the bride, the groom also have his fair share of wedding gifts which are given to him by both family, relatives and friends. Since online stores are the latest talk of the town, gifts can be sent online instead of buying from the market. From accessories, apparels, perfumes and watches form the list of wedding gifts for groom. The articles assigned in this chapter detail about the various wedding gifts for groom.

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  • Gifts For Newly Weds

    Gifts For Newly Weds

    On any wedding the most common trend that is followed is sending gifts to the newly weds jointly. For this reason, a wide variety of gifts are found in the market. However, the wedding gifts can also be found in the online stores which are the most convenient way of sending gifts in case the sender is residing outside India. Wedding flowers and wedding cakes are two of the most common gifts that are sent to newly weds. The articles assigned in this chapter have provided information about the different gifts which can be sent to newly weds.

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Articles under Wedding Gifts to India
  • wedding2000

    Top wedding gifts within Rs. 2000

    As the wedding seasons is quiet on all the year and at times you get a lot of invitations to attend the wedding. Though being away from India you cannot attend all the weddings you are invited to but you do want to be a part of it by sending the couples an amazing gift and congratulating them. But giving high amount gifts to every wedding is not feasible at times and so we bring to an article that will help you in sending wedding gifts to India within the budget of Rs. 2000. Cakes and Flowers - A best gift idea within the budget of Rs 2000 is Cake and Flower combo gift. This gift has a combo of fresh and blooming flowers as well as fresh and mouth watering cake. Choose the flavour of the cake wisely and something that will be loved by the person for whom you are sending it. And the flowers should the type and colour which will be liked by them. Watches - In the budget of Rs. 2000 you can send watches as well to your loved ones in India as a wedding gifts. Many brands like Sonata, Titan etc., have watches worth Rs. 2000 and it will be a perfect gift on the occasion of wedding. Watches are in fact a popular wedding gift in India, you can go for single watch or couple watches as well within the budget. Gift Vouchers - To send wedding gifts to India for your loved one with the budget of Rs 2000 you can send Gift Vouchers to them. With this gift vouchers they will be able to select their gift on their own. You can send them dining voucher, shopping and lifestyle voucher for the newly weds, which they will truly enjoy and will make the wedding celebration memorable. Home Decor - Within the budget of Rs 2000 another great wedding gift you can send to India is home decor products, you can choose showpieces and mini lamps for your dear one. As it is their wedding with these gift of home decor you will let them decorate their house with beautiful products and congratulate them on their new start of their married life. Perfumes - Within this budget you will also get wonderful perfumes to gift to the newlyweds on their wedding in India from a gifting website as you are in abroad. Many perfume brands like Adidas, Elizabeth Arden, Nautica, Reebok come under this budget of Rs. 2000. These perfume gift will obviously impress them and also receive your good wishes for them. Crockery - To wish the new couple well on their new journey you can send them crockery gift within the budget of Rs 2000. You must be thinking which crockery will come under this budget but do not be surprised by the answer, you will get a beautiful tea set, glasses set, bowl set in this budget. The new crockery products will also give them a good feeling of starting a new life together. Electronic Appliances - For the newly wed you can also send electronic appliances like Coffee Maker, Sandwich Grill Maker, Toaster, Induction and many such with the budget of Rs 2000. These appliances as a wedding gift will make their daily hussle in the kitchen very easy and it will be a thoughtful gift for them. Jewellery - If you are planning to send gifts for a bride on her wedding with a budget of Rs 2000, then sending her jewellery will be a perfect wedding gift idea. You will get amazing fashion jewellery in this budget which she can wear on different occasions and which will look good on everything. She will surely love this gift of jewellery from you and cherish it. Lamps - Within this budget of Rs 2000 another great gift which you can send to your loved one on their wedding in India is a Lamp for their home. They can keep the lamp in their bedroom or in their study table, also choose different creative lamps which will decorate their home in an amazing look. Digital Photo Frame - Another great wedding gift within the budget of Rs 2000 is the a digital photo frame. This is a great home decor gift and also they can upload their pictures in the photo frame for everyone to see. They can avoid using a lot of spaces by using this photo frame where they can see their pictures as much as they want and change it often.

  • weddingbirthday

    Top 6 gifts for those whose Wedding & Birthday is on the same date

    Wedding and birthday are special in their own way and it gets even more extravagant if on the day of birthday is the wedding as well. If your loved one in India is having a beautiful coincidence of a wedding on their birthday make them feel special just like the special day. Do not worry if you are not in India to celebrate this beautiful you can still deliver your good wishes along with some great gifts on their wedding as well as birthday on the same date. Cakes - Any celebration will always be incomplete without the addition of cake in it and so both birthday and wedding is an occasion when cake cutting will make the occasion more remarkable for your dear one. You can choose from different flavours of cake, especially the one which will be loved by your dear one and surprise them with it on their wedding and birthday date. Click here to see the range of cakes Flowers - Another classic and most perfect gift for your loved one on their wedding as well as birthday day will be a beautiful flower arrangements. A big arrangement of flower will be such an overwhelming gift for your loved one. Keep their favourite flower and favourite colour in your mind while you place an order for the same. Make their wedding and birthday a memorable day which will always be a fond memory for them. Click here to see the variety of flowers Watches - Watch is another gift idea which will perfectly go with for both wedding and birthday of your loved one. You will find many famous brands of watches to send to India on your loved ones special day of wedding and birthday. You can choose from brands like Guess, Titan, Citizen, Fastrack and many more, also apart from analog watches you can also opt for smartwatches that track all activities and is technologically advanced. Click here to see the collection of watches Personalised Gifts - As a congratulatory gift for your dear ones both wedding and birthday you can send them personalised gifts. These personalised gifts will carry a beautiful picture along with your message to convey your good wishes for their wedding and birthday as well. The personalised gifts will feel more personal and make you and your loved one feel more closer to each other despite the distance. Click here to see the entire personalised gifts Gift Vouchers - If you aren’t sure of the exact gift you want to send to your loved one on their special day of wedding and birthday on the same day, you can send them gift voucher of dining, shopping, watch, lifestyle etc., and surprise them. Select the gift vouchers whose outlets are easily available in all over India so they can utilise the gift voucher properly. Click here to see the types of Gift Vouchers Perfumes - Perfumes are part of a person’s personality and the alluring scent of different perfumes says a lot about the person. On your loved ones wedding and birthday on the same day you can celebrate the occasion by sending them perfumes of their favourite brands and make the occasion memorable. There are many famous brands like Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Burberry and more perfume brands you can choose from. Click here to see the complete list of Perfumes

  • friendwedding

    Top 9 Indian Wedding Gifts for Friends

    Friends are the best part of life and when these important people are getting married we want to make their special day a special memory. If you are unable to spend your friend’s wedding day with them in India then you can send them exclusive wedding gifts and congratulate them for a happy beginning of life. To help you in selecting the best wedding gifts for your friends we are here with suggestions. Flowers - It is a very sober and classic way of congratulate your friend on their wedding by sending them fresh flowers and lot of good wishes for their new beginnings. You can choose your friend’s favourite flowers and the best flower arrangements to send it to India. This flowers will surely make the wedding celebration more special for your friend and make your presence felt. See here the range of flowers Furniture - To wish your friend a happy and settled beginning of your friend’s married life you can send furniture like a recliner, indoor swings etc., on her wedding day. Being far from his / her on their D-day should not be the reason of not celebrating it and with these furniture gifts it will be a perfect start to it. Though a different wedding gift idea it will surely be appreciated by your friend. Watches - On your friend’s wedding you can also send the lovely couple watches which will be used by them. You can choose analog or smartwatches for your friend and along with the watch can send your wishes for a good time together for the couple. Choose from brands like Fossils, Citizen, Titan , Fastrack and many more, select the watches that will look good on your friend’s wrist. See here entire list of watches Perfumes - Another great gifting idea for your friend on his or her wedding will be the gift of Perfume. An alluring scent will be very much loved and appreciated by your friend. You can choose from perfume brands like Gucci, Versace, Guess and many such. Perfumes are popular wedding gifts and the receiver also likes the gift as it adds to their personality. See here the catalog of perfumes Refreshment Hampers - For your friend’s wedding you can also send refreshment hampers like bath essentials from forest essential or body shop, bathrobe with tag like him and her or wife and husband. This will be a different gift for your friend and he or she will surely enjoy the gift. As it is a refreshment gift they can beautifully decorate their bathroom with it and use the products. Spa Session - For the stressed day before the marriage you can send your friend for a spa session with a spa voucher gift. Send the bride or groom to be for a nice spa session and let them be relaxed before their wedding. You can provide them foot spa, head spa or a full body spa and let them choose their preferable spa and look absolutely fresh on their wedding day. Kitchenware - Since your friend is getting married and will soon begin a new life with their significant other you can send him or her Kitchenware gifts to make their start for a new life easy with the kitchenware products. You can select tea set, dinner set, bowl set, glass set and many more products like this for your friend. As he or she is getting married now kitchenware is something that will be a very thoughtful gift from you. See here collection of kitchenware Personalised Gifts - To give your friend a heartfelt and personal message on her or him wedding day, you can choose personalised gift as an great wedding gift option. They will surely love this thoughtful gift and feel your presence in their wedding despite you being so far from them. You can choose personalised mugs, pillow, photo frame, rock photo and many such. See here entire personalised gifts Home Decor - Another great gifting idea for your friend’s wedding will be Home decor products. You can help your friend to decorate her new house with your gifted home decor products and make her home look even more beautiful. With this gift they will be able to decorate their house in their own way and always have a memory of you in their house. See here wide range of home decor We hope that with our suggestions you will be able to choose the best wedding gift for your friend in India.

  • weddinggifts19

    Top 5 Indian Wedding Gifts Online

    Weddings are special day when two individuals decide to get married and spend the rest of their lives together. And people convey their good wishes to the couple with exciting gifts that will make sure to give them a good start of their new life together. But if you are not in India to be present in your loved ones wedding you can still send them amazing gifts online and wish them a Happy Married Life.  and we are here to give you suggestions on the best gifts for wedding so you do not get confused as what gifts can be given to them. Top 5 Indian Wedding Gift Gift Vouchers - when you are not so sure as what gift will be loved by the couple you give them gift of choice by Gift Vouchers. They will be able to select their own gift through the gift voucher. You can give them lifestyle gift vouchers like Shoppers Stop, Big Bazaar etc., or dining gift vouchers like Dominos, Taj Hotels etc,. Click here to see the entire gift vouchers Holiday Package - If you are really close to the newlywed couple you can send them holiday package with all the expenses paid. It will be an overwhelming gift for them as they will be able to spend good quality time with each other and thank you for that. You can select destination in India or foreign places like Thailand or Bali. Home Appliances - To let them have a great start of their wedding life you can send them home appliances like microwave, induction, refrigerator, television and such gifts. It will be very thoughtful gift for them as you care for them and also want them to have a easy start of their new life. Home Decor - Another great wedding gift for a newlywed couple will be Home Decor products. You can send the couple showpieces to decorate their house with the gift and make the interiors look more good with the gift of home decor. Select the showpieces that showcases love and couple showpieces as well are great gift. Click here to see the complete home decor products Flower and Cakes - If you want to gift them a simple yet wonderful gift you can send them flower and cake to India on their wedding. The fresh flower and cake will surprise them and also the delicious cake will satisfy their taste buds. This is a nice gift for the newlyweds. Click her to see the range of flower and cakes

  • Wedding Gifts

    Where to get Charming Gifts for the Newly Wed?

    A wedding is a very important event in a couple’s lives and everything is done to make this a memorable event. It is also a very cherished time for all those who are close to the newly wed and various wedding gift ideas can be seen. However, it can sometimes become quite impossible to attend such an anticipated occasion due to work or other reasons. In such a situation, you surely need to send amazing gifts for the lovely couple to cherish this new beginning. This online gift store focusses on a variety of gifting options that can be used for sending gifts to India for this event. You can find various categories of interesting gift items on this best online gifting portal that can be sent to India. Wedding cakes are an irreplaceable part of the wedding reception as it is customary for the bride and bridegroom to cut the cake. This gifting site deals with many flavours of eggless cakes that come in various enticing shapes. You can also couple these delicacies with wonderful wedding flowers which are the perfect gifts for the occasion. Here you will get wedding special roses, wedding bouquets, wedding arrangements as well as flowers in a vase. An important part of Indian weddings are the wedding jewellery and hence they are a very popular gift idea. Diamond, gold, pearl and also fashion jewellery are available on this online gift store that you can send for the bride. It is also a very common tradition to accompany these wedding gifts with greeting cards that contain heartfelt messages. Such fantastic cards on this online gifting portal are very exclusive containing exquisite designs and interesting messages. A gift of watches can also be a good gifting option for this joyous event as this is a very useful gift. Two types of watches in the forms of gents watches and ladies watches have been showcased on this gifting site. For the newly wed who are going to settle in a new home or a new room, show pieces can make great gifts. There are many kinds of eye catching home decor gifts here that you can send to India for them. You can opt for perfumes which the couple can also utilise in their day to day lives after their marriage. Many of these wonderful fragrances for both men and women can be found on this online gift store. Attractive kitchenware can also make a very impressive gift item as the bride and bridegroom will surely need them. You can get many types of kitchen and dining utensils on this online gifting portal that they will find useful. These wonderful gifts to India online can be sent to the newly weds on their very special day. Apart from these, there are also other gifting options for the lovely couple that they will surely cherish. Gifts to India from US and also other countries can be sent through this gifting site on different events and festivals.