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Funskool Chess | Send Board Games to India

Chess, one of the oldest and most popular board games that was invented in India over 1500 years ago. It is one of the most intelligent games and needs both patience and concentration to win. The Funskool Chess game is the ideal way to get your kids interested in this challenging game. Played by two players, you can guide your child about the simple rules and moves which will go a long way to help in their level of concentration, both in their academic and general life.

Improves Logical Thinking and Concentration

Chess is considered as a game for intellectuals, so encouraging your kid to play chess will not only help to develop his/her intellectual line of thinking but also help them to concentrate for long periods of time. This Chess Set for Kids with its light and well designed playing pieces will help your kid to think of smart strategies to beat their opponent and come out victorious in the game. Playing Chess has been a pastime with both young and old alike and once kids get familiar with the Funskool Chess classic game; it will bring them long hours of smart thinking and even smarter moves enabling them to beat their opponents with ease. With practice, there is no limit for the fun and challenges that will come your kid’s way making him into a success in whatever he does.

A Skill Enhancing Game

Funskool Chess is a neat board game with its light plastic pieces that can be moved smoothly across the columns. It helps to keep you sharp as concentration is of the utmost importance in this game. You and your kid can have hours of fun helping your him/her to get hooked on to this intelligent Chess game. With rules given in detail, you will have no problem explaining the rules and the strategies that are open to them till they can make their smart moves on their own. A real value for money, this Chess Set for Kids not only helps to develop your child’s thinking skill but also gives hours of quality entertainment.

Key Features

Simple board game with rules
20 light plastic pieces
Game for 2 players
Ideal for 10 years and above

Technical Details :

Model Number : 9414000
Batteries required : No
Item Weight : 640 g
Product Dimensions : 43 x 41 x 4.4 cm
Item model number : 9414000
Manufacturer's Minimum Suggested Age (years) : 10


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