Sending gifts to kids can be a handful task. If you want to send gifts to your little buddy but want to send something different that will help him in his growth and other activities then this blog can be of help to you. We have a list of unique gift ideas that you can use to send to the little toddler waiting for you and your gifts back at home. To know more about the gift keep reading the article.

Searching for a gift for a toddler is not as easy as it seems. It is a tough nut to crack when they already have plenty of toys to play with. On top of that the available gadgets and gizmos make it worse. Then there’s the age compatibility of toys that you must keep in mind as not all toys are age-appropriate. As small pieces of plastic toys can be harmful if swallowed, problems are plenty and the decision that you have to make is overwhelming. We know how difficult it is to come to a conclusion, but don’t worry we have come up with some unique gift ideas for the little kiddo. These unique ideas are appropriate for any occasion and would help you to send Gifts for Kids in India that will thrill the little one. You can even look for Personalized Gifts for Toddlers in India that you can choose for them.

Science Kit 

Unique Gifting Ideas for Kids

If you want your children to absorb more knowledge then only classroom teaching is not sufficient. They need vivid experiences and most of the time they need a hands-on experience that lets them remember things more clearly. A science kit mostly has all the tools for the little experiments. This is the best gift for kids who love to experiment and love science. They will be able to enjoy science and learn scientific concepts at the same time. This gift will be a good way to stimulate logical and analytical skills in the child. The best part about this is that these science kits come in various age groups so you can check the age group while selecting the gift. 

Art Kit 

Unique Gifting Ideas for Kids

For the creative kid who loves to explore and try new things like painting, origami, clay art, etc. you can opt for an art kit. If they are interested this will be a good gift for them and if they are not then they can learn something new. Art kits like origami and clay are famous and some of the art kits are completely dedicated to the stationery it needs like crayons, sketch pens, watercolor cakes, etc. Hence sending an art kit can also be helpful at their playschool. There are many art kits that have various beads that are used to design jewelry. These art kits come in variety and you can send an art kit for your little buddy and help him unleash their creative spirit.

Learn to Play Instruments 

Unique Gifting Ideas for Kids

It is a good way of introducing instruments to children it boosts their cognitive skills. Learning to play the instrument or even playing with it helps in their sensory development. The rhythm and the recurring patterns of the music help the brain to transmit information more effectively and efficiently. Hence, sending a learn-to-play instrument as a gift for kids will help to develop their brains. It also helps them in learning a language, reading, and understanding distinct sounds. Thus, a unique gift to send to the budding star! 

Books Encyclopedia

Unique Gifting Ideas for Kids

If you think it is too much of toys for them and they already have plenty of them then opting for a book or an encyclopedia can be a good option. It can be any book, it doesn’t have to be a specific genre or something. You can send them storybooks, encyclopedias, playbooks, coloring books anything. Whatever it may be it will develop the habit of reading and handling books in their hands instead of phones or tablets. If you want to send encyclopedias then look for animal encyclopedias or maybe Encyclopedias that state interesting yet simple facts. Story books will let them know of the stories which will increase their retention and coloring books will make them aware of the colors and the combination. Thus, a wonderful gift all in all. 

Glider Scooter

Unique Gifting Ideas for Kids

Glider scooters are a good gift for the ages of 3 and up. You can look for a scooter that has many handle adjustments so that the scooter grows with the kid. A scooter will not only make the kid sociable but will also teach him cognitive and balancing skills. Look for a scooter that is lightweight and foldable, with wide wheels and handles so that the child is able to ride the scooter without any hassle. When you are gifting a scooter don’t forget the safety gear with it. It will be a nice change for the child and a unique gift to send too. 

Board Games 

Unique Gifting Ideas for Kids

Nowadays, it is very difficult to keep the child’s concentration and focus on one specific thing. So, if you want them to enjoy something, keep them indoors, busy and entertained then send them a board game. Board games are a wonderful way to teach and learn as it is an interactive game it teaches children essential skills like socializing, planning focus, and concentration. With the variety of board games, you can thrill the little one. It will be easier for you to choose. It also creates some interactive moments between the parent and child which is a very rare but important thing. So, send this unique gift to the little one to learn have fun and create some memories. 

Piggy Bank 

Unique Gifting Ideas for Kids

Among toys and learning a new discipline, it is also important to learn the importance of money. So, you can send them a cute piggy bank in which they can save money to buy something fun later. This is to teach them how to save money and the importance of it. So, sending a piggy bank can be a good option too; they will also learn how to be patient. Patience is a virtue that needs to be cultivated and if it is started from a very early age then it is nourished well. 

Kids are always ready to receive gifts no matter what you send them. With these unique gifts, they will be able to learn and grow at the same time. It is said that kids learn faster if they are having fun learning so make the learning process easier with these wonderful Birthday Gifts for Kids in India

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