Holi is one of the most significant national festival in India. It is also known as 'festival of colors', 'phagwah' and 'Basanta-Utsav'. But nowadays, the whole world experiences the grand and magnificent celebration of Holi with full vim and brio. Though the customs, traditions and rituals of this festival vary from place to place, the core essence of Holi remains same everywhere. The word 'Holi' draws one universal picture in everybody's mind, that is, towns and city-streets painted with various color patches. Men and women get drenched in color and smear gulal on each other's faces, kids running here and there with pichkaris in one hand and bucket in the other hand. People from every sphere of the social arena gathers and takes part in this vigorous celebration. This carnivalesque bash and merry-making ends with exchanging gifts. Through gifts, people convey warm wishes and blessings. Holi brings the fresh air of affection to our mundane lives.


Holi Celebration in UP

Holi celebration in Uttar Pradesh

The celebration of the Holi festival is not restricted to Mathura and Vrindavan only in the state of Uttar Pradesh but it spans throughout the entire state. The people of Uttar Pradesh celebrates the festival with much gusto and fervour and every nook and corner of the state gets wrapped in a multitude of colours and hues. In this, rather, conservative state, this one day gives the youth the freedom to mingle freely and express their feelings for each . Also various sweet goodies are an intricate part of the festivities which is why you can send sweets as gifts to India from USA as part of the holi celebrations. So let us have

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Special arrangements and preparations on Holi

Amongst various festivals celebrated in India, Holi is the most significant and ancient festival. It is the spring festival celebrated by Indians with great pomp, pleasure and zest. A day before Holi celebration, a bonfire is made and burnt with the effigy of “Holika” that symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. Though Holi is celebrated throughout India, in Mathura and Benaras the celebration extends for a week. However, those Indians who reside in foreign lands miss the chance to be with their family on Holi. They desire to wish “Happy Holi” to their dear ones by sending gifts. In such situation, the

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Celebrate Holi With Delicious Sweets

With the spring in the air, you can be certain that the festival of ‘Holi’ is not far behind. Also, known as the ‘Festival Of Colors’, it is usually celebrated on the last full moon day of the lunar month Phalguna. In this year, Holi has fallen on 8th day of March. People celebrate this festival by smearing colorful ‘gulals’ on each others face. The whole atmosphere is filled with such fun and frolic that individuals, irrespective of their caste and religion, celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. Besides this, exchanging gifts and eating delicious food is also the main part of this f

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Historical significance of Holi

Holi, the “Festival of Colors” is a spring festival, celebrated with great life and joy all over the country. On this day, people throw “abeera” or “gulal” on each other as well as in air to express the joy in the arrival of Spring season. However, the Indians who are away from there family miss the chance to celebrate such grand day. In such case they can send Holi gifts to India, with the help of online portals. Amongst various online portals, GiftstoIndia24x7.com is an exclusive online store from where you can send gifts to India on Holi. Now, if you are wondering as to when is Holi in 201

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Celebrate Holi 2011 by Sending Gifts to India

Celebrated on ‘Phalgun Purnima’, the last day of lunar calender, ‘Holi’ is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur by Indians all over the world. Smearing each other with colorful ‘gulals’ is the main part of this colorful festival. This is the reason, why, this celebration is also known as the ‘Festival of Colors’. But, in recent times, several individuals have settled off-shore due to professional commitments. Thus, it may be difficult for them to personally be a part of this festival. If you are one among them,  you can make your loved ones day colorful by sending them Hol

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Send online gift hampers as Holi gifts

Amongst various festivals of India, Holi or “Holika” is an important and ancient festival. This day is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. People with joy throw ‘abeera’ or ‘gulal’ in the air, as well as smear them on each others face. Children splash colorful waters on others through ‘pichkaries’. People of all age enjoy this festival with great pleasure and zest. If you are thinking as to when is Holi in 2012, kindly note that it is on 8th March, 2012. There are several Indians who reside in foreign countries. They miss the chance to enjoy the festive spirit of Holi. Howe

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Top 5 gifts of Holi

Holi is one of the important and ancient festival of India. The original name of Holi was “Holika”. It is also known as “Festival of colors”, “Phagwah” and “Basanta - Utsav”. According to Hindu calendar, Holi is celebrated on “Phalgun Purnima” day , the last full moon day of lunar calendar. Every Indian celebrates this day with great pleasure and enthusiasm. People enjoy the day by applying colorful abeer and gulal on each others face, throwing them in the air as well as having thandai or bhang. Now if you are wondering as to when is Holi in 2012, note that it is on 8t

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GiftstoIndia24x7.com Enables you to Wish Happy Holi with Some Exclusive Gifts

‘Holi’, also known as the ‘Festival of Colors’ is celebrated with great enthusiasm by Indians all over the world. Applying colored powder, known as ‘gulal’, on each others face is the main attraction of this festival. Apart from this, gifts are also exchanged. Celebrated on ‘Phalgun Purnima’, the last day of the lunar calender, it is by far, the most awaited festival by Indians irrespective of their caste and religion. This year, this festival has fallen on 8th March if you are wondering when is Holi in 2012. But, in current times, several individuals live away from their home due

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Splash the Colour of Holi by Sending Gifts to India

For poets, Spring defines romanticism. But for the common people, Spring is the season of majestic bright colors. The colorful hues in the nature immediately touch the heart of the human beings and drive them to take part in the festival of colors, Holi. Holi is celebrated all over the Indian diaspora with lots of joy and festivity. And with the globalization, nowadays, Holi is also celebrated in different parts of the globe. From its native land, the colors of holi have reached across the global arena and touched the global souls. In its native land, various legends are associated with this festival making it more interesting

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