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Holi is an auspicious festival that is celebrated in full festive spirits. Spiritual gifts hold a lot of significance, especially for those living in foreign lands. If you want to send gifts to your loved ones in India, you can choose from a wide variety of Holi gifts. But choosing a spiritual gift for your parents can be a bit difficult so foe a guide this article helps you to understand all the dynamics of gifting spiritual gifts to India. Read to know more.

Holi is one of the significant as well as ancient festivals of India. People enjoy this day in full spirit and zest. Everyone gets drenched in colorful waters and applies gulal or abeer on each other. Children remain in full spirit, they run here and there with pichkaries to splash colorful water on each other. Since every Indian festival has some special religious significance, Holi too has the same. The Holi celebration begins after Holi Puja is known as “Holika Dahan”. The Holi Puja is performed by lighting a bonfire called ‘Holika Dahan’ which symbolically represents the triumph of “good” over “evil”. Now, you must be wondering when is Holi, note that every year Holi is celebrated around March. It celebrates the arrival of spring with beautiful flowers on the trees and colors and playful laughter on the people’s faces. 

It is difficult to stay away from home during these festivities. You receive so many complaints from your parents for not being able to make it home. Sometimes they don’t even complain you just know they wanted you to be with them and are sulky. But not always things work out and you might be away from home for work or education or maybe some other reason. But you not being home doesn’t mean you can't send them your love. You still can be a part of the festivities by sending spiritual gifts to your parents. They will be surprised to see you sending them Holi gifts to India like such.


Top 5 Spiritual gifts to your parents on Holi

When we are talking about spiritual gifts how can we not talk about Idols? It is the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind when the word spiritual is mentioned. You can gift any showpiece of Gods and Goddesses that you think your parents will love and gift them. Not only will it be a pleasant surprise but also it will express how thoughtful you have been in selecting the gift for them. Holi is all about the triumph of ‘good’ over ‘evil’ so sending idols as gifts will be like sending good wishes. 

Spiritual Books

Top 5 Spiritual gifts to your parents on Holi

If your parents love reading then gifting them spiritual books to read will be an amazing idea. You can opt for any books like motivating spiritual books or maybe mythological spiritual books. They will get a good read and will be able to fill in the free time in their life doing something productive. These books will prove very effective too, to make your parents lighter better and more motivated.

Puja Thali

Top 5 Spiritual gifts to your parents on Holi

Have you ever seen any puja complete without a puja thali? Never, it is because puja thalis are the primary things that are needed to complete the puja. Gift a beautifully designed colorful Puja Thali for Holi puja to your parents. Your mother will certainly love the puja thali and it will be a wonderful asset to her puja essentials. 

Temple Bells

Top 5 Spiritual gifts to your parents on Holi

When we think of temples or pujas first we imagine the scenery in the back of our mind and then the ringing of the bells resonates in our minds. Puja and bells have a very unique bond, bells are needed in puja and it is one of the many important elements of puja. As it is believed that the sound of the shankha i.e conch shell and the sound of the ringing bell drives away the evils and odds around you. So drive away the evil with a temple bell and send Holi gifts to India this amazing gift to your parents. 



Top 5 Spiritual gifts to your parents on Holi

Diyas drive away the darkness from your life and illuminate it. Hence gifting a Diya can be very significant. Sending a Diya to your parents will mean adding a beautiful gift to the collection of household spiritual items. Diyas again is one of the many essential puja items that are needed to complete the “Puja Ghar” of the house. Send beautiful Diyas to your parents and illuminate their faces with smiles. 

Our website has a “Spiritual Gifts to India” category that displays a plethora of spiritual gifts that you can send as Holi gifts to India for your parents. If you want some ideas, you can opt for these gifts for your parents. They will be happy and all their complaints will vanish leaving them happy for the festival of colors. 

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