Sending gifts to Holi can be a hectic task. But the significance of the festival evokes the emotions in you to be in your homeland near your loved ones. And when you can't be near your loved ones all you can do is send gifts to make your love felt. If you want to do something new and unique then you can opt for personalized gifts for Holi. This article is dedicated to personalized gifts so that you can understand what to gift to your loved ones. To know more keep reading. 

Does your faint memory take you back to the lane where you used to play with colors with your friends? Does the laughter still echo through the hallways of your memories?  The only day when you were allowed to play pranks and not get scolded for it as “Bura na mano Holi hai!”. Holi is a festival with many aspects: colors, fun and cultural harmony. A festival that rejoices in the triumph of good over evil, the arrival of spring, and eternal love. It is a significant festival for all Indians irrespective of caste, creed, and culture. For the majority of Indians living abroad, they celebrate Holi with the community present there as making it back home is not possible. They send Holi gifts to India to their loved ones by using online gifting portals like ours where the collection of gifts varies from occasion to occasion. One can easily select the occasion to search for the gifts that are relevant to the occasion and order them to send to their dearest. 

Holi is a significant festival that has many stories associated with it. One story revolves around celebrating the eternal love of Radha and Krishna, the other revolves around the commemoration of the triumph of Narsimha Narayan over Hiranyakashyap. One more story that is central is of Dundi the ogress and the kids. These all stories contribute to the factors and aspects of Holi that we see to this day. The fun and mischievousness of Krishna and the kids add to the playful nature of Holi. The celebration of spring and the celebration of the triumph of good over evil have its roots in the tradition of burning the pyre on the eve of Holi. It is said that burning up the pyre on the evening before Holi signifies burning up all the omens and evils lurking around us. It even has a scientific explanation for it and it says that around the season transition from winter to spring the atmosphere secretes harmful bacteria. These bacteria die down with the sudden change in temperature by burning the pyre of wood. Hence this significant festival deserves to be celebrated with much pomp and vigor and it is done so too. People celebrate the festival with much enthusiasm. Those who can’t make it send Holi Gifts to India filled with love and colors.

Personalized Gifting

Sending Personalized Gifts on Holi

Sending colors, sweets, and dry fruits are the primary gifts that one can send to their loved ones. It is more like a responsibility to send colors and sweets to your loved ones. If you want to send something more with it as a gift then you can try sending personalized gifts. Gifting is a very intimate process and by adding a personal touch to your gifts you can make them special and uniquely yours. Personalized gifts are not something that you can get very easily hence if you send a personalized gift hamper or a personalized gift to your loved ones they will be very happy to receive it. This will make them feel special and entice them, hence our website has a dedicated page for personalization.

Here you will come across a number of sections under personalized gifts. Gifts like Photo Mugs, Photo gifts, Photo Keychains, Rock Photos, and Tiles and Mirrors are available here. You in each of these products, you can personalize them by adding a personal picture that will be featured in the products. The only thing you have to do is to upload a picture that you want to print while you place the order. You can even add your personal messages to some of the products. This will be a very good gifting option that will triumph over your loved one’s heart. 

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