Bengali New Year

Bengali New Year, popularly known as "Pohela Boishakh", Poila Baisakh or Poila Boisakh, is celebrated with great show by the people of West-Bengal and Dhaka. The bengali community in Assam and Tripura also celebrates the dawn of New year with jubilance. The first day in the Bengali Calender, Poila Boisakh is marked by different cultural programmes. It is an auspicious day for staring new ventures and businesses. Traders purchase new accounting books (haalkhata) and accounts are opened on this day.

Bengali New Year is also synonymous with gifts. On this day, people clad themselves in new garments and sweets and other delicacies are exchanged amongst the near and dear ones. The articles in this section discuss about the different gifts that one may send to his family and friends on this auspicious occasion.


Celebrate Bengali New Year With Delicious Recipes

Bengalis celebrate the Bengali new year with great pomp and enthusiasm. They offer puja to lord Ganesha and goddess Laxmi for the welfare of the families. Ladies wear traditional sari and men wear dhoti kurtas. The day is celebrated with immense merriment and grand feasting. Variety of delicious recipes are prepared at home and sweets are distributed among friends and relatives. This day is considered as auspicious to start new ventures and business.  People also exchange gifts on this occasion to make the celebration even more grand. Availing the services of you can Send Gifts to India  to

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Varieties of Sweets For Bengali New Year

Bengalis all over the world celebrate ‘Bengali New Year’ or ‘Nobo Borsho’. They use the term ‘Poila Baishakh’ to mention the 1st day of the month of the Bengali New Year. Family  members get together to celebrate the occasion in a grand way. This day is turned as a major festival especially in West Bengal,  Assam, Tripura in India and in Bangladesh. Different  types of sweets form an integral part of the festival. A festive lunch or dinner is part of the celebration. This day is very much special to the Bengali traders. They open new cashbook after rituals and prayers. They buy

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Send Gifts on Bengali New Year With

Bengali New Year, which is popularly known as ‘Poila Baishakh’, is the first day of Bengali calendar. One of the most prominent festivals of the Bengalis, Bengali New Year is celebrated with much fervor and enthusiasm in whole of West Bengal and Bangladesh. This festival is celebrated in different parts of India and other countries as well by the Bengali community. Apart from wearing new clothes, offering prayers to God, feasting and merry making, exchanging gifts hold a major significance during this festival. If you are wondering when is Bengali New Year in 2012 then it is on 14th April. You can send gifts to Indi

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Send Gifts and celebrate Bengali New Year with all joy

One of the most popular festivals for every Bengali around the world is the Bengali New Year, also known as Pohela Boishakh or Poila Baisakh. This festival is the only festival that is celebrated throughout the Bengali community, irrespective of the regional differences. It is celebrated with equal zest by the people of West Bengal in India and the people of Bangladesh, formerly East Bengal. This is one of those popular festivals which celebrates the new year irrespective of the differences between the people arising out of borders between two countries. is a popular online gifting company that helps Ben

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