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Bengali New Year is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm across West Bengal, Tripura, Assam and Bangladesh. It falls on 15th of April 2021 according to Gregorian calendar every year. This auspicious day marks the beginning of the new year with merry celebrations and the message of love and harmony is spread among people irrespective of caste, regional and religious barriers. Representing rich tradition and heritage, Bengali New Year or Poila Baishakh is also associated with the custom of exchanging gifts among near and dear ones. Send your warm Bengali New Year wishes through expressive gifts from GiftstoIndia24x7.com.

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Articles on Bengali New Year

  • Traditional Bengali Gifts for New Year

    Bengali New Year also known as Poila Boishakh is celebrated in the month of April to celebrate the new year according to the bengali calendar. On this day people celebrate by wishing each other a happy new year and also spending time with family ad friends for a nice feast, celebration, adda and lots of fun. For those you aren’t with their family and friends in India now you can send traditional Bengali Gifts and surprise them, and if you are having trouble in choosing we can help you in selecting.

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When is Bengali New Year Celebrated in 2021?

The auspicious Bengali New Year will be celebrated on 15th April, 2021. This day is known as Poila Baisakh or NabaBarsha also.
The date is set according to the lunisolar Bengali Calender as is the first date of the month Baisakh.

Best Gifts on Bengali New Year

GiftstoIndia24x7.com brings to you exclusive gifts on the occasion of Bengali New Year.

this is the time when friends and family exchange gifts among each other so we bought you gifts that are perfect for this occasion

Chocolate Dry Fruits
Gift Vouchers Home Decor
Thali Hampers
Fruits Perfume

Send Poila Baisakh Mugs to India

At GiftstoIndia24x7.com we have specially curated mugs on the occasion of Bengali New Year. The Poila Baisakh Mugs can be send to your near and dear ones in India. These Mugs have messages on Poila Baisakh written in Bengali. So if your thinking to gift something different you can send this Mugs. ALong with the Poila Baisakh Mugs you can also send other gifts like chocolate, dry fruits, sweets etc,.

What to gift a Bengali ?

Bengali New Year is a time when Bengalis all over the world enjoy the beginning of the new year with lots of positivity and enthusiasm. And on this day people exchange gifts among each other and if you are confused as what gifts you can give then lets us help you

  1. Bengali Sweets
  2. Chocolates
  3. Jewellery
  4. Apparel
  5. Dry Fruits
  6. Fruits
  7. Gift Hamper

What sweets are popular for Bengali New Year

On the Bengali New Year, sweets are a must and the top 10 popular sweets on Bengali New Year are

  • Malpua - It's a pancake dessert, made of flour, sugar and coconut or banana. Malpua have a soft and have a taste that lingers in your mouth for long.
  • Patishapta - One of the most popular bengali dessert on Bengali New Year, it is another pancake but long in shape and great thing about patishapta is the filling inside which is of chenna or gur.
  • Mishti Doi - Mishti Doi is the soul of West Bengal and no one can have enough of it, the sweet yogurt is a popular dessert on every occasion.
  • Payesh - It is basically a rice pudding, rice, sugar and milk is used in this delicious dessert. Another fun fact is that payesh can also be made of jaggery instead of sugar and taste equally great.
  • Roshogolla - Sometimes Roshogolla is used as an identity of a Bengali person and on every happy occasion or festival like Bengali New Year it is a must. The soft roshogolla sweet melts in the mouth and the taste lingers for along time.
  • Rajbhog - This bengali dessert is made of chenna and dry fruits mixed in it like cashew, pista and almond. It belongs from the roshogolla family but is more bigger in size and lot more sweet.
  • Narkel Naru - A traditional sweet made in every household by mother or grandmother, it is a grated coconut balls, made with sugar or jaggery. The narkel naru becomes a evening snack as it is small balls and 4-5 naru can be eaten in one go.
  • Sandesh - Another popular dessert of Bengali community, the sandesh is favourite sweet for many made with milk and sugar. It is soft in texture and tastes great.
  • Murir Moa - Yet again a homemade dessert, it is a sweet puffed rice balls. The murir moa is hard and has a crunch to it. Made with jaggery and puffed rice, it compliments narkel naru very well.
  • Cham Cham - It is a traditional bengali sweet, which is made of flour, sugar, cream, coconut flakes.

How to wish New Year in Bengali

As we know Bengali New Year is an important festival for the Bengali community and this day is celebrated with a lot of feasting and enjoyment with family and friends around. On this day people greet each other with a saying that goes like this "Subho Noboborsho. Preeti , Subhechha O Abhinandan" which means "Happy New Year. Love, Good Wishes and Congratulations".

GiftstoIndia24x7.com brings you an enthralling collection of gift items that you can send to your family, friends and relatives in India on the auspicious occasion of Bengali New Year. You can choose and send from the wide range of gift hampers, vouchers, home decor, sweets, dry fruits and lots more. Make your presence felt on this special occasion through your delightful gifts.

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