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Varied Gifts For Her

Gifts for Her

Convey love and inner most feelings to her, who can be mom, sister, wife or girlfriend by sending attractive gifts. Gifts for her include various gift articles such as cosmetics, flowers, perfumes etc. The articles assigned in this chapter give a detailed view about the gifts that can be sent to her on special occasions and festivals.

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  • Sling Bag

    Make Her smile with Trendy Sling Bag

    Be it her birthday or anniversary, you need to choose the best gifts for her that can be sent to India. There are many such wonderful gifts available on this online gift store for women that can be sent on different occasions. The bags & purses are one of the choicest gifting options that can be found on this online gifting portal. The collection here has been categorised into four different sections, namely, hand bags, purses, tote bags and hand bags. You can send a sling bag for your special lady and make her feel loved and cherished always. Such bags are very handy and they can be easily carried from one place to another while having varied designs. The Abstract Geometry Black Sling Bag comes in a black colour with a flap and a long strap. The bag has been made out of artificial leather and it is large enough to hold a lot of important items. The Lotus Big Jhola has a pink colour with several printed lotus styled designs all over the bag. The bag is having two straps that are silver in colour being made out of canvas with a magnet for closing it. The Lady Jharokha Big Jhola is in a red colour showing a few women standing under arches. The bag has a pair of golden straps having been made out of canvas material with a spacious interior. The Puppet Funjabi Big Jhola consists of an image of a village fair in the state of Punjab in India. The bag contains two golden coloured straps and it depicts a blue sky, a giant wheel, some tents and a Punjabi puppet master with two puppets.   The Just Married Blue Big Jhola has a blue colour with several linear designs of different shapes. The bag has a pair of black straps and it features the images of a newly married couple in traditional wear. The Abstract Peacock Small Jhola is in a purple colour with several designs in self colour. The bag is composed of two grey coloured straps while the front displays the image of a blue coloured peacock. The Rose Big Jhola consists of several floral and leafy designs on a black background as well as other red abstract shapes. The bag is suited for carrying to casual occasions and can hold several items a pair of silver straps. The Sun Temple Big Jhola comes in a bright orange colour with several drawn designs of flowers and leaves. The bag showcases an image of the Sun Temple in red colour having two golden coloured straps. These India gifts are perfect to be sent on various occasions and festivals for the ladies who are dear to you. There are a variety of other gifts on this gifting site for women as well as men that can be sent to India. You can send these wonderful gifts to India online on different occasions for your near and dear ones.  

  • Fragrance

    Fragrance - The Perfect way to Complement her Personality

    Sweet and sensuous perfumes are a very popular gifting option for women as they can use them everyday. A variety of such exotic fragrance gifts can be found for women on this premier online gift store. These colognes come from several renowned brands like Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Elizabeth Arden and many others. The sprays are a part of the gifts for her that are available on this online gifting portal that consists of different types of gifts. The gift items in this section are apparels, bags, cosmetics, crockery, electronics, flowers, gift hampers and many others. These wonderful gifting options can be used to send gifts to India from USA and also other states. The City Kiss Edp Spray belongs to the house of Instyle and it is perfect for the modern day woman. The perfume comes in a green coloured bottle with a stylish lid having a very unique fragrance. The Curve Chill EDT Spray is from Liz Claiborne having scents of crystallised ginger, citrus and a few more. The fragrance has been contained in a white coloured bottle that is opaque having a pink nozzle.   The Curve Soul Eau De Parfum Spray also belongs to Liz Claiborne having hints of bamboo and white water lily among others. The perfume is in an ornate bottle having a very old world appearance with a transparent bottle having a silver lid. The Colors Edt Spray Her is from the brand Benetton with a very oriental smell having a floral essence. The wonderful fragrance comes in a green coloured bottle that is transparent with a green coloured lid.   The Elizabeth Arden Pretty Edp comes from the house of Elizabeth Arden and this perfume has been endorsed by Britney Spears. The fragrance comes in a modernistic pink bottle with scents of red lychee, golden quince and kiwi among others. The 5th Avenue Style Her also belongs to Elizabeth Arden having smells of raspberry, vanilla, marigold and others. The perfume comes in a peach coloured transparent bottle with a similarly coloured nozzle having an exotic scent.   The Fruity Rhythm Edt Spray has been showcased on this gifting site from Adidas company. The fragrance is filled with essences of musk, black currant, sandalwood, freesia and cyclamen. The Benetton United Dreams Stay Positive Deo from the Benetton brand having hints of tangerine, rosewood, iris, lily of the valley and jasmine. These India gifts are bound to make the ladies feel happy and cherished on any occasion or festival. These fragrances come in various forms and shapes having their own distinctive features that appeal to all. You can also get a variety of other gifts to India for women as well as men that can make any event a grand one.  

  • Gifts for Her

    Top 5 Cool yet Special Gifts for Her

    Choosing the perfect gift for a person is very important to make any festival or event absolutely successful. Thus, selecting the best gifts for her is very essential in order to make your wife, daughters, mother, sisters or other female relatives and friends very happy. It can be cumbersome to look for gifts at different retail stores and sending them to India in case you are staying away from your dear ones. In such a situation, it may be better if you opt for online gifts for various occasions as it can be done quite easily. A variety of India gifts can be found on this reliable online gift store for the special ladies in your life. Among the many such gift items on this online gifting portal, we have compiled a list of five gifts that are the best. 1. Cosmetics : Women like personal care items as they want to look good at all times and it is also important to take care of the skin. Cosmetics from various renowned brands like Dove, L’Oreal, Garnier, Nivea and others are present on this gifting site. The Complete Skin Care Hamper contains items from four different companies in a basket along with a towel.   2. Fragrance : A gift of perfumes will be very much enjoyed by ladies as they like wonderful scents. Many of these fragrances can be found here from various well known houses of perfumes. The Hot Edt Spray is from Benetton and it is filled with scents of tangerine, rosewood, iris and many more.   3. Bags & Purses : Exclusive bags and purses are loved by women because they need these items in their day to day lives. This online gift store has a large collection of hand bags, purses, sling bags and also tote bags. The Chic Pink Ladies Purse is a gift of purse that is coming in a pink colour. 4. Watches : There are admirable timepieces which the ladies can wear to different occasions as well as on a daily basis. Watches on this online gifting portal are from brands like Citizen, Fastrack, Sonata, Timex and Titan. The Sonata Women's Watch belongs to the house of Sonata that has red bands and a designed dial. 5. Jewellery : You can send ornaments for women that they can wear on special occasions and remember you. Diamond jewellery, fashion jewellery, gold jewellery along with pearl jewellery have been showcased on this gifting site. The Black and Brown Beads with Bamboo Jewellery Set is composed of a necklace and a pair of similar earrings.   Send gifts to India from USA and also other countries for these lovely ladies and make them feel special. There are many kinds of cool and special gifts available here for women that can be sent to India. You can get on this prolific online gift store a large number of gifts for women as well as women.  

  • Perfumes

    Perfumes that she will love to receive as a Gift in 2016

    Gifts are an inseparable part of all celebrations and hence they are very much compulsory for festivals and occasions. This becomes even more true if you are living away from your dear ones in another country. Various kinds of gifts are available on this online gift store that you can send on different events. The gifts for her section is very broad and it has gifts of different tastes that will surely appeal to her. The section on perfumes is very vast and elaborate and they have become very popular gifts in 2016. Such a gift to India can prove to be a very useful one for her that is apt to be gifted on any occasion. The Arden Beauty Eau de Parfum Spray comes in a beautiful red rectangular bottle with a golden rim. The perfume has a very unique smell having Italian bergamot, blue lotus flower, living rice flower, dewy green accord, living ginger lily, rubrum lily, golden sunset orchid, white amber, green sensual musk and Indian sandalwood among many other elements. The Fantasy Eau De Parfum Spray has a bright pink container that is circular in shape with a golden nozzle. The perfume is a complex mixture of various fragrances like red lychee, kiwi, golden quince, cupcake accord, white chocolate orchid, musk, orris root and jasmine petals.   The Curve Chill EDT Spray is in a modernistic white translucent bottle with a silver nozzle and bright pink nozzle cap. The perfume is composed of hints of crystallised ginger, citrus, green tea, peony and sweet pea. The 5th Avenue Style spray comes in a long rectangular bottle that is transparent in a brownish colour. The perfume has a very intoxicating smell being composed of raspberry, plum, marigold, Italian bergamot, pink pepper, peony, peach, New York apple blossom, white chocolate truffle, moss, white musk and vanilla.   The Hot Edt Spray has a very fashionable and modern look and it comes in a transparent bottle with a red nozzle. The perfume is comprised of many scents like tangerine, iris, jasmine, rosewood and lily of the valley. The Colors Edt Spray is contained in a green bottle that is transparent and rectangular in shape. The perfume has subtle hints of orange blossoms, marigold and vanilla that gives it a very fresh smell.   The Curve Soul Eau De Parfum Spray comes in a very antique looking bottle in a peach colour. The perfume is a beautiful blend of bamboo, white water lily, blue tiger lily, green lotus leaves, Arizona cactus flower and Tahitian tiara. The Fruity Rhythm Edt Spray has a very simple bottle which is red in colour and transparent. The perfume is composed of a very mesmerising smell having elements like raspberry, black currant, musk, sandalwood, cyclamen and freesia.   Sending gifts to India is much easier if it done online through this exclusive online gifting portal. You can browse through this gifting site to find various gifting options for various occasions and for different people. Here you can choose the items from anywhere across the globe and hence you can easily send gifts to India from USA.  

  • Perfect Gift For Her

    Give Her The Perfect Gift With

    The best gift a man can give to the Woman in his life is his time, his attention and his love. If a woman gets these three, then she needs nothing else. Choosing the perfect gift for her might be slightly difficult at times as choices in gifts may vary according to a woman's persona, nature, taste and thought process. But there is always one gift which never fails to please any woman, whatever might be the situation. They are flowers. Any day can be brightened up with flowers. In these reputed online gifting portal you will get a huge options of many variety and arrangement of flowers which you can send as gifts to India. Also with the help of this site sending gifts to India from USA is very convenient. Assorted Flowers : Assorted flowers are a mix of different types of flowers all arranged together to make a wonderful bunch. The Lovely Lily Bunch is an assortment of violet lilies and gypsophila arranged in a beautiful vase which is adorned with a satin ribbon. They will brighten up anyone’s day especially your loved one’s. Carnations : Varieties of Carnations in vases or baskets or simply as a bouquet look lovely and pretty and a wonderful gift. The 24 Pink Carnations is arranged perfectly in a basket which looks lovely and is sure to melt the heart of your girl. Exclusive Arrangements : It includes exclusive flowers, exotic arrangements and orchids. These are life size arrangements and very uncommon to everyday flowers. These make truly exotic and special gifts. The Lovable Basket is an arrangement of White Lilies, Red Roses and Pink Carnations to enthrall your loved one in India. It comes in a round basket with a handle. Gerberas : Gerberas come in different colours, and a bunch of these beautiful flowers will add a dramatic flair in style of gifting. Her excitement will be hard to contain once she receives the Joyful Flower arrangement. It is an assortment of 12 Gerberas which come in a vibrant choice of colors in a clear vase. Roses : Rose represents love, friendship, purity, beauty. A simple Rose gifted full of love and emotions is much more precious and priceless than a costly diamond necklace without any feelings. The Beautiful Pink Roses is a set of 30 long stemmed pink roses arranged with greens in a big basket. It looks ethereal and pretty. The happiness of the woman in your life will know no bounds when you send gifts to India from USA in the form of flowers. Make her happy and proud by giving her the perfect gift on any occasion or happy event. And with id reliable and trustworthy online shopping portal you will never fall short of options as to what to gift your loved ones in India.