Watches are gifts that everyone likes. If you also want to send watches as gifts to your loved ones but have no idea which brand would be the best. Then this article has all the necessary elements and information about the top 5 brands which will help you to understand the complete know-how of the watches. If you want to know more about the brands and the watches keep reading the article. 

Watches have been the symbols of an individual’s status, wealth, and taste. There are people who love to collect watches. If your loved one is a watch enthusiast and loves to collect watches then you get a beautiful opportunity to send the best brands of watches in India as gifts. Watches for women are as important as their jewelry maybe more important than a jewellery. As there are many options available when it comes to choosing, the ones with intricate designs and awe-inspiring styles get the attention. Anything less than this does not even deserve a glance. These revolutionary designs and subtle elements of a watch are conjured by the most traditional watchmakers in history. It is undeniable that watchmaking is an art and the watchhouses who have crafted this art into reality have today become brands. These brands have great value if you want to impress your loved ones with your watch selection. Then you must send them a gift watch from a recognized brand. We know it must be a bit tedious to know which brand is better. So, we have curated a list of brands that are the best in the business. 

Titan Raga 

Best Brands of Watches in India for Her

When it comes to watches Titan has always stood like a ‘Titan’ in the history of watchmaking. They are standing even today with many excellent designs and ranges for watch enthusiasts. They started their journey with a joint venture of Tata Industries and stepped into the watch industry. With the imagination of creating revolutionary watches, Titan turned their wish of creating luxury watches into a winning reality. Titan now has a wide range of watches to choose from and if you want to choose a lovely watch for her then they have a range called Raga. The Raga watches collection curates stylish and beautiful watches for her. So, if you are thinking of sending a watch to her as a gift then a watch from Titan will be a brilliant choice.


Best Brands of Watches in India for Her

Another amazing and stylish brand for watches is Fossil watches in India. They have unique and quality designs to choose from. This is an American brand available across most parts of the world. This brand is mostly noted for its fashionable watches. So it can be said that it is more of an enthusiastic fashion watch brand. Fossil is known for its flawless and intricate designs. The fashionable designs are what make the watches very close to a woman’s heart. Additionally, Fossil also makes smartwatches which makes a sweet deal! The freshness that technology brings to the table makes this brand unique! This expands the options as well and makes an amazing brand to opt for.


Best Brands of Watches in India for Her

A sub-brand of Titan, Fastrack has been creating timeless pieces ever since 1998. It is one of the leading watch brands that make watches that are affordable as well as stylish. It has watches from casual to partywear. All the essential features like build, durability, and design meet the mark of wonderful quality. So, Fastrack watches mean style-driven timepieces with wonderful quality. If your loved ones are into watches that are stylish and sporty looking then this brand can be able to meet the expectations of your loved ones. 


Best Brands of Watches in India for Her

What happens when you combine exceptionally designed fashionable watches and budget prices? Well, Sonata happens! The pocket-friendly watches from Sonata have been revolutionary. These watches are setting new benchmarks for the entire watchmaking industry. The fresh new designs are a thing to behold as they would give any bigger name a run for their money! Watches from Sonata feature robust built-quality which ensures that they can last everyday usage and last for a very long time. Such promises ensure that you never go wrong when you choose Sonata!


Best Brands of Watches in India for Her

With its bright colors and bold designs, Chumbak has been able to make its place in the watch Industry. The designs have mostly made their way to the hearts of the youngsters. The watches of Chumbak are mostly for regular wear. Hence they are durable and strong built, and with time they have increased the sustainability of their watches. Their designs are unique and mostly adorn floral designs to their watches. This makes it appropriate for the ones who like to wear floral designs. So, if your loved ones like to wear watches and bold designs then this brand is for them. 


Best Brands of Watches in India for Her

Representing the epitome of American watchmaking, Timex has perfected the art. The watches from Timex feature designs that have been tested over time and are still standing strong. These timeless designs on their watches give the brand a signature look which makes them easily recognizable. Women’s watches from Timex showcase a healthy mix of colors and designs, making them easy to recommend. Hence with all these wonderful attributes the brand Timex comes under the classification of a brand that crafts classic timepieces.

Tommy Hilfiger 

Best Brands of Watches in India for Her

With unique designs and a wide range of variety, the brand Tommy Hilfiger also becomes one of the best brands of watches in India.  If you are looking for reliable yet stylish watches then Tommy Hilfiger can be your option to choose from. They make watches with unique craftsmanship, and quality materials which makes their watches excellent timepieces to possess. With a history of creating luxury watches, this American watch can add charm to the collection of watches that your loved one has. This mid-range watch with sleek and stylish looks will definitely turn heads, hence a good watch to gift to your loved ones. 


Best Brands of Watches in India for Her

Known for its attention to detail this brand makes watches with a distinct variety of styles and price points. Hence, making it accessible to almost all watch enthusiasts. This brand uses some high-quality materials to make its stylish timepieces and with it makes its spot on one of the best brands of watches in India.  It has catered to its users with amazing watches which emit precision and attention to detail. As this is a Swiss brand the machinery of the watches are believed to be sturdy and strong. Their customer service is reflected in their global presence which is good just their global presence. Thus, a lovely watch brand to send as gifts to your loved ones.


Best Brands of Watches in India for Her

This Japanese watch has some beautiful eye-catching designs and quality of super accuracy. Even though it is one of the most underrated brands in the world but it has a wide range of watches. It has been there in the watch-making industry ever since the history of watchmaking.  One of the most unique qualities of a  Citizen watch is the feature of an Eco-drive that offers a power reserve of up to half a year. which means the need of changing the battery is less than in any other watch. 

These brands have a variety of watches to choose from and all the watches are not only durable but also stylish. If you plan to buy a gift for your loved ones then you can opt for these brands. Watches from these brands will not only be stylish but also durable. So, as now you know about watch brands, we hope you will be able to choose well for your loved ones.

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