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Varied Gifts For Him

Gifts for Him

There are various gifts that you can send to boyfriend, spouse, father or brother on various occasions and festivals. Gifts such as vouchers, personal care men’s products, mobiles etc can be sent to express warm wishes and love. The articles assigned in this chapter give a detailed view about the gifts that can be sent to him to make a moment special.

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  • Trendy Gifts

    Top 5 Trendy yet Practical Gifts for Men

    The men in our lives perform various remarkable deeds and also look after our well being. Hence, sending wonderful and stylish gifts for him is essential during any festival, occasion or event. You can find many such enchanting gifting options for men on this online gift store for sending to India. There are gifts here that are for special occasions or perhaps for purely indulging in something. Apart from these, there are also many other types of India gifts on this online gifting portal for men. These gift ideas are extremely practical, meaning they can be used in their day to day lives, and also trendy. 1. Wallets: Wallets are accessories which men use everyday and hence they make quite useful gift items. This gifting site showcases a variety of purses in elegant designs and remarkable colours. The Black Coat Wallet comes in an elongated rectangular shape having a black colour. 2. Watches: Elegant timepieces can be sent for him which he can use as office wear or on special days. Here you can get watches in different styles from brands like Citizen, Fastrack, Sonata, Timex as well as Titan. The Fastrack Analogue Watch is for casual or everyday wear with a black band. 3. Pen Sets: Stationeries are good gifts as these are used for writing something and are always carried around. Pen sets from different well known companies can be found on this reliable online gift store. The All Gold Pen Cufflink Set consists of a golden coloured pen along with a pair of cufflinks and a tie pin.   4. Insulated Lunch Boxes: Lunch packs are a very practical gifting option as these are required by men in their office life. There are different types of attractive insulated lunch boxes available on this online gifting portal. The Signoraware Lunch Box Set comes in a chained cloth bag with four separate containers. 5. Bags & Backpacks: These gifting options are also an excellent way of sending gifts due to their immense utility. You can get different varieties of bags and also backpacks on this gifting site that he can find handy. The Gents Portfolio Bag Black can be taken to office everyday or for small business trips. This gift items for men can be used for sending gifts to India from US as well as other countries. These awesome gifts here can be sent with other gifting items for your male friends and also relatives. You can also send online gifts to India for others in your family and friends circle from this online gift store.  

  • Gift Hamper

    Surprise Him with Exclusive Hampers

    If your work, studies or other commitments have taken you away from India then you must be looking to surprise your special someone by sending some elegant as well as gifts to India from US. While there are various wonderful options to choose from, sometimes a single gift item doesn’t cut it. Gift baskets were once a very popular choice for personal as well as corporate occasions, but nowadays this trend has been replaced, rather enhanced, by branded gift hampers. Exclusive gift hampers solve the problem when you want to send a lot more and are not sure what more to send. Suppose, you choose a shirt when you send gift to India, you can accompany this shirt with a variety of other gifts to make your gift more wholesome. If the gift is meant for your loving dad, you can add a branded exclusive pen. If it’s for your darling husband, you can add some stylish cufflinks. If you’re sending a gift for your soon-to-graduate brother, add an elegant formal tie. If it’s a gift for some special occasion, such as a work anniversary, adding some sweets and chocolates will make sense. If the gift is for your son, you can send a combination of accessories such as belts, pens, tie pins, cuff links and perfumes. If you want to send gifts to a work colleague to wish him luck on his promotion, a laptop bag along with a pen and a classic tie will do the trick. But it would definitely be slightly tedious. You will have to look up many merchandise and select what goes with what. Think of the many decisions that you will have to make and not to forget the price for each item bought in isolation. Then, you will have to put everything together and bear some sending charges to ensure your package reaches your loved ones. At this online gift store, you will find some great accompaniments already put together to form great gift hampers. You can choose from a variety of options to fit your emotional gifting needs as well as your pocket. Not only can you choose from the assortment of accompaniments, but also the packing and send it directly to India in just a few clicks. Men are utility and style oriented and if you surprise him with utility things put together in style, there can be no better showcase of your love and admiration. He will feel cherished, valued, and remembered. He will remember you in turn, not only when he receives the gift but also every time he uses the gift product, especially in his mornings and that will make him smile all day through. So, choose from the range of adorable menz hampers available at this online store and make his day. These exclusive hampers on this reliable online gifting portal will be well loved and cherished by the men in your life. There are also a variety of other gifts for him that you can send for your loved ones in India. You can also get many gifting options here for women as well as children for different occasions.  

  • Men''s Gifts

    Top 5 Cool yet Special Gifts for Him

    Finding the best gift for your loved one is hard and that is why you can opt to send online gifts. This online gift store focusses on a varied number of gifts and among them the gifts for him are very noteworthy. You can find gifts for your brothers, husband, father and other male relatives and friends on this online gifting portal. These many exclusive gifts can be sent to India on different occasions and festivals that the gentlemen will love. You can easily send these gifts to India from USA as well as other countries in a completely hassle free manner. We have enlisted here the best five gifts for men in this category that will be surely cherished by that special person. 1. Men’s Personal Care - Personal care items are used by men everywhere as they always want look their best. This gifting site showcases wonderful products from several well known bands like Garnier and Nivea. The Alluring Hamper consists of skin care items from companies like Park Avenue, Garnier and Axe.   2. Bags & Backpacks - Men need bags in their day to day lives and that is why these make such useful yet cool gifts for them. You can get many of these exciting bags and backpacks here that can be sent to India for the men in your life. The Attractive Executive Bag comes in a black colour and there are several compartments with zips.     3. Watches - A gift of an exclusive watch is also a great idea as such a gift can be used by the person on a daily basis. Many kinds of these can be found on this online gift store that belong to various well known houses like Titan and Timex. The Fastrack Analog Silver Dial is from Fastrack being an analog watch and black strap.   4. Electronics - This can even be a fantastic gifting option as guys love electronic gadgets and other related goods. This online gifting portal houses a variety of such items like digital cameras, home appliances and tablets. The Logitech Stereo Speakers is an electronic accessory in the form of a headset from sony. 5. Wallets - You can also send wallets for your dear ones that can become very special gifts for them. There are many stylish wallets available on this gifting site that can prove to be a favourite among your friends and family. The Black Wallet contains two compartments, four pockets and six card holders. These cool and special India gifts are bound to make the male members of your close ones on any event. Apart from these, there are also a variety of other gifts here that can make any occasion a grand one. These gifts for everyone can be easily used to send gift to India for your family members and friends.  

  • Trendy Bags

    Get Quality Bags for Him at

    Sending gifts on different occasions and festivals is an age old tradition that is still being followed till date. Thus choosing the best gift for your close ones like your brothers, father, husband or male friend is very important. Hence, you can get a variety of gifts for him from this online gift store that you can send to India. Such online gifts are a good way of sending gifts especially if you are away from your friends and family. These can also be sent in a very hassle free manner through this very reliable online gifting portal. Among the many gifts for men that are a part of this gifting site, the exclusive bags are the best. These bags come in beautiful designs and can prove to be a great favourite for any special gentleman. The Beautifull Backpack can turn out to be very handy for him when he leaves for a business tour or an outing for a few hands. The bag is in the form of a backpack that is grey in colour and it consists of many compartments. The Attractive Black Bag is also suited for short trips with friends and family as well as for work. This bag is a backpack that comes in a black colour and it comes with a number of compartments. The Gents Portfolio Bag Black will go well on different official meets due to its highly elegant look. The bag is in the form of a portfolio bag that is black colour having a holder and a flap with a magnetic buckle. The Attractive Executive Bag can be taken on short trips and it can also be used to carry laptops and also important documents. This bag is an executive bag that is black in colour and contains several zippered compartments. The Gents Portfolio Bag  is appropriate for interviews and business meetings and thus is quite useful. The bag is in the form of a portfolio bag being brown in colour having a very shiny look and many sections. The Professional Bag is for office goers who have to carry heavy laptops as well as important papers in their day to day lives. This bag is a professional bag that is black in colour and comes with a large strap as well as many sections. The Smart Portfolio Bag goes well as an office bag as it is very spacious and can be used to carry many important items. The bag is in the form of a portfolio bag coming in a black colour and containing many zippered sections. The Black Executive Bag can be used for office meetings as well as short trips on business. This bag is an executive bag that is black in colour with several sections and also two handles with a holder. These wonderful bags would make daily life quite easy and they can be easily used for sending gifts to India. You can also look into the various other gifts that are available for men on this online gifting portal. Such gifts to India can be easily sent for your loved ones there for different occasions and festivals.  

  • Gifts for Him

    Top 5 Gift Items for Men under Rs.1500

    Choosing the perfect gift is not a very easy job and this is very much true if the gift is for a man. Thus, you may need a lot of help in this regard which becomes even more important if you are not being able to be present for an occasion. However, it may also be the case that you need to choose a delightful gift which will fit within your budget. You can easily look into the fabulous gifts that have been showcased here on this online gift store. You can browse through the gifts for him section of this online gifting portal where you will find many affordable gifts. To save you some time, we have prepared here a list of the five best gift items for men that are within your budget. 1. Cufflink Sets - These sets are very much used during special occasions and they are a fantastic as well as unique gift idea. The cufflinks here on this gifting site are very ornate with beautiful designs that are suited to all occasions. The Sparkling Cufflink & Tie Pin set consists of two beautiful cufflinks and a matching tie pin. The items are gold plated and they are ovular in shape having a wavy design and a studded white stone.   2. Men’s Personal Care Items - Personal care items for men will be greatly appreciated by them as they constantly need these on a daily basis. The items on this online gift store come from many popular brands like Park Avenue, Nivea and Garnier. The Handsome Men’s Hamper comes in a beautiful cane basket that is round in shape. The products that are included here are a deodorant from Nivea, a body spray from Denim Black, a men’s face wash from Garnier and a hand towel.   3. Perfumes - This is another one of the useful gifts that most men will find very handy for any special occasion. The perfumes here on this online gifting portal are from various renowned brands like Adidas, Lacoste and Hugo Boss. The Adidas Pure Game Edt has a very exotic and sensual smell that will be loved by any man. The perfume comes in a transparent flat bottle with a black cap and is light green in colour. 4. Wallets - You can give him a wallet as a gift on any occasion that he will surely find very useful. There are a number of attractive wallets available on this gifting site which are available in many colours. The Brown Men’s Wallet is brown in colour and it comes in a rectangular curvy shape. The wallet consists of three compartments, three pockets, six card holder and an identity card holder. 5. Watches - A casual or a formal watch can make a very good gifting option that will be cherished by him. The watches on this online gift store are from various well known brands like Citizen, Fastrack, Sonata, Timex and Titan. The Fastrack Black And Off White Analog Watch comes in a combination of black and off white that gives it a very striking appearance. The watch has a round dial with a strap made out rubber and it is an analog time piece. Any of these gifts that have been referred to here can be easily sent as a gift to India by this online gifting option. There are also a variety of many other items that are quite affordable and can be sent as gifts to India. You can also look into the various other items for various purposes that are available here to send gifts to India.