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Top 5 Cakes to India on Birthday

Top 5 Cakes to India on Birthday

Birthdays and cakes go hand in hand. Cakes are the heavenly touch to a birthday party that lights up the celebration. If you are away from your loved ones’ birthday party, send a birthday cake to them in India from the USA. This way you will not only become a part of the fun but will put the essence of emotions in it! Spice this idea up a bit by sending an extraordinary cake that will be the diamond in the rough!

Round cakes, square cakes, heart cakes - these are so common that they are starting to become an eyesore. Step away from the ordinary and step into the realm of delightful uniqueness. We hate to say it ourselves but at, we have the coolest birthday cakes ever! Have a look and be a judge yourself.

iPhone Chocolate Cake

Top 5 Cakes to India on Birthday

If your loved one is a tech nerd, then there is nothing more fun than an iPhone chocolate cake as a birthday cake! Shaped like the iconic Apple product, the cake is complete with the “box” of the “phone”. The details are all the more mesmerising! The “phone” is complete with a colourful home screen which has life-like app icons! The home button, volume and lock buttons along with the ports complete the look of the “phone” cake. Bottom line - the “phone” is ready to ring!

Unique Butterfly Barbie Cake

Top 5 Cakes to India on Birthday

Little girls love Barbie dolls. It will get them even more excited when they see a unique butterfly Barbie cake on their birthday! The cake looks gorgeous with the intricately decorated butterfly wings. The Barbie doll’s a beautiful fairy which graces the elegant cake. The good stuff does not stop there. The taste is mind-blowing and is a surprising attribute for such a decorative cake.

Superhero Cakes

Top 5 Cakes to India on Birthday

Everyone loves comic book heroes like Batman and Spiderman. But having them on a birthday cake is a whole new experience. Let your loved one have a piece of their favourite superhero packed into a cake. Something like the Batman butterscotch cake or the chocolate Spider-Man cake would strike the right chord. The emblems on the cake are perfectly done. The artwork of the city line of Gotham and New York add the realistic and thrilling element to the delectables.

Kitkat with Gems Cake

Top 5 Cakes to India on Birthday

Chocolates are universal favourites. Kitkat and Gems are one of the most well-known and widely loved ones. Well, how about you combine them on a birthday? No, this is not a prank. We can actually get a Kitkat with Gems cake arranged for the birthday of your loved one in India! The mouth-watering design consists of Gems of all colours piled up inside a “bowl” of Kitkat. Apart from the looks, the taste of the cake exceeds all expectations. Your loved one deserves such a special cake for their special day!

Cricket Chocolate Cake

Top 5 Cakes to India on Birthday

Indians and cricket are a match made in heaven. People worship the game be it, children or adults. If your loved one is an avid fan, then make the birthday special with a cricket chocolate cake! The cake comes with astounding details. There’s a bat, a ball and a pair of bails on it. All these cricket equipment lies on grass which has been carefully made from frostings. All in all, this is a cake made for the win!

It is very easy to get caught up in the flow when sending a birthday cake to India. But the delights of going against the flow with an extraordinary cake, which is no less than art, is priceless. Send delight and a pleasant surprise packed with the insurmountable taste of a delicious unique cake! And the best part? We deliver the cake to India on the same day! So, even at the last moments, you can still pull off that smile on the face of your loved one!

Kaushik Published: Sep 19, 2020 | Last Updated: Oct 03, 2020
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