Top 10 Gifts for Grand Father on Grand Parents Day


Grandfathers are an important part of our lives. They are proud of us even when we stumble while taking our first steps, they love us even when we mess up and come what may, we never grow up in their eyes. On this Grandparents Day, take the opportunity to thank them for being a valuable part of your life and making your childhood a wonderful and memorable one. Here are a few gift ideas that can help you select a nice present for them for this occasion and make them feel on top of the world.

  1. Books

    There can be no better gift than books for your grandfather is he is a man bitten too often by the bug of curiosity. This gift will open his windows to worlds he has never seen and never known before. Help him be at par with the younger generations through the books and he shall be ready to bulldoze you in a debate over a random cup of coffee.
  2. Reading Desk

    Reading sitting in an odd position and with improper lighting can take a toll on his health. Back pain, neck pain, vision problems and various other such annoying limiting factors will prevent him from working, reading, relaxing and a lot more. So, on this Grandparents Day gift him the comfort of a well designed reading desk that he can use in both his work and leisure time.
  3. Chocolates

    There is no age bar while gifting chocolates to India. An 80 year old loves chocolates as much as an 8 year old does. So if you want to satiate your old man’s secret cravings, then slip in a bar when no one is watching. But do make sure that he is otherwise not advised against consuming chocolates due to health reasons before handing it over to him.
  4. Dry Fruits

    Your grandfather would need a good source of nutrients and vitamins at his age. Sending Dry fruits to India provide numerous benefits to the body and are packed with the goodness of nature. Here is a short glimpse at how the various nuts and berries under this super food could help your grandfather.
    1. Almonds relieve constipation and is also good for the heart.
    2. Cashews are rich in Vitamin E (improves skin health and avoids conditions like itching, psoriasis and eczema) and B6 (helps promote brain health).
    3. Raisins reduce acidity and aids digestion.
    4. Walnuts contain high amount of Omega-3 Fatty Acids (prevents dementia) and antioxidants (helps repair damaged cells and slows the aging process).
  5. Cordless Phone

    Communicating around the house for your grandfather would mean climbing stairs and long walks. If you wish to make it simpler with just a click of a button, then gift him a cordless phone which he can use anywhere. Even though at the age of mobile phones, cordless phones seem pretty unnecessary, but for those people who are not comfortable around gadgets, this seems a more feasible option to reduce their physical stress.
  6. Picture Album

    Your granddad has seen the crests and troughs of life and it is these undulations that lets him appreciate and cherish certain moments even more. Make him a lovely collection of such precious memories in a photo album and give him the key to travel back in time through those events and occasions again on this Grandparents Day. This gift is sure to sweep him off his feet and he will hold on to it forever, harder than you can imagine.
  7. Antique Items

    An old gramaphone, a collector’s record, a vintage model of his first car, frontpage of newspapers that came out on important dates and talked about significant events that he has seen, and so much more can be an impressive gift for your grandfather on this special day. These gifts will unlock a treasure chest of stories that lies within him and with a small nudge of these gifts will gurgle out of him. Make sure you sit with a cup of steaming coffee as this story session is sure to last pretty long.
  8. Personalized Greeting Cards

    If you wish your gift to be preserved well and kept as a prised trophy, then gift them a personalized greeting card. A nice message and a special picture will touch his heart and he will keep it forever with him.
  9. Watch

    Watches are an evergreen accessory that never goes out of fashion or necessity. Gift your grandfather a nice watch that has a stylish dial and a comfortable band. A watch could also be a nice reminder of the time you two spent together.
  10. Stylish Dress Canes

    If your grandfather is one of those people who are aging in style, then, gift him a swanky looking walking stick with a nicely designed handle. A man like him can use it as an accessory to complete both ethnic and western looks. These sticks come in both metal and wood.
Pragya Published: Aug 27, 2019 | Last Updated: Aug 27, 2022