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Top 10 Gift Ideas for International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is observed every year on March 8th to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women across the globe. The day not just commemorates past achievements but also focuses on the remaining challenges and unavailable opportunities with the aim of inspiring and respecting women. Also known as the United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace, this day is observed as a national holiday in many countries as well. The day is marked by various seminars, conferences, processions, promotions and events worldwide enthusing the rights, equality and empowerment of women.

Women’s Day and Gifts

Through the evolving years, Women’s Day has lost its political flavor and is more celebrated as a socio-political awareness. In many countries and different regions, the occasion mainly focuses on showering love and respect towards women. On this day, men and women both give gifts to the dear women in their lives as a token of love, respect, appreciation and gratitude. The gifts on Women’s Day are meant to let your dear ladies like mother, grandmother, sister, wife, girlfriend, teacher and all other special ladies feel how much you value their presence in your life and how lucky you feel to have them.

However, choosing the right gift on the reverential occasion of Women’s Day for your dear women is not always an easy task. With a plethora of gifting options available in the shopping space, it can get quite a perplexing affair to take the right pick. Have a look below at our compilation of the top ten popular gifting ideas for Women’s Day with which you can never go wrong when it comes to convey your heartfelt reverence and gratitude to your women.

1. Flowers

Top 10 Gift Ideas for International Women's Day

Though a bit cliched, but flowers are still one of the most impressive gifts that every woman love to receive. Flowers stand for love and beauty. They can be the ultimate gifts to convey appreciation and adoration. The flowers that go well with the spirit of Women’s Day are roses, gerberas, orchids, carnations and lilies. You can opt for different arrangements like bouquets, baskets, vase and life size arrangements according to the personalities of the recipient. Your choice of fresh flowers as a gift will eloquently convey your feelings of reverence.

2. Jewellery

Top 10 Gift Ideas for International Women's Day

Jewellery make ideal gifts for women because they attach their emotions and sentiments with it. It makes women feel unique, precious and valued. Jewellery is a perfect medium to express how much you adore and admire her. Choose across extensive designs in necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants, chains, anklets, bracelets and more. You can go for diamonds as they have a universal reputation of being the most distinctive, cherishable and timeless gift for women. You may also opt for gold, pearl and fashion jewellery.

3. Spa Vouchers

Spa vouchers make ideal gifts for your dear women. Nothing can be better for her than a relaxing and pampering session that helps her rejuvenate and leave back her tensions, stresses and anxieties. Give her the gift of relaxation with selective spa vouchers with the best treatments and special designed packages. Go in for the best massages, detox treatments, facials, hair treatments, de-stress packages and more from the best spas out there. Women love to look and feel fabulous and a rejuvenating relaxation indulgence is something that every woman desires for. Your dear ladies will surely love and cherish your gift on the occasion of Women’s Day.

4. Personalized Gifts

Top 10 Gift Ideas for International Women's Day

Gifts with a heartwarming personal touch are always more endearing than other gifts. Personal gifts are very special and close to heart for any occasion because they portray your love, care, thought and effort that you devoted to bring a smile on the face of your dear ones. Convey your love and reverence with uniquely personal gifts and give your dear lady an overwhelming joy with the feeling of being so much special and valued by you. You can choose from the wide variety of personalized gifts like photo gifts, rock photos, photo mugs and lots more.

5. Luxury Travel Vouchers

You can opt for this gift idea if you like to think out of the box and want to go for something unique. If your dear lady likes to travel, then luxury travel gift vouchers can just mean the perfect gift for her. Even if your loved lady is not fond of travelling, she would definitely love this opportunity to indulge into a luxurious escape from the struggles and stress of daily chores. You can choose luxurious packages for a weekend trip or a longer trip according to your preference and gift your lady on the occasion of Women’s Day. The vouchers may include stay in a luxurious hotel to a luxurious cruise ride just to make your lady feel like a queen.

6. Tablets / E-Readers

Top 10 Gift Ideas for International Women's Day

Your gadget freak and working ladies will simply love to add a brand new tablet in her asset. High-tech tablets are storming the markets and you can get sure to thrill your dear lady with one. You have a lot of choices to opt for. Some of the best bets are iPad Air, iPad mini, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HDX, Samsung.

If reading books is her hobby then you can settle for an e-reader. These portable devices are capable of storing over 1200 e-books and she can move along with her mobile library anywhere anytime!

7. Fitness Gifts

With the growing fitness buzz and the increasing awareness of fitness among women, fitness products and accessories are hot favorite with them. You can be a sure shot winner if you opt for any fitness goods as gifts for her on Women’s Day. Your gift will successfully convey your support and your heartfelt wishes to see her have a stronger and fitter charismatic presence. However, choosing a fitness related gift can get tricky. To be safe, you can opt for fitness gifts like Yoga mats, jogging shoes, resistance band sets, workout DVDs, etc. 

8. Apparel

Top 10 Gift Ideas for International Women's Day

Celebrate the diva in her and make her look her best with apparel gifts. She is a winner and achiever, she is a bliss in your life. Convey the message that you adore both her beauty and her achievements. Let her feel like a star, celebrated and admired for what she is. Choose apparel gifts keeping her choices and preferences in mind. You can settle for some amazingly gorgeous Indian ethnic wear or select western wear if she is fond of the style.

9. Perfumes

Top 10 Gift Ideas for International Women's Day

Women love their fragrances. You can never go wrong if you choose perfumes as a gift for her to convey your love, support and warmest wishes of reverence on Women’s Day. Choose the perfume that gels perfectly with her personality and your unspoken message will be automatically conveyed to her as soon as she unfolds your gift. There are numerous popular brands to choose from such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tommy Girl, Gucci, Marc Jacobs Daisy, Bvlgari, Euphoria and lots more to make your lady feel unique and ecstatic.

10. Digital Photo Frames

Top 10 Gift Ideas for International Women's Day

Digital Photo Frames can make your dear lady relive the winning moments of her life and thus can be an ideal gift idea on this occasion. It will really be a great idea to arrange some of the snaps of her best moments in life and gift those moments to her again. The digital photo frames come with slideshow format and gives a fabulous presentation of the snaps that you put in. Let her relive her moments of achievements, victory or other special moments and dive into the essence of the reverent day.

International Women’s Day gives you a chance to honour all the women who have enriched your life with their presence and who hold a special place in your heart for their contributions, struggles, influences and sacrifices in life. Women are special, women are inspiration and motivation. In 2013, the United Nations released the famous “One Woman” song that celebrates the various acts of courage and determination by ordinary women making extraordinary contributions featuring 25 artists from 20 countries. Bollywood annually celebrates Women’s day in its native flavour. 2013 had Shah Rukh Khan featuring in Tata Tea’s “Women First” Campaign that aims at changing the attitude towards women. Each one of us should be doing our bit to make our women feel special, valued and revered. Express your support and gratitude to your honourable ladies with your thoughtful gifts on the special occasion of Women’s Day and celebrate their presence in your life!

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Madhurima Published: Mar 07, 2014 | Last Updated: Mar 22, 2020
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