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White Rose Butterscotch Cake 1kg | Send Cakes to India online

Cakes are the best way to celebrate a joyous occasion. Bring joy on the momentous day by sending a cake to your loved ones in India! Fill the gap of your absence by sending this fabulous cake and multiply the merriment! Be with your loved ones in the form of such a pleasing gift.Exquisite taste, this eggless cake is all about that authentic butterscotch flavour, with chocolate streams flowing down the sides. The heavenly taste is delivered from the first bite and is delightful to the tastebuds! The cake comes with a healthy dollop of icing. It is designed with roses to further beautify the cake. The 1kg cake is more than enough to fulfil the need of any party!

White Rose Butterscotch Cake 1kg

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Your website made upon me, as first time user, a professional and quite sophisticated impression. You easily can compete with other big names in the business.

I have never had issues with my orders. Thank you so much.

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