Navratri is a 9-day-long celebration that takes place in India. If your loved ones are living at a distance, you can send them gifts from our website. There are several gift ideas like sweets, gift vouchers, jewelry, apparel, etc that can be a good gifting idea. Read this article to know about the top 10 gifting ideas that can be sent. 

Devoted to Goddess Durga, this famous Hindu festival of Navaratri is celebrated with great reverence and faith all across the country. Goddess Durga, the epitome of power or shakti is worshipped during this rejoiceful festival of Navaratri. The word “Navaratri” literally means “nine lights” which symbolically signifies the nine forms of Goddess Durga who is the sole worshipper of this gala event. Navaratri is one of the most celebrated Hindu festivals. Goddess "Durga” is referred to as the "Shakti" (energy or power) who removes the miseries of our life.

Exchanging Gifts have become a common trend among us which brings an enchanting atmosphere into our life filling our heart with immense joy and glee. Navratri is a grand festival of the Hindus which is celebrated with huge gusto and joy for about nine days. Gifts play a significant role in this bubbly festival. has brought you a huge array of wondrous gifts from which you can browse to get one appealing gift for your dear and near ones.

1. Spiritual Gifts

Celebrate this joyful occasion of Navratri by bringing immense happiness and pleasure into your loved one’s life. Send beautiful spiritual gifts to India with your love and blessings making them feel their preciousness in your life. Navratri honors the nine powers of Goddess Durga who comes to terminate all the evils from our life. Spiritual gifts will contribute to the Navratri traditions and bring peace and fortune into your lovable life on this divine festival of Navratri.

2. Gift Hamper

Top 10 Gift Ideas For Navaratri

This year celebrate Navratri with your loved ones sending them a wonderful Navratri gift hamper stuffed with several useful essentials. Gift Hampers are popular gift ideas that will surely charm your loved ones with the varieties of beneficial commodities assorted neatly in beautifully decorated baskets or vessels. A plentiful dry fruit hamper will serve as a healthy gift basket whereas other gift hampers of chocolates, flowers, apparel vouchers, etc. will work marvelously with their combined charm beguiling our dear ones with enormous happiness.

3. Silver Gifts

Gifting silver has been an age-old tradition for any such occasion like Navratri. Silver gifts are supposed to bring wealth and prosperity into our lives. Silver coins and showpieces are ideal gifts that come in several designs and structures. Silver holy idols are even quite popular which works wonderfully as an elegant Navratri gift idea. Silver possesses the wise and feminine energy of the moon. You can even send silver jewellery, silver puja thalis, puja accessories, etc. for your lovable in this feverous event of Navratri.

4. Home Decor

Discover the beauty of your loved one’s rooms by sending them some charming housewarming home decor items. Navratri is that quintessential festival of the hindus when we clean and decorate our homes. Delight the dearest affectionates of your life by sending some bewitching home decor items like show pieces, wall hangings, lamp shades, flower vases, wall pictures etc.

5. Flowers

Top 10 Gift Ideas For Navaratri

Flowers are those blooming beauties of nature that bring a fragrance of love and happiness with them when gifted in a wonderful assortment. This Navratri surprises your loved ones by sending a beguiling bouquet of colorful flowers lending them another reason to celebrate this joyful festival. Flowers carry several significances that speak our hearts before our loved ones. So, select a wise bouquet of charming flowers on this pious occasion of Navratri making it special and memorable forever and ever.

6. Sweets

Sweets are the most traditional mode of gifting without which any festival remains incomplete. Sweets bring with them an element of happiness and glory with their delicious taste. Let your lovables feel the luscious flavour of the delicious sweets on this pious occasion of Navratri. Coconut laddoos, kheer, payesh, bundi sweets etc are the special preparations of this festivity.

7. Jewellery

Jewellery holds huge importance in our life due to their utmost significance of bringing prosperity into our life. Every woman possesses a special affinity for jewellery. A few men even love to sport in some trendy jewelleries. This Navratri enthrall your lovables by sending one classy jewellery set which they will be able to treasure for ever as a token of love from you. A set of beautiful jewellery will not only add a feather to their glamour but will also bring happiness and pleasure into their life.

8. Apparels

Top 10 Gift Ideas For Navaratri

Every year before the advent of this long nine-day festival of Navratri, men and women get excited about shopping. Wearing new clothing has been followed as a Navratri tradition for ages. Therefore apparel are one of the most popular mode of gifting on this joyful event of Navratri. We exchange fashionable apparel among our loved ones celebrating this love-filled festival of Navratri.

9. Food Items

Top 10 Gift Ideas For Navaratri

If you have a perfect foodie among your lovable acquaintances, these would be the best Navratri gift ideas for them. Assortments of foods in several beautiful packages are easily available nowadays. A decorated basket of dry fruits or a combined box of namkeens and sweets are the most commonly packed food items for gifting. Wrap one such delicious basket of food items which will serve as an impressive gift for your endearing foodie relatives and friends on this favourable occasion of Navratri.

10. Gift Vouchers

Top 10 Gift Ideas For Navaratri

Sending gift vouchers to India is one of the most convenient ways of gifting which allows one to select gifts of his own choice. Startle your endearing loved ones by sending them one advantageous gift voucher which they can redeem to earn things of their own need and preference. You can even send one stunning dining voucher to India using which they can go for a memorable dinner with their loved ones.

The composite festival of Navratri is highly ceremonious and is celebrated all over India. This rejoiceful event of Navratri combines several religious, devotional, cultural, and recreational activities making this gala a famous and joyous event. Navaratri is known as the Festival of Nights which is famous for celebrating the nine incarnations of Goddess Durga. Gifts have always brought happiness into our lives. This Navratri sends heartwarming Navratri gifts to your lovely acquaintances making this festival special and memorable for them.

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