Everybody decorates their homes during Navratri as it is a belief and custom of the festival. In India, there is no festival that starts without cleansing and decorating the house as it is believed we welcome the Goddess into our house. Thus, the house is cleaned and decorated for the festival. If you wish to send a gift and are contemplating what to send then we suggest you send home decor as gifts. If you don’t know what to send then keep the article to know more. 


India witnesses different hues of festivals and celebrations, one of them is the Navratri which is looked forward to with a lot of enthusiasm. The festivities of Navratri are nine-day long and encompass elaborate puja rituals and customs. People send their warm regards to their loved ones in the form of gifts and sweets. We all have relatives across India and to top it all some of us are settled abroad. This creates a dilemma of whether they can gift or not then comes another confusion of what to send as gifts. Well, to answer these dilemmas one by one, you can definitely send gifts to your loved ones in India from any corner of the world. Then comes the second dilemma, for that we have a suggestion of sending home decor as gifts. Because why not, it is one of the most important things when we prepare for the puja. As it is one of the customs to clean the house to welcome the Gods. It also becomes an integral part to decorate the house. So, home decor becomes one of the best gifts that you can send to your loved ones on the occasion of Navratri. If you want some Navratri gift ideas then let’s start without further ado. 

Wall Hanging 

Celebrate Navratri with Home Decor Items

When you are on your way to decorate your house don’t forget to decorate your walls. We often tend to overlook the walls or decorate them with just photo frames. There can be so many things with which you can decorate your walls. Photo frames also look good but too many of them can become monotonous so for a change and new addition to the walls you can send a beautiful wall hanging. You can go for a Madhubani-painted wall hanging, or maybe a tapestry work, it can be a hanging macrame pot wall hanging as well. So, a wall hanging can be a versatile gift that your loved ones will be able to decorate their walls and house for celebrations. 

Candle Holders


Celebrate Navratri with Home Decor Items

Diyas and candles are also used to decorate the house. So, to light up the house in a stylish way you can consider sending a candle holder. As we know candle holders create a wonderful atmosphere with unique designs on them. It looks ethereal and serves as an alluring home decor. When buying a candle holder try to look for a traditional and festive-looking one to match the vibe of Navratri. You can even look for copper or brass candle holders as receiving such metals is believed to be auspicious during the festivities of Navratri. They can use the candle holders to decorate the sitting room of their house or maybe the puja space. If you wish you can also add some scented candles along with it to complete the package. 


Celebrate Navratri with Home Decor Items

Vases have been one of the most traditional and sought for home decor. People use Vases as home decor even when there are no festivities around. So, if you wish to send gifts to your loved ones that they will be able to use n the festivities of Navratri and on any other occasion then this can be the right choice. Flowers play an integral part in any festivities in India; they are used in pujas and even decorating the house. So, your loved ones will be able to decorate their house with the gift of a Vase that you send them. A decor that will make all the difference in decorating the house. 

Copper Bowl 

Celebrate Navratri with Home Decor Items

If you want to send a home decor gift that will elevate your loved one’s decor game a notch higher then sending them a copper bowl will be a good idea. The bowl should be of average size to replicate a little pond. They can decorate the bowl with water flower petals and tealight candles. It will make it look ethereal and they can place it on the terrace in the living room. It will be up to them however they wish to decide but what we can be certain of is that they are going to love this gift as it is one of the most quest gifts they can receive this Navratri.


Celebrate Navratri with Home Decor Items

Torans are mostly made of flowers and leaves and are hung on the door to welcome everyone and ward off negative energy. Hence, Torans are always used in pujas, ceremonies to welcome the Gods. What you can do is add another toran to it! A toran made of precious metals or maybe pearls can be a good option. They will be able to keep the Toran on the door for as long as they want. It will be a good and auspicious gift for your loved ones in the festivities of Navratri. 

Rangoli Boards

Celebrate Navratri with Home Decor Items

Making Rangoli is one of the most important things during the festivities. It welcomes the Goddess to the house. But making the Rangoli is not an easy job especially when there’s a rush. No matter how early one starts the preparation there's always a rush during the puja ceremonies. If there are kids at home then maintaining the Rangoli becomes almost impossible. So, sending easy-to-set Rangoli boards can be a good option for home decor. All they would have to do is set the Rangoli and the house will be decorated. Some Rangoli boards also come with attached Diyas which makes them more alluring. So, choose wisely and send this gift to your loved ones. 

This home decor will add charm to your loved one’s homes and will be a wonderful Navratri gift. So, don’t hesitate and send home decor to your loved ones this Navratri and decorate their house with them. 

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