Eid is around the corner and you must be thinking of gift ideas for him. It can be strenuous along with preparing for the grand celebration of Eid. So to save you some time we have curated a list of the top 6 gifts for your dearest. This article focuses on the gift hampers that will make him feel special. To know more about the gifts keep reading the article. 

Ramadan is one of the most important and respected festivals of Islam. Ramadan the word in Arabic means “to burn” which means the burning of sins and follies and forgiveness. It is considered to be a period of prayer, reflection, and purification. The people of the Islamic community believe that during this period they can ask for forgiveness of their sins and be close to Allah. During this period adults of able-body and sound mind fast during the 30 days of Ramadan. The fast is conducted between dusk and dawn and completes their fast in the evening by having a traditional meal called ‘Iftar’. In addition to fasting, they also devote themselves and offer a prayer to Allah that is called ‘Namaz’. At dusk, the traditional meal is shared together with the family. These 30 days of Ramadan are followed by the celebration of Eid. 

These 30 days of Ramadan can be challenging but it is worth every challenge that comes with it. If you were not able to be with him on these days of Ramadan and if you are missing the grand celebration of Eid. You must be very anxious but you can still be a part of the celebration. You can send gifts as Eid in India is all about the feast and gifting your loved ones. 

Gift Vouchers

One of the wisest decisions ones can take while thinking of what to gift is to opt for gift vouchers. The most latest addition to gifting gift vouchers is versatile. It ranges from lifestyle to gourmet and covers most of the spheres that are essential for our lives. It gives liberty to the recipient to select a gift of their own choice hence they select the desired gift. You can send them vouchers from lifestyle or maybe gourmet and take them for shopping or dinner. Gift vouchers make good gifts when you are running out of time. 


Top 6 Gifts to Send Him on Eid

Sweets complete most occasions in India. It is the same with Eid as well, sweets make the occasion sweeter. You can opt for sending sweets to your dearest and wish him a sweet and happy Eid. Sending sweets as Eid gifts India signifies and elevates the relationship to a harmonious existence. Sweets are offered while wishing ‘Eid Mubarak’. Thus your wishes will be not complete without sweets. If you wish you can add more gifts to your loved ones along with this sweet or just the warm wishes with sweets will be thoughtful too. 

Laccha and Dry Fruits

Top 6 Gifts to Send Him on Eid

Even before the preparation for Eid starts the markets are filled with Lacchas! The most important part of Eid is Laccha. Why don’t you try sending a Laccha hamper to him? On that note, the taste of Laccha increases when you add dry fruits to it. So sending a Hamper that has Laccha, dry fruits, and a beautiful silver bowl would be a great way to wish Eid. All they have to do would be just boil milk, add all the ingredients present in the hamper to milk, and enjoy! The happiest Eid indeed! 

Sunglass and Watch Hamper

Top 6 Gifts to Send Him on Eid

Protect his eyes with style by gifting him a pair of sunglasses and while you are at it gift him a set actually. A hamper of Watche and sunglass will go well with any outfit he wears. Hence, such a versatile gift for such a versatile man will be one of the best options. There are many good brands available in the market and some of them come in sets choose a style that will suit him and see him smile.

Fruit Basket

Top 6 Gifts to Send Him on Eid

The complete Ramadan fast is managed without falling sick because of the fruits. The fruits give the body the much-needed energy and proteins it craves for. Fruits play a very pivotal part in Ramadan as it becomes the traditional meal that the family shares together in Iftar. So, fruits are the best thing that you can send as Eid gifts India to him in the celebration of Eid.

Tie and Cufflinks

Top 6 Gifts to Send Him on Eid

You can gift him some accessories like ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks to upgrade his formal attire. A combo of all these essentials can be just the thing you need but don’t know. Upgrade his wardrobe with something like this and see him transform into a dashing man.

Ramadan is the time of purification and forgiveness, so forget all the distance you have and send gifts to him in India to make him feel cared for. The challenges and obstacles will be cleared if love prevails. So, spread the love by gifting and sending warm wishes to him and your loved ones. 

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