One of the many festivals that the landscape of India witnesses is Eid after the long wait of Ramadan. Everyone in the Islamic community waits for this wonderful day. The festivities start a day prior and are celebrated for 3 more days. This celebration has a lot of significance and the celebrations have much magnificence to them. If you wish to know more about this festival them keep reading this article.

Eid in India is an important festival celebrated by the Muslim community with lots of joy and enthusiasm. The festival marks the end of the Islamic month, Ramadan. Ramadan is the time when adults with able bodies and minds fast for 30 days between dusk and dawn. The fast ends at dusk every day with the traditional meal called ‘Iftar’ only to resume again the next day. The complete end of Ramadan is followed by a grand celebration of Eid. The month of Ramadan is believed to be a month of rectification and purification of sins. The people try to be more humble and generous this month and purify their sins and become closer to Allah. 

Celebrate Eid with your Loved Ones

After fasting for the whole month of Ramadan, people celebrate Eid for three days. Feasting, merry-making as well as exchanging gifts are the core essence of this festival. They send gifts to their loved ones across the nation. The occasion is marked with warm wishes sent to loved ones. It is a celebration when all the family members gather together or visit their family members. The festival brings together a wide range of cuisine which contains some delectable sweet dishes, and it is then balanced with fruits. Fruits hold a special significance in Ramadan as well as Eid. The festivities start on the last day of Ramadan which is said to be the ‘Chand Raat’. 

Significance of Eid

Celebrate Eid with your Loved Ones

The word Eid in Arabic means festival. The Islamic calendar follows the lunar cycle and Ramadan ends when a crescent moon is seen. The celebration of Eid in India begins in the morning with the early morning prayer which is called ‘Namaz’. The prayers are offered for the health of family members and for the souls rest who have left the world. The men go to the mosque for this prayer whereas the women of the house stay back at home and perform the prayer at home. Sometimes all the women of the neighborhood gather together to perform the auspicious prayer together. The essence of the festival remains the same in every household which is humility and generosity. 

Celebrate Eid with your Loved Ones

To celebrate the auspicious day the preparations start from Ramadan. On the eve of Eid people adorn their hands with beautiful and intricate designs of henna. Delicious foods are prepared and distributed among the neighbors. Everybody celebrates the day by wearing new and beautiful clothes and spending time with their family and friends. Even though the different regions of India celebrate the festivities in a distinct forms the essence remains the same. 

If you are thinking to give a delicious treat to your dear ones at this grand festival then you can send a box of mouth-watering sweets and a box of crunchy dry fruits or maybe a Laccha hamper. You can even convey your warm wishes by sending a bouquet of lovely flowers. You can delight your mom, sister, or wife by sending gifts such as jewelry, cosmetics, sarees, etc. For your dad, brother, or husband you can opt for gifts such as perfume, watches, apparel, and so on. You can enchant the little ones in this grand festival by sending chocolates, games, and toys. These gifts will surely bring a sweet smile to your dear one’s face. 

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