Birthdays are special we don't even have to say it and when it's for a little angel then everyone is excited along with the little one. If your little fellow has also received many wonderful gifts from their loved ones and you want to gift them something in return. Then you are at the right place this article has some unique ideas that you can use to send gifts to your little buddy. If you wish to know more then keep reading the articles. 

Birthdays are very important times for the little ones and they eagerly wait for their own special days. They are also excited about the birthdays of their friends and relatives and want to send the best birthday gifts to them as well. If you are staying abroad then your kids must be missing their little friends and cousins on their birthdays. It can be so as well that they must have received gifts from their cousins and now you would want to send them return gifts. Thus, you can opt to send return gifts to India for these little angels on behalf of your children. This online gift store houses a variety of gift ideas that you can send to India on different occasions. Many kinds of gifts to India for kids can be found on this online gifting portal that can be Birthday Gifts for Kids in India. Along with that, we have some wonderful gift ideas that you can use to send return Gifts for Kids in India

1. Personalized Mugs

Top 5 Return Gifts for Kids

Kids go crazy over simple things that have their names on them. Think how will they react when they see their picture on a mug. They will be filled with so much joy! Kids have the habit of writing their names on everything. It just brings them happiness and it is fun for them. Hence, a mug with their picture and name on it will thrill them. It will be much useful for them too. They can have their hot drink on it and it will be easier to convince them to finish that drink as well. A good gift to send as a return gift to kids. So, you can definitely send a personalized mug for the little one as Personalized Gifts for Toddlers in India

2. Soft Toys 

Soft toys are a great way of expressing your love for the little ones and they also love to cuddle these. Many soft hearts, teddies, balls, and much more are on the wide array of choices and options to choose from. You can send cute animals or maybe their favorite cartoon character. We are certain they will be thrilled to have soft toys as gifts. As a child, you must have fond memories of having a toy that you would take with you almost everywhere. So, send a soft toy to the little one so that they can also make new memories and add it to their toy collection. 

3. Stationery 

Top 5 Return Gifts for Kids

If you are looking for a return gift that will be useful for them then stationeries can be a good option. There are many options available when you think of sending stationeries. You can opt for a backpack, a stationery set of colors, pens, and much more. It would be better if you choose stationery with their favorite cartoon character. They will be more than excited to get a gift like such and will be able to use it in their school. The urge to use the stationery might trigger interest in them to study! So, it certainly will be a good return gift for kids. 

4. Trip to Amusement Park 

Top 5 Return Gifts for Kids

Gifting memories is the best gift that you can gift to kids. You can take kids on a trip to an amusement park. Spending the day with them will also lighten your mood and it would be a gift they won’t be able to refuse. Remember the day when you were little and would be so thrilled to go to an amusement park? Well, bring back those days with the kids and let them have some fun. You can include almost all the friends of the little one as the more the merrier. 

5. Costumes


Top 5 Return Gifts for Kids

Children have always loved to role-play whether it's of a doctor or a dinosaur. Now the best thing that has happened is that there are many costumes available that they can use to play. These costumes are age appropriate and sending gifts like this to them will thrill them to the core. If the little buddy like dinosaurs or maybe unicorns you can send them costumes of such. You can also send them costumes of their favorite superhero! If you want to send something educational then you can send costumes, police, teachers, and much more. This way they will be able to learn about the distinct roles of different professionals. 

These return gift ideas are versatile and quite famous. You can use these ideas to send memorable gifts to kids and thrill them. You can even add chocolates to the gifts to excite the little one. So, send love and return gifts to kids and make them thrilled. 

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