Raksha Bandhan is here with its cultural significance and impact on the lives of siblings as well as the people of Bengal.  The day holds a different meaning to it along with the traditional inclinations. If you want to send gifts to your siblings as well as know about the significance and what Raksha Bandhan means to the people of Kolkata then this article has all the information you need. With a list of gifts and gift ideas, you will be able to send gifts as well as know the historical dimensions. So, to know about the gift ideas and gifts in detail keep reading the article for more. 

The threads of Raksha Bandhan are woven with the lives and culture of Kolkata with mythological and historical significance. It is a memorable day, especially for those who have borne the burns of partition. The day of Raksha Bandhan is traditionally dedicated to brothers and sisters, but it has much more significance for those in Kolkata. It still finds a different meaning to it that alludes to the partition of Bengal. The motive of Lord Curzon was to divide Bengal based on Hindu majority regions from Muslim-dominated lands. Thus, the poet laureate Rabindranath Tagore presumed the day of partition was the national mourning day and decided to strengthen the bond. The unity and trust were bound with the simple thread Rakhi that symbolized unity, love, and protection. Hence, the day does not only signify the bond of protection between brothers and sisters, it means brotherhood as well in West Bengal. Thus, for the ones who are from Kolkata, the day brings back a lot of memories and plays a significant role in their lives. If you are one of those who honor the day and celebrate the bond of protection and brotherhood then sending rakhi gifts to Kolkata must be one of the to-do list this month. We have compiled an elaborate list of the trending top 9 gifts that you can send rakhi gifts to Kolkata online to make this memorable for your siblings. Let’s explore the list to get the perfect and best gift for your beloved siblings that you can send via rakhi delivery in Kolkata

1. Rakhi Hampers

As the day celebrates tying the holy thread of Rakhi the first and foremost gift has to be a Rakhi hamper. A Rakhi hamper has all the essentials like a designer Rakhi, roli, chawal, and most importantly sweets! In Indian tradition, every celebration starts and ends with sweetness. When we are talking about sending rakhi and rakhi gifts to Kolkata the Rakhi gift hamper will be incomplete without sweets and gifts. To complete it, you can send traditional sweets with the hamper or you can even send a beautiful blend of flavors and crunchiness with dry fruits and chocolates. This will be a complete gift that you can send rakhi gifts to Kolkata for brother and thrill them. So, don’t think too much and send a gift of an elaborate Rakhi Hamper. 

2. Soft Toys and Chocolates 

For the little angels or the best friend for life, you can send soft toys as gifts to your sister. To add a savorsome twist you can add chocolates to the gift as well and complete the gifting experience. Soft toys have a different fan base when it comes to kids and sisters. Most of the time they have a collection of plushies hence, adding another cute soft toy becomes a good addition. Along with that, their favorite chocolate can be the best and most exciting part to begin with. You can send a combination of chocolates from dark, milk and mixed with fruit and nuts with the soft toys and make them feel special. So, send rakhi gifts to Kolkata online like a cute soft toy and chocolates via rakhi delivery in Kolkata

3. Home Decor 

Does your sibling love to decorate their house? Are they newly married? Have they started their new journey? If yes, then if there is something that will be of use to your sibling it has to be home decor. You can send them a vase set if they are fond of flowers, showpieces if they love to decorate empty tables and desks, wall hangings to decorate dull walls and even photo frames work wonders. There are many more things like candle holders, uniquely designed centerpieces, and so on to decorate the house. So, send rakhi gifts to Kolkata online to your siblings and help them decorate their abode with unique, quirky, and wonderful home decor.

4. Personalized Clock 

A gift that will not only keep your siblings on time but also remind them of your love is a personalized clock. You can personalize the clock by adding a picture or a warm message that will encourage them and motivate them to do their best. They can place the clock on their desk or maybe mount it on the wall. A simple yet meaningful gift that you can send to your loved sibling to celebrate the day of Raksha Bandhan. Add a memorable picture that they will relive and cherish and personalize a simple clock to be the best and one-of-a-kind gift. So, if you wish to send something unique and one of a kind that will be useful as well then this has to be the one.

5. Subscription Gifts 

If you are one of those who love to send gifts to your loved ones but always opt for things that they might use the most then you must find it difficult to find a gift and keep track of what they have been doing or are up to is impossible. In this case, what you can do is send them a subscription gift. It can be a snack subscription, kindle subscription, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hoichoi, Hotstar, Disney+, Spotify, and much more. It will not only give them entertainment but also give them the very exact gift that they need and will use daily. It can be gym, yoga classes, or some workshop sessions too. See, isn’t it a wonderful gift to send rakhi gifts to Kolkata for brother or sister?

6. Gourmet Hamper

Feast and celebrations means food and every celebration is complete without food. So, how about you send a tasty treat to your sibling a box filled with tasty surprises? Send a gift of a Gourmet hamper that will have all the tasty treats. From chocolates, peanut brittle, sweets, popcorn, chivda, banana wafers, and so on. You can send these mouthwatering treats along with some refreshments they can be tea, coffee, or non-alcoholic beverages like wine and beer to complete the feast. We are certain your sibling is going to love this hamper and feast on it for days to come. Send rakhi gifts to Kolkata for brother or sister in this surprising gourmet hamper and treat them. 

7. Perfume and Accessories 

Perfumes and accessories complete our outfit. Both of these are important to complete the look. If you are wondering whether it would be better to send them a gift like these or not then let us tell you this is the best gift to send. Send rakhi gifts to Kolkata for brother or sister a beautiful set of accessories and perfume and complete their look. You can opt for the very basic but important sunglasses, perfumes of their favorite notes and fragrances, and maybe add a watch. These are some things that are very basic but are needed the most in the collection. So, if you are wondering what to send via rakhi delivery in Kolkata it would be a better gift that can be used every day then this has to be the one. 

8. Board Games 

If there is a gift that will woo both the kids and the adults at the same time then it is the board games. We all will agree summer breaks were incomplete without playing carrom with our brothers and sister while mom would make us some snacks. Whether the weather is gloomy or the evenings are breezy a gathering around the board game of carrom, chess, chinese checkers, go, monopoly, ludo, and much more would be incomplete. Thus, to relive the moments again you can send a wonderful set of board games and thrill them. There are many board games to choose from and the fun and learning while playing is irreplaceable. So, send this amazing gift to your siblings via rakhi delivery in Kolkata and surprise them. 

9. Moon Lamp

Be your sibling a working professional or a student a lamp will be a gift that will benefit them. But sending them a boring lamp is not what we meant we meant a moon lamp that will make them feel as if they have the moon on their desk. If they are one of those who love to watch the moon or were the kids who would think that the moon is following them. Then they would love this gift, now they have their moon on their very desk that has followed them to brighten up their dark days. This lamp will be a thoughtful as well as a practical gift that they would love to use and work or read in its light. Thus, a moon lamp can be a great gift to send to your siblings this Raksha Bandhan. 

This list has an amazing variety of options that you can send to your beloved siblings and make them feel special. The history of the day makes the celebration more special along with the activities observed in schools, colleges, and workplaces. With your amazing and trending gifts, they will never feel missed out and will also acknowledge your admiration, love, and care. So, send rakhi gifts to Kolkata from India or any other corner of the world that will make your dear siblings feel special and loved and make the day memorable for them. 

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