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Holi being one of the prominent festivals, has its own distinctiveness which is reciprocated through different rituals and customs. It is the most cherished festival which is enjoyed as a fair game between relatives, friends and even with strangers. Be a part of this colourful festivity by presenting the most popular gifts and making the carnival truly memorable. You can make the festival special and cherish it with your loved ones by sending gifts from our website.

Known as the “Festival of Colours”, Holi is one of the most significant festivals celebrated in India. Observed on the full moon day of the month of Phalguna, it is regarded as the festival that commemorates the triumph of truth over evil. This robust carnival is celebrated with a lot of joy, elation, and exuberance throughout the country. The occasion of Holi promotes communal harmony, trust, and brotherhood within the society to strengthen our strong secular structure. This delightful festival is associated with playing with colors, gulaal, abeer, and the dissemination of sweets. This frolic amusement is enjoyed by every person irrespective of his/her economic or religious background.

Significance of Holi

The genesis of this radiant festival can be traced to the Vedic ages. Holi, which marks the advent of the spring season has derived its name from the demon Holika, the sister of the devil king Hiranyakashipu. Holika was killed by Lord Vishnu in a burning pyre to save Hiranyakashipu’s son Prahlada, who was a devoted follower of God. Lord Vishnu also killed the evil king to bring peace and harmony throughout the land. To respect this symbolic victory, a bonfire is lit on the earlier night of the reverential day which is known as Holika Dahan. It also honors the lively romanticism between Radha and Krishna and their charming playfulness on this propitious occasion.

The festival of Holi in India has immense social and cultural significance too. The occasion is associated with a good spring harvest with blooming fields and nature returns to its own vividness after the strong winter. In Holi, every person adorns each other with the gracefulness of colors which signifies universal brotherhood. It fosters the commitment to build a healthy society to live in. This fiesta is neither exclusive nor limited and it flourishes in every community, religion, caste, region or creed.

Celebration in India

The ceremony of Holi traditionally begins with the burning of the Holika Dahan or Holika pyre on the previous evening of the reverent day. People gather wood, sticks, dry leaves and other combustible materials on the respective field and burn them with ultimate joy and merriment. Often this pyre is created in the form of an effigy of an evil spirit which is ignited symbolising their destruction. This popular ritual signifies the victory of truth and goodness over evil.

On the auspicious day, everyone in their cheerful faces get out of their houses after the customary puja to play colours with the friends, relatives and neighbours. The objective of playing with multiple colours is pure amusement, joy and exaltation. Vehement enthusiasm is observed in Mathura, Vrindavan, Gujarat and Maharashtra. People spray coloured water at each other with Pichkaris screaming the immortal words, “Holi Hai..!!!”. After this passionate gaiety people disseminate Sweets and gifts within their community, neighbourhood and relatives. Holi is also celebrated in South India with equal fervour. They worship Lord Shiva and then engage themselves in the customary flair.

Popular Gift Ideas

One of the auspicious festivals of India is Holi. It celebrates togetherness through the manifestation of different colors. Exchanging gifts on this propitious occasion is a usual custom. Gifts convey your good wishes, affection, and love. They also intensify the relationship and the bonding between the families. Before selecting the appropriate gift for your family, friends, or beloved, it should be remembered that your gift should portray the true spirit of the festival. It should elate the recipient which delivers your emotions. Elevate the jubilation and the enjoyment of Holi with delightful gifts and send Holi gifts to India.

1. Sweets and Dry fruits

Popular Gift Ideas on Holi

A perfect combination of Sweets and Dry fruits on the reverent occasion of Holi is the most acclaimed gift. People associate sweets with spreading happiness as Dry fruits resemble long life. Sweets such as Gujiya, Malpoya, Ladoo and Kaju Barfi are the most conventional delicacies of this festival. Give your near and dear ones a classic sweet taste by assorting Sweets and Dry fruits in a single basket. This delicious combo will enthrall everyone as it will carry your deep endearment to them.

2. Holi Gift Hamper

Popular Gift Ideas on Holi

A Gift hamper provides an assortment of gifts in a single basket. The variety of gifting options will fascinate every recipient. On the festival of colors, enthrall your relatives with a gorgeous Holi gift hamper. As it gives you the option of assembling the best gifts, you can include flowers, cakes, gift vouchers, spiritual gifts, and many more of your suitable choice. They do come in an alluring basket or trays which act as the perfect embellishment. The Holi Gift Hamper will be the ideal gift for your relatives which will magnify the celebrations.

3. Home Decor

Popular Gift Ideas on Holi

On the reverential occasion of Holi, escalate the joy with attractive Home Decor. Refurbishing accommodations is a usual custom prior to this festival. After the usual maintenance, embellishing the house with charming Home decor increases its beauty. It adds beauty to the interiors which rejuvenates the mood. Showpieces, Flower Vase, and Wall Hangings along with Bed Linen and Tableware will be the ideal option for this radiant carnival. Every lady in the house has a special inclination for decorating their home. Help them to adorn their houses with these captivating items.

4. Holi Pichkaris

Holi pichkaris are the definitive tool to play Holi in India. It is the device with which the colored water is sprayed on others. Following the recent market trends, Holi pichkaris has evolved as a prime gifting option for kids and teenagers at this festival. The unique design with enticing features increases the fun and merriment of playing Holi. Available in multiple colors, present these water guns on this propitious occasion and make your youngster feel special.

5. Apparels

Holi is the third most celebrated occasion in the clothing sector after Diwali and New Year. It has gradually developed where the sales of cotton attires reach their peak. Everyone celebrates Holi in beautiful cotton apparel which includes salwars, kurtis, T-shirts, sarees, or kurtas. The stunning white clothes will witness the splash of every color you play with. Present your close ones with gorgeous attire from the rich and varied collection of ethnic wear to add exhilaration and joy to the celebration. Your thoughtful choice will enrich their wardrobe and delight their hearts.

Holi is one of the prominent festivals that has its own distinctiveness which is reciprocated through different rituals and customs. It is the most cherished festival which is enjoyed as a fair game between relatives, friends, and even strangers. Be a part of this colorful festivity by presenting the most popular gifts and making the festival truly memorable.

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