In the celebration of Navratri, you might be thinking of what to send o your loved ones as gifts that will be appropriate for the festivities. Well, you can gift them Spiritual gifts that will be useful for them. If you are not aware of what Spiritual gifts to send to your loved ones then don't worry we have got your back. We have this list of spiritual gifts that will help you to decide on a gift that you can send to your loved ones. If you want to know more in detail keep reading the articles. 

The celebrations of Navratri are nine days long and it is one of the many festivals that is looked forward to. The nine days of the festival are filled with fun, enthusiasm, vim, and vigor. The elaborate rituals and ceremonies bring everyone close to the family and to their roots. Every household has its way of celebrating the festival but the essence of traditions remains the same everywhere. Everyone send their warm wishes to their loved ones in the form of sweet and gifts. If you also have your near and dear ones scattered all over India then you can send gifts to them to send your warm regards. You don’t have to worry about being away from your loved ones, as you can be abroad and still send gifts to your loved ones through gifting websites like ours. All you have to do is select a gift from the website and send it to them it is as easy as it sounds. To make things easier there are different categories from which you can send gifts to your loved ones. We know it can be hectic to think about a gift that will suit the occasion but if you are looking for a little help then we are here to help you with some gift ideas that will suit the occasion, you can send spiritual gifts for your loved ones. If you don't have any idea about spiritual Navratri gifts then don’t worry we have a list of suggestions for you to decide on a Navratri gift

Puja Thali

Collection of Spiritual Gifts for Navratri

The first and foremost thing that you can send as a spiritual thing is a puja thali. The most important thing that is needed in the rituals of Navratri is puja thali with all the essentials. You can send an intricately designed copper or a bronze plate which will not only be useful but auspicious for the festivities. Receiving or buying precious metals like bronze, silver, copper, and gold is believed to be auspicious; you can opt for a thali made of such metals. If you wish to make it a complete set then you can add much more things to it like incense sticks stand, a Diya, bell, and maybe a Kalash too. These are most of the essentials that are used in Navratri puja so opting for a puja thali can be a good decision. 


Collection of Spiritual Gifts for Navratri

When we say Diya we don’t only mean Diya in general, we mean the ones with stands and the three-tier ones that light up the complete puja space and make it look ethereal. Diyas are considered to be one of the many auspicious puja essentials and they are very much needed in all the ceremonies. You can look for Diyas with intricate designs and if that’s the case then single but metal Diyas are also a good choice. They can use it in the Rangoli or maybe decorate the house and welcome the Goddess in Navratri. This can be a good spiritual Navratri gift that your loved ones will love to have and will be able to use in every puja. 

Conch Shell

Collection of Spiritual Gifts for Navratri

The nine different days are dedicated to the nine distinct forms of the Goddess. Each puja ceremony needs the resonating sound of the conch shell to complete the puja. Our culture and traditions believe that the resonating sound of the conch shell wards away negative energy. Hence, the shell is blown during the ceremony to welcome the Goddess, and it also creates a positive atmosphere. Thus, a conch shell can be a good Navratri gift that will convey your warm wishes. When looking for a conch shell look for a compact-sized one which can be placed on the puja thali and blown easily. Sending a conch shell as a Navratri gift will express your love and concern for them. So, send a conch shell to your loved ones and surprise them. 

Rangoli Boards

Collection of Spiritual Gifts for Navratri

It is one of the customs of Indian households that we clean the house and the puja space before any puja. As we believe we welcome the Goddess into our homes as a guest and worship them to please them. Hence, the houses are decorated with flowers toran, and rangolis. It takes a lot of time to make Rangoli and time is of the essence when they are preparing for the pujas. If there are kids around it is going to be very difficult to maintain it. In this situation comes the easy-to-make Rangoli boards. You will be gifting them happiness designed in different hues. They will be able to put it in seconds and it won’t budge as well, thus making it one of the best Navratri gifts they will receive. 

Wall Hanging

Collection of Spiritual Gifts for Navratri

While we are decorating the house let’s not forget the walls. We often forget the walls are the most important part of our house and leave them blank. Those blank walls bore holes into the complete makeover of the house for the puja. You can save them from this misery and send them wall hangings as gifts. You can send them a Madhubani-painted wall hanging or maybe a gunmetal Durga showpiece wall hanging that will adorn their walls with the festive spirit. They will be able to hang this in the living room during the Navratri and create an ambiance. This will be a good Navratri gift for your loved ones which will be quite a pleasant surprise. 


Collection of Spiritual Gifts for Navratri

We don’t even have to say how important idols are and how much of a good gift they can be. But what we can suggest is that opt for brass, bronze, copper, silver, and gold. As it is believed to be auspicious to receive precious metals like such during the festivities. Sending idols would also mean that you mean well to them and it will express your admiration. This can be a very appropriate gift for those who are starting a new life or for those who are inclined toward spiritual activities often. 

These spiritual gifts are no doubt one of the best spiritual gifts that you can send to your loved ones on the occasion of Navratri. The gifts are going to be a pleasant surprise for them and very useful in any puja ceremony. Every time they use it, they will be reminded of you and your warm regards. So, send these spiritual Navratri gifts to your loved ones and surprise them at this Navratri celebration.  

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