Guru Poornima: It's history & significance

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Historical Importance of Vyas or Guru Purnima :

On the full moon night of Guru Purnima, the birthday of Veda Vyas is celebrated as he was termed as Guru and devotees like to celebrate this day as event of their homage to Vyas Muni and this is why Guru Purnima is also known as Vyas Purnima. Through the divine Veda, Muni Vyas tried to deliver his teachings to the people. But, ordinary people are unable to realize Vedas as it is very difficult to understand. The people nowadays have forgotten to realize the texts of Vedas that Vyas tried to convey to the people the message of God. Till today Vedas are compiled in easy language and are taught to the devotees or students orally to spread the message of god transmitted through Vedas. So, Vyas Purnima has got its historical importance.

Devotees try to pay homage by gifts to spiritual Guru on Guru Purnima :

Guru Purnima is celebrated traditionally by Buddhists to show respect and honor to Lord Buddha who first delivered his sermon at Sarnath situated in Uttar Pradesh in India on this auspicious day. People generally send gifts to their teachers on this day in India. On this day, Shiva started delivering lessons of Yoga and became Lord Guru. You will find many Guru Purnima gift ideas on this trusted and reliable online gifting portal

Celebration of full moon day in Ashad as Guru Purnima :

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Guru Purnima is also famous as “Vyas Purnima “which is the one among ancient festivals in India. Generally, seekers offer flowers, fruits as gift items to their Gurus which are tradition in India as sign of respect to their Gurus. This festival is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Ashad by Buddhists and Hindus. So, you can send any gift to india.

Devotees pay homage to Gurus from foreign :

In India, Gurus are treated equivalent to God and sishyas try to pay homage to their spiritual Gurus on Guru Purnima day. They intend to show gratitude to their teachers on this day. If anybody is residing in foreign countries  like USA, he can send gifts to India from USA as gratitude towards their teachers. Whenever, the devotees from foreign want to pay their homage, the gifts are the only way to show emotions to their gurus in India and gift items chosen from online may be sent to their Gurus.

Blessings from Gurus through spiritual gifts :

Guru Poornima

On this Guru Purnima day, Hindus pay their homage to Vyas Muni and that is why, Guru Purnima is also termed as Vyas Purnima. Buddhists and Hindus celebrate this day by paying homage to their Gurus and send flowers, sweets, or spiritual gifts to India for their spiritual Gurus. The seekers try to receive blessings from their spiritual gurus on this auspicious day. Vyas Muni is a prominent figure in most Hindus and the day of Guru Purnima is dedicated towards him by the devotees to offer their homage to their Gurus.

So, Guru Purnima is celebrated on the full moon day of Ashad in India and devotees try to pay their homage to their Gurus by sending gifts to Gurus as tradition in India. This Guru Purnima is also termed as Vyas Purnima as per birth of Vyas Muni who is also treated as great Guru.

Amrita Published: Jun 21, 2016 | Last Updated: Sep 21, 2020
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