Guru Purnima : A day to show gratitude & respect to your Guru

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Guru Purnima is a festival which is celebrated all over India and sending gifts to India is a very common culture on this auspicious festival. This is a festival mainly dedicated for the gurus whether spiritual or academic to show respect and gratitude towards your master. This festival is celebrated all over India. Teachers can be anyone. Maybe it’s your parents or who guides you in all aspects of your life. Thus Guru Purnima is a day where you offer respect and give tribute to your knowledge and the same to the person who have helped to acquire it.

How Guru Purnima started :

As we have read in many books that it was Guru Vyasa who is the writer of all the four Vedas. The content of the Vedas was recited by the Lord Brahma and everyone in this world will always be grateful towards Lord Vyasa for this work which he gifted to this world. So from those ancient times a day thus decided to celebrate and pay tribute to your Gurus and thus it is came to know as Guru Purnima. The word Purnima is associated with this festival as this festival is mandate to celebrate on this particular day, where you can see a full moon.

Relationship between teacher and student :

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Teachers are the people who guide their students in all sphere of your life. Thus on this day students who stay outside India send gifts to India for their teachers to pay a tribute to them. In Indian culture a student teacher relationship is considered to be very auspicious and respectable one. It is said that without gaining the wisdom of their Gurus or Mentor, a person will become dull, unruly, and will never stand up to their morals and values.

How people celebrate Guru Purnima :

Since ancient times people are celebrating Guru Purnima in various ways like during those days they offer prayers and worship their Gurus. In those prayers they recite the greatness of their Gurus. People earlier days used to preach their Gurus and give services to them which is considered as the highest form of returning gratitude to their Gurus which a student can gift to their teachers.

Hindu tradition of celebrating Guru Purnima :

Many pujas are organized during this day at various Hindu temples all over India. In India gifts are distributed to the Gurus which you worship. Much kind of bhajans are sung to impress the Gurus as well as recitation was held in many temples as well.

How Guru Purnima is celebrated now :

Guru Purnima

In recent days in spite of any religion in all schools students celebrate Guru purnima to show gratitude to their teachers by gifting them flowers and giving them garlands. They organize many cultural events where they show tribute to their parents and teachers. Children’s touch their parents feet as they are also considered as Gurus.

The main motive of celebrating this occasion is to show enormous respect for the person who has given you wisdom and knowledge which will help you succeed in your life. You can send many gifts to your Guru from this reliable online shopping portal where you will be flooded with Guru Poornima gift ideas.

Amrita Published: Jun 21, 2016 | Last Updated: Jul 01, 2020
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